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    Resolve main nav clipping in certain breakpoints · 883d7b5c
    Dennis Tang authored
    Makes the following changes in order to have all the
    items of the top nav fit within all of the new Bootstrap 4 breakpoints:
    - Change GitLab logo to show only on desktop breakpoint (lg and up)
      - Move margin from logo to logo text, saving 8px
    - Move the following icon links to the "More" nav dropdown
      - Instance Statistics (ConDev Index)
      - Admin area (if Admin)
      - Sherlock Transactions (if enabled)
    - Removed separator between Admin icons
    - Change search input width from 240px to 200px
    - Move "Activity", "Milestone", and "Snippets" into "More" menu on lg breakpoints
    - Show "More" menu of lg breakpoints
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