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# ARSnova Cards
ARSnova Cards
ARSnova Cards is a digital recreation of a classic learning tool. The service offers students a modern and intuitive access to one of the most successful proven learning methods.
## Initial setup
1. [Install Meteor](
2. Clone this repo `git clone`
### Settings
1. For development you can use `settings.json`
2. Change it according to your needs
3. Set your initial admin user
> Warning: Never publish your production settings file!
### Authentication setup
1. [Create your Google api keys](
2. [Create your Facebook api keys](
3. [Create your Twitter api keys](
### Braintree setup
1. [Create a Braintree sandbox account](
2. [Login]( to the braintree sandbox
3. Retrieve your api keys (navigate to: My User > View Authorizations)
4. Insert the keys into `settings.json`
5. Inside Braintree sandbox, navigate to Plans from left menu under `Reccuring Billing`
6. Create one plan with id "pro" and your preferred price (lowercase for Plan ID, Plan Name's should be "Pro")
## Getting Started
To start ARSnova Cards on localhost use `meteor --settings settings.json` inside the repository. You can then access ARSnova Cards from your host machine by opening http://localhost:3000.
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