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    Use Redis for CacheMarkDownField on non AR models · 2eecfd8f
    Patrick Bajao authored
    This allows using `CacheMarkdownField` for models that are not backed
    by ActiveRecord.
    When the including class inherits `ActiveRecord::Base` we include
    `Gitlab::MarkdownCache::ActiveRecord::Extension`. This will cause the
    markdown fields to be rendered and the generated HTML stored in a
    `<field>_html` attribute on the record. We also store the version
    used for generating the markdown.
    All other classes that include this model will include the
    `Gitlab::MarkdownCache::Redis::Extension`. This add the `<field>_html`
    attributes to that model and will generate the html in them. The
    generated HTML will be cached in redis under the key
    `markdown_cache:<class>:<id>`. The class this included in must
    therefore respond to `id`.