Commit cd0f20d9 authored by marutosijp's avatar marutosijp

German translation for 3.3-stable updated by Peter Pfläging (#26703, #27006)

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent 093c604b
......@@ -1209,16 +1209,14 @@ de:
setting_new_item_menu_tab: Menü zum Anlegen neuer Objekte
label_new_object_tab_enabled: Dropdown-Menü "+" anzeigen
label_table_of_contents: Inhaltsverzeichnis
error_no_projects_with_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue: There are no projects with trackers
for which you can create an issue
error_no_projects_with_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue: Es gibt keine Projekte mit Trackern, für welche sie Tickets erzeugen können
field_textarea_font: Font used for text areas
label_font_default: Default font
label_font_monospace: Monospaced font
label_font_proportional: Proportional font
setting_commit_logs_formatting: Apply text formatting to commit messages
setting_mail_handler_enable_regex_delimiters: Enable regular expressions
error_cannot_reassign_time_entries_to_an_issue_about_to_be_deleted: Spent time cannot
be reassigned to an issue that is about to be deleted
error_cannot_reassign_time_entries_to_an_issue_about_to_be_deleted: Zeitbuchungen für Tickets, die gelöscht werden sind nicht möglich
setting_timelog_required_fields: Required fields for time logs
label_attribute_of_object: '%{object_name}''s %{name}'
label_user_mail_option_only_assigned: Only for things I watch or I am assigned to
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