Commit 5085b6e7 authored by tmaruyama's avatar tmaruyama

Simplified Chinese translation for trunk updated by Steven Wong (#12188)

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent 7c0f583e
......@@ -1067,19 +1067,19 @@ zh:
label_attribute_of_assigned_to: 分配给 %{name}
label_attribute_of_fixed_version: 目标版本 %{name}
label_copy_subtasks: 复制子任务
label_copied_to: copied to
label_copied_from: copied from
label_any_issues_in_project: any issues in project
label_any_issues_not_in_project: any issues not in project
field_private_notes: Private notes
permission_view_private_notes: View private notes
permission_set_notes_private: Set notes as private
label_no_issues_in_project: no issues in project
label_copied_to: 复制到
label_copied_from: 复制于
label_any_issues_in_project: 项目内任意问题
label_any_issues_not_in_project: 项目外任意问题
field_private_notes: 私有注解
permission_view_private_notes: 查看私有注解
permission_set_notes_private: 设置为私有注解
label_no_issues_in_project: 项目内无相关问题
label_any: 全部
label_last_n_weeks: last %{count} weeks
setting_cross_project_subtasks: Allow cross-project subtasks
label_last_n_weeks: 上 %{count} 周前
setting_cross_project_subtasks: 支持跨项目子任务
label_cross_project_descendants: 与子项目共享
label_cross_project_tree: 与项目树共享
label_cross_project_hierarchy: 与项目继承层次共享
label_cross_project_system: 与所有项目共享
button_hide: Hide
button_hide: 隐藏
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