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Release version 2.1.0

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# Changelog
## 2.1
Major features:
* Modern theme: The ARSnova theme has been completely overhauled. The new theme
uses scalable, single colored icons and plain colors instead of
* Export and import of sessions (experimental): It is now possible to export
sessions with their questions and answers. Exported data can be imported into
a new session.
* Public Pool (experimental): It is now possible to share sessions with other
users in a pool of public sessions. Other users can create their own copies of
shared sessions.
Minor features and changes:
* The usability on non-mobile devices has been improved. It is now possible to
scroll via mouse wheel.
* Buttons linking to a manual, blog, imprint and privacy policy have been added
to the bottom toolbar. The URLs can be set up in the backend's configuration.
* It is now possible to integrate the analytics software
[Piwik]( The tracking parameters are set up in the backend's
**This version is brought to you by:**
Project management: Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel
Lead programming: Andreas Gärtner, Daniel Gerhardt, Christoph Thelen
Contributions: Felix Schmidt, Artjom Siebert, Daniel Vogel
Sponsoring: [AG QLS](,
## 2.0.2
This is a security and bug fix release. It introduces the following changes:
* Fix XSS vulnerability in panels with Markdown and MathJax support
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