Commit 446c4046 authored by tmaruyama's avatar tmaruyama

code layout clean up test/functional/time_entry_reports_controller_test.rb

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent eec5b065
......@@ -2,7 +2,9 @@
require File.expand_path('../../test_helper', __FILE__)
class TimeEntryReportsControllerTest < ActionController::TestCase
fixtures :projects, :enabled_modules, :roles, :members, :member_roles, :issues, :time_entries, :users, :trackers, :enumerations, :issue_statuses, :custom_fields, :custom_values
fixtures :projects, :enabled_modules, :roles, :members, :member_roles,
:issues, :time_entries, :users, :trackers, :enumerations,
:issue_statuses, :custom_fields, :custom_values
def test_report_at_project_level
get :report, :project_id => 'ecookbook'
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