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Hier eine Kurzzusammenfassung wie das Tool funktioniert. Dazu kann natürlich die Dokumentation zitiert werden.
Welche Schritte waren erforderlich, um das Tool ausführen zu können? Bitte so genau wie möglich formulieren und evtl. Zusatzmaterialen (Shell-Skripte etc.) bereitstellen. Welche Probleme sind aufgetreten und mussten (wie?) gelöst werden? In welchem Zustand war die Dokumentation?
Welche Daten werden gesammelt? Welche sonstigen Werkzeuge kommen zum Einsatz? Wie werden die Experimente durchgeführt?
Hier die Daten auswerten. Genaue Details folgen noch.
Wie sind die Ergebnisse zu deuten?
\subsection{Threats to Validity}
Bitte versucht euch mal daran, Threats to Validity (siehe Vorlesungsfolien) zu diesem Experiment zu definieren. :-)
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%%BoundingBox: 124.38 124.38 487.61 487.61
% Cookbook Example Program from First Printing, Revised 7 Jan 1985
% Program: Repeated Shapes Number: 6
% This program prints a rosette
% design by defining a section of
% that design and printing that
% section repeatedly. This program
% illustrates the ``for'' and
% "arc" operators, and it shows
% how coordinate transformations
% can be nested so as to use the
% most convenient coordinate
% system for each part of a
% design.
/inch {72 mul} def
/wedge % Define an ``ice cream cone''
{ newpath % shape by means of the ``arc''
0 0 moveto % operator. This shape will have a
1 0 translate % 30 degree angle topped off with
15 rotate % a semicircle. Set the path's
0 15 sin translate % first point at the current
0 0 15 sin -90 90 arc % origin. Next, move the origin to
closepath % the center of the semicircle by
} def % translating to the right 1 unit,
% rotating counter-clockwise by 15
% degrees, and translating ``up''
% in the rotated system by the
% radius of the semicircle. The
% ``arc'' operator includes a
% straight line to the initial
% point of the arc and a curved
% section to the end of the arc.
% Note that the semicircle goes
% from -90 degrees to 90 degrees
% in the rotated coordinate
% system.
4.25 inch 4.25 inch translate % Move into position for the
% rosette.
1.75 inch 1.75 inch scale % Make the edges of the rosette 1
% 3/4 inches long.
0.02 setlinewidth % Use a 7/200 inch thick line.
2 1 13 % Set up the ``for'' operator to
% iterate 12 times, pushing 2 onto
% the stack the first time, 3 the
% next time, ... , and 13 the last
% time.
{ % The last argument for ``for'' is
% the sequence of operations to be
% repeated. This sequence must be
% enclosed by braces.
13 div setgray % Divide the loop index by 13 to
% set a gray value.
gsave % Enclose the ``wedge'' operation
wedge % in a ``gsave''-``grestore''
% pair, as it will mess up the
% coordinate system.
gsave % Save the wedge path for use
% after the ``fill''.
0 setgray stroke % Draw a black border around the
% wedge.
grestore % Get out of the coordinate system
% left by wedge.
30 rotate % Set up for the next section.
} for % Close the last argument and
% execute the ``for'' operator.
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\usepackage{booktabs} % For formal tables
% Copyright
\acmConference[SST'18]{Systematischer Softwaretest}{September 2018}{THM, Gießen}
% These commands are optional
%\acmBooktitle{Transactions of the ACM Woodstock conference}
%\editor{Jennifer B. Sartor}
%\editor{Theo D'Hondt}
%\editor{Wolfgang De Meuter}
\title{SIG Proceedings Paper in LaTeX Format}
\titlenote{Produces the permission block, and
copyright information}
\subtitle{Extended Abstract}
\subtitlenote{The full version of the author's guide is available as
\texttt{acmart.pdf} document}
\author{Ben Trovato}
\authornote{Dr.~Trovato insisted his name be first.}
\institution{Institute for Clarity in Documentation}
\streetaddress{P.O. Box 1212}
\author{G.K.M. Tobin}
\authornote{The secretary disavows any knowledge of this author's actions.}
\institution{Institute for Clarity in Documentation}
\streetaddress{P.O. Box 1212}
\author{Lars Th{\o}rv{\"a}ld}
\authornote{This author is the
one who did all the really hard work.}
\institution{The Th{\o}rv{\"a}ld Group}
\streetaddress{1 Th{\o}rv{\"a}ld Circle}
% The default list of authors is too long for headers.
%\renewcommand{\shortauthors}{B. Trovato et al.}
This paper provides a sample of a \LaTeX\ document which conforms,
somewhat loosely, to the formatting guidelines for
ACM SIG Proceedings.\footnote{This is an abstract footnote}
Beispielpapier bitte vor Abgabe entfernen.
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