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Disable settings when appropriate.

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent 49857996
......@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@
<p><%= setting_select :user_format, @options[:user_format] %></p>
<p><%= setting_check_box :gravatar_enabled %></p>
<p><%= setting_check_box :gravatar_enabled, :data => {:enables => '#settings_gravatar_default'} %></p>
<p><%= setting_select :gravatar_default, [["Wavatars", 'wavatar'], ["Identicons", 'identicon'], ["Monster ids", 'monsterid'], ["Retro", 'retro'], ["Mystery man", 'mm']], :blank => :label_none %></p>
<p><%= setting_check_box :thumbnails_enabled %></p>
<p><%= setting_check_box :thumbnails_enabled, :data => {:enables => '#settings_thumbnails_size'} %></p>
<p><%= setting_text_field :thumbnails_size, :size => 6 %></p>
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