Commit 7543330b authored by Lukas Haase's avatar Lukas Haase
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Merge branch '375-change-questionwall-filter-height-from-45-to-50' into 'master'

change questionwall filter height from 45 to 50

Closes #375

See merge request arsnova/!387
parents 4f6b03dc 4df8cb58
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@
<ars-col ars-flex-box [width]="450" class="questionwall-list" #colComponent>
<ars-row *ngIf="hasFilter" class="questionwall-list-border-bottom" [height]="45">
<ars-row *ngIf="hasFilter" class="questionwall-list-border-bottom" [height]="50">
<ars-style-btn-material style="width:100%;height:100%;" ars-flex-box>
<ars-col ars-btn-wrp [xp]="48">
<button ars-btn matRipple><i>{{filterIcon}}</i><p>{{filterTitle | translate}} {{filterDesc}}</p></button>
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