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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v1.5.0   New feature "Sorting by elapsed time period"
    d20cb763 · styling ·
  • v1.4.0   New feature "Question Wall"
    9d3d940a · wording ·
  • v1.3.0   a11y Rework of all pages and dialogs
    419351cd · wording ·
  • v1.2.1   Release v1.2.1 Bug Fixes: * Fix icons in room view for both roles
    7d8a99f6 · Release v1.2.1 ·
  • v1.2   Release v1.2 Features: * Adds a counter for the comments * Adds a badge in the comment view that counts comments / filtered comments * Adds a guest login for speaker role Performance improvements: * Enables Angular Ahead-of-Time compiler * Improves loading strategy for Service Workers General improvements: * Optimizes dark theme for better readability * Only shows the toolbar for the comments when there are more than 3 comments * Pins the searchbar for the comments to the top * Adds ID and local time to the header component in the comment view * Improves overall wording Bug Fixes: * Closes presentation view for comments on pressing ESC when in browser fullscreen * Fixed not being able to scoll in room settings
    eac43d79 · Release version to 1.2 ·
  • v1.1.0
    6b17b650 · Release v1.1.0 ·
  • v1.0.0
    8dfb2ad0 · Set version to 1.0.0 ·