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  • v2.7.1 protected
    2827443b · Release version 2.7.1 ·
    Release version 2.7.1
    Bug fixes:
    * Rendering of `<hlcode>` elements (broken in 2.7.0) works again.
    * Abstentions for grid questions have been fixed.
    * A JavaScript `TypeError` caused by fullscreen mode in some modern
      browsers has been fixed.
  • v2.7.0 protected
    ebd75e8c · Release version 2.7.0 ·
    Release version 2.7.0
    * Users can now delete their own account through the settings panel.
    * Admins can now delete any account or session through the settings panel.
    * CSV Export: A settings panel has been added. Semicolon and tab can be used
      as separator. An Excel-specific header can be added to improve compatibilty.
    * The ability to set custom icons for authentication services via backend
      configuration has been restored.
    * Export/import functionality is no longer disabled for iOS.
    Bug fixes:
    * The flip animation for flashcards has been disabled to fix rendering issues in
      some browsers.
    * CSV export now works for flashcards.
    * Cloning of sessions from the public pool has been fixed.
    Known issues:
    * CSV import is not supported for flashcards.
  • v2.6.2 protected
    1bd6a858 · Release version 2.6.2 ·
  • v2.6.1 protected
    1bf96d52 · Release version 2.6.1 ·
    Release version 2.6.1
    * The web font is now included so modern browsers should no longer fall
      back to alternatives.
    Changes for developers:
    * Web fonts can now be downloaded with the new Grunt `font` task. It is
      automatically executed as part of `build` and `run` tasks.
  • v2.6.0 protected
    7a2e5b11 · Release version 2.6.0 ·
    Release version 2.6.0
    * Guest authentication is now retained when logging in and will be
      restored after logging out.
    * Questions and slides are now automatically released for answers/
      comments after creation.
    * Forms for question creation/editing no longer show settings irrelevant
      for the question type.
    * The solution can now be shown for free text questions.
    * The statistics button now appears immediately after answering free
      text questions.
    * Switched from serif font to sans-serif font.
    Bug fixes:
    * The correct answer is no longer revealed by order for yes/no questions
      imported from CSV.
    * Pressing <ENTER> in the question's submit field when editing no longer
      reloads the web app.
    Removed features:
    * Import and export for arsnova.cards and arsnova.click formats has been
    Known issues:
    * CSV import/export does not work for flashcards.
  • v2.5.3 protected
    4fbfb9aa · Release version 2.5.3 ·
    Release version 2.5.3
    Browser compatibility:
    * Added a workaround to circumvent a bug in Chrome 65 and 66. This
      browser bug causes serious navigation issues.
    Bug fixes:
    * Updated session MotDs can now be saved.
  • v2.5.2 protected
    e69b3a30 · Release version 2.5.2 ·
    Release version 2.5.2
    Minor improvements:
    * Slightly adjusted badge colors to be more consistent
    * Correctly show/hide items in legend based on existing data and
      selected use case
    Bug fixes:
    * Fix logout failing when application cache is unaccessable
    * Username for non-guests is now removed from configuration on logout
  • v2.5.1 protected
    ff74cd9b · Release version 2.5.1 ·
    Release version 2.5.1
    * Direct session login via link or QR Code now works reliably.
    * MotDs are now listed and created for the correct session when MotDs
      for another session were managed before.
  • v2.5.0 protected
    ab246de5 · Release version 2.5.0 ·
    Release version 2.5.0
    Major features:
    * Evaluation of free text answers
    * The flashcards UI has been overhauled. They are now handled separately
      from questions.
    * Question duplication and import from other sessions
    Minor features and changes:
    * The number of comments is now shown in presentation mode
    * New use case including only comments
    * Export of answer statistics to CSV format
    * Export of questions to arsnova.click format
    * Export/import of flashcards to/from arsnova.cards format
    * Proxy support for WebSocket connections
    * Reduced the amount of API requests sent
    * Usability improvements and bug fixes
    With this release we have completely overhauled our
    [documentation](README.md). Additionally, we now provide
    [Docker images](https://github.com/thm-projects/arsnova-docker/).
  • v2.4.5 protected
    c7afe0b3 · Release version 2.4.5 ·
    Release version 2.4.5
    Bug fixes:
    * Fixed button visibility problems in Chrome 57+.
    * Fixed skipping of login service selection (if only one is enabled for
      the role).
    * Fixed activation toggling of votes for all preparation questions.
  • v2.4.4 protected
    89853c17 · Release version 2.4.4 ·
    Release version 2.4.4
    Bug fixes:
    * Fix layout problems in Firefox 49+
  • v2.3.4 protected
    417095aa · Release version 2.3.4 ·
    Release version 2.3.4
    Bug fixes:
    * Fix layout problems in Firefox 49+
    * ARSnova no longer hangs because of a `ReferenceError` when loading for
      the first time on slow connections.
  • v2.4.3 protected
    2eff355a · Release version 2.4.3 ·
    Release version 2.4.3
    Bug fixes:
    * Buttons of the question format bar are now correctly shown or hidden
      when switching use cases.
    * Flipping of flashcards is no longer inhibited.
  • v2.4.2 protected
    964c9549 · Release version 2.4.2 ·
    Release version 2.4.2
    Bug fixes:
    * Fixed a JavaScript `TypeError` which occured when presenting questions
      with enabled slides feature and required a reload to make ARSnova
      usable again.
    * Button descriptions now adjust correctly when slides are enabled.
    * ARSnova no longer hangs because of a `ReferenceError` when loading for
      the first time on slow connections.
  • v2.4.1 protected
    6a73f8b7 · Release version 2.4.1 ·
    Release version 2.4.1
    Bug fixes:
    * Theme variable `tabbar-button-icon-color` works again.
  • v2.4.0 protected
    d96559bc · Release version 2.4.0 ·
    Release version 2.4.0
    Major features:
    * Slides: A new content format without any answer options has been
    * Interactive keynote: A new use case including the 'slides' format has
      been added. It replaces the 'All-inclusive' use case.
    Minor features and changes:
    * An overlay showing count of new student's questions and average
      feedback has been added to presentation mode.
    * Student's questions and comments are now directly displayed instead of
      a list of subjects.
    * JSON export and import now include session info and feature settings.
    Bug fixes:
    * Editor buttons now add new lines when necessary to produce correct
    * New lines in Markdown content are now displayed as is.
    * All question formats apart from 'grid' are now correctly exported to
    Changes for developers:
    * Initial support for localization variations has been implemented.
  • v2.3.3 protected
    a13762fe · Release version 2.3.3 ·
    Release version 2.3.3
    Bug fixes:
    * Fixes JavaScript errors occuring with `question.answer-option-limit`
      set to values other than `8`.
    * Fixes charset errors in German i18n of dates.
    * Fixes opening of external pages (blog, privacy, legal info) when they
      can not be embedded in Firefox
  • v2.3.2 protected
    8077ffb2 · Release version 2.3.2 ·
    Release version 2.3.2
    This patch release improves browser compatibility.
    Minor changes:
    * Improved browser detection
    * Fixes scrolling with touch devices for Edge browser
    * Fixes numerous usability and rendering errors with Internet Explorer
  • v2.3.1 protected
    e98af2ec · Release version 2.3.1 ·
    Release version 2.3.1
    * Fixes a regression leading to incorrect detection of Safari.
  • v2.3.0 protected
    391e9d7f · Release version 2.3.0 ·
    Release version 2.3.0
    Major features:
    * Use case scenarios: To simplify the user interface, question types and
      functions are now enabled on a per session basis. Unused features are
      hidden and no longer distract from the workflow.
    * Improved UI theming: Theming has been simplified by providing a
      variables file. Deep knowledge of CSS, SCSS and ARSnova's HTML
      structure is no longer required for color adjustments. Additionally,
      the default theme got a refresh.
    * Message of the Day: It is now possible to display a message to all
      users per session or globally.
    * New question type "Ask the audience": four options A, B, C, and D
      without question text.
    * CSV export/import (experimental): Questions and their answers can now
      be exported to a simple CSV file.
    Minor features and changes:
    * Improved formatting: New formatting options (GitHub Flavored Markdown)
      are available.
    * New templates for opinion polls have been added.
    * Chrome's "pull-to-refresh" action is now longer triggered in text
    * Text selection in multiline editors no longer triggers scrolling.
    * It is now possible to freeze live feedback.
    * Image uploads except for hot spot questions and image answers are no
      longer available. Images on external servers can still be embedded via
    * Usability improvements and bug fixes
    Bug fixes:
    * Image scaling and rotation have been fixed.
    Changes for developers:
    * The `grunt run` build task has been improved to display important
      messages by Sencha Cmd. Verbose output for debugging purposes is
      displayed when parameter `-v` is used.
    * Maven builds are now deprecated for the frontend. Please use Grunt
    * Version information is now saved with builds and is accessible via
      `Version` controller.
    **This version is brought to you by:**
    Project management: Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel
    Lead programming: Andreas Gärtner, Daniel Gerhardt, Tom "tekay" Käsler,
    Christoph Thelen
    Contributions: Daniel Haag (University of Innsbruck), Juan Markowich,
    Marco Schäfer