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    Apply custom changes to the greenlight frontend · 4314b823
    Nils Mittler authored
    added imprint and privacy links
    use custom image
    enable CD and fixed href for privacy
    minor change. test pipeline.
    minor change. test pipeline. again.
    some more minor changes. further ci testing
    asset test and welcome message test
    tweak background and text
    change image and background rules
    mikro changes and test deployment
    fix scroll behavior
    fix input width for small devices
    use scroll explicit
    added image licences to redame
    Link to BBB
    i18n for landingpage, another fix for browser bar
    fix identation error from rebase
    fix another rebase issue
    Apply changes from the cluster frontend
    Make bullet points at the level of the first line
    reenable deployment
    use server favicon instead of injected favicon
    updated recording agreement text
    remove cas login from locale
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