Commit b9a25cfe authored by Tom Käsler's avatar Tom Käsler
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Merge branch '380-enter-fullscreen-with-mouseclick-and-enter' into 'master'

Allow users to enter fullscreen mode with enter-key

Closes #380

See merge request arsnova/!392
parents 3b0a5d7f 9188be39
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
matTooltip="{{'header.back' | translate}}">
<mat-icon class="header-icons">arrow_back</mat-icon>
<button mat-icon-button aria-hidden="true" *ngIf="isSafari === 'false'">
<button mat-icon-button aria-hidden="true" *ngIf="isSafari === 'false'" (click)="getRescale().toggleState();">
<mat-icon class="header-icons" (click)="getRescale().toggleState();">fullscreen</mat-icon>
<span class="fill-remaining-space"></span>
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