Commit 33f2c9d7 authored by Andreas Gärtner's avatar Andreas Gärtner
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Task #15826: Rename feature activation name of two rounded vote.

parent 6b54f1b3
......@@ -580,7 +580,7 @@
VOTINGS: "Abstimmungen",
SESSION_OWNERS: "Session-Inhaber",
PEER_INSTRUCTION_QUESTIONS: "Peer Instruction Konzeptfragen",
PEER_INSTRUCTION_QUESTIONS: "Abstimmungen in zwei Runden",
ACTIVE_STUDENT_USERS: "Aktive User in der Rolle Student/in",
FEATURES: "Features",
ACTIVATE_FEATURES: "Features aktivieren",
......@@ -1148,7 +1148,7 @@
VOTINGS: "Votings",
SESSION_OWNERS: "Session owners",
PEER_INSTRUCTION_QUESTIONS: "Peer Instruction questions",
PEER_INSTRUCTION_QUESTIONS: "Two-round voting system",
ACTIVE_STUDENT_USERS: "Active users in a student's role",
LEARNING_PROGRESS: "Learning progress",
FEATURES: "Features",
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