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Commit abc3a742 authored by Christoph Thelen's avatar Christoph Thelen

Added targets to minify all js files

parent 3b8c99ef
......@@ -2,21 +2,39 @@
<property name="main.dir" value="src/main/webapp" />
<property name="lib.dir" value="${main.dir}/lib" />
<property name="sencha.dir" value="${lib.dir}/sencha1.1.1" />
<property name="build.dir" value="src/main/build" />
<target name="min:js">
<chmod file="${sencha.dir}/jsbuilder/jsdb/linux/jsdb" perm="+x" />
<exec executable="sh" dir="${sencha.dir}/jsbuilder" failonerror="true">
<arg value="" />
<arg value="-p ../ARSnovaCombined.jsb3" />
<arg value="-d ../" />
<arg value="-v" />
<target name="-min:js:minify">
<apply executable="java" dest="${main.dir}/app">
<arg value="-jar"/>
<arg value="${lib.dir}/compiler.jar"/>
<arg value="--js"/>
<arg value="--js_output_file"/>
<fileset dir="${main.dir}/app" includes="**/*.js" />
<mapper type="glob" from="*.js" to="*.js.min"/>
<target name="-min:js:move" depends="-min:js:minify">
<move todir="${build.dir}" verbose="true">
<fileset dir="${main.dir}/app">
<include name="**/*.js.min"/>
<mapper type="glob" from="*.min" to="*"/>
<target name="min:js" depends="-min:js:move" />
<target name="min:css">
<java jar="${sencha.dir}/jsbuilder/ycompressor/ycompressor.jar" fork="true" failonerror="true" output="${main.dir}/resources/css/arsnova_min.css">
<arg value="${main.dir}/resources/css/arsnova_new.css" />
<target name="run" depends="min:css,min:js" />
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