Commit 297548b4 authored by Christoph Thelen's avatar Christoph Thelen

Add comment for Sauce Labs keys

Sauce Labs testing is removed because the tests break
much too often. We will resume testing once we can
write tests that remain stable over a longer period
of time.
parent b892c1d9
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ language: node_js
# Sauce Labs ist currently disabled, but settings are kept here for future use.
# Sauce Labs: (thm-projects/arsnova-mobile) 1. User, 2. Access-Key
- secure: "h9KHs5w6EiNsMrVgEqgnMla0N0W5YNdWKSnEcJ+j+9vKK/+dRPXiFz9jdi8ZhpgD5GZN5zeZE2BUBJ6eypLg3rElT9Lw/x8kFbLsOiIrw0YeE4Csd4wBHNbrLL4/MEXECkOUh3QN+5Kc0RKt1juDkK1Wn8a33J5n4r382XdsGSM="
- secure: "fW/DcbNclyZaTOZV59IOvMxqN/wEHGZTpd+L6rag+ZNXbdigPlqydh0uX4OuS27l75EQR0UD/YoZwiF+qsj/iOEw6y8ncWpmXIa5GGuFo6VczlulS7PnLcCxjWh0c1GAs9hiF1CyEq4dR3c8S7KmYSEyeBU3G0F43mAwFEzynAQ="
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