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Release version 2.4.0

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# Changelog
## 2.4
Major features:
* Support for new use case and feature settings has been added.
Minor features and changes:
* New API endpoints have been added to reduce requests on session imports.
* Session use case and feature settings are now included in exports and imports.
* Authentication providers can now be enabled separately for students and
* A new suspended votes offset setting has been added.
* JSON export and import now include session info and feature settings.
Bug fixes:
* Deleted sessions are now correctly evicted from cache.
* Answer count calculation for free text questions has been fixed.
**This version is brought to you by:**
Project management: Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel
Lead programming: Andreas Gärtner, Daniel Gerhardt, Tom "tekay" Käsler
Contributions: Paul-Christian Volkmer
Sponsoring: [AG QLS](,
## 2.3.2
This release fixes a security vulnerability in the account management API. It is
highly recommended to upgrade if you are using database authentication.
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