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Release version 2.2.0

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# Changelog
## 2.2
This release massively improves performance of ARSnova and contains a critical
bugfix so it is highly recommended to upgrade. Because of the newly introduced
caching method, it might be necessary to increase the Java memory limit for
servlet containers.
Major features:
* Performance improvements: Database queries are now cached by the backend.
Answers are written to the database in batches.
* Pagination support: The range of results can now be limited.
* The API has been extended to support features introduced with ARSnova Mobile
* User content consisting of JSON could not be loaded and rendered connected
data unloadable as well.
**This version is brought to you by:**
Project management: Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel
Lead programming: Andreas Gärtner, Daniel Gerhardt, Christoph Thelen
Contributions: Dominik Hikade, Tom Käsler, Maximilian Klingelhöfer,
Michael Sann, Jan Sladek, Katharina Staden
Sponsoring: [AG QLS](,
## 2.1
Major features:
* Public Pool (experimental): It is now possible to share sessions with other
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