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    [#20288] Update the i18n'ed core doc to match CodeRay 1.1.0 capabilities. · af326107
    marutosijp authored
    This commit includes:
    1. an update of the list of languages supported by CodeRay:
      * added:
        + clojure [added in CodeRay 1.0.x]
        + diff (patch) [added in CodeRay 0.8.x]
        + go [added in CodeRay 1.1.x]
        + haml [added in CodeRay 1.0.x]
        + lua [added in CodeRay 1.1.x]
        + sass [added in CodeRay 1.1.x]
        + taskpaper [added in CodeRay 1.1.x]
        + text (plain, plaintext) [never been documented in Redmine]
      * removed:
        - scheme [removed from CodeRay 1.0.x]
      * renamed:
        ~ erb (eruby, rhtml) [renamed from rhtml in CodeRay 1.0.x]
    2. the inclusion of additional, comma-separated language mappings
       (aliases) inside parentheses:
      * cpp (c++, cplusplus)
      * delphi (pascal)
      * diff (patch)
      * erb (eruby, rhtml)
      * html (xhtml)
      * javascript (ecmascript, ecma_script, java_script, js)
      * ruby (irb)
      * text (plain, plaintext)
      * yaml (yml)
    Regarding the i18n: I used English as the base language. The
    changed sentence was the same in 94 out of 98 language files,
    The only four exceptions were:
    * cs; public\help\cs\wiki_syntax_detailed_textile.html
    * fr; public\help\fr\wiki_syntax_detailed_textile.html
    * ja; public\help\ja\wiki_syntax_detailed_textile.html
    * zh-tw; public\help\zh-tw\wiki_syntax_detailed_textile.html
    In the above given files, the sentence containing the supported
    languages is translated (and/or stylized). I have chosen to
    replace the whole translated sentence with the new English base
    sentence, as such leaving decisions about stylizing language names
    to translators and the people that actually use the respective
    languages. In general (and for English, as it's the base language)
    I think we can better stick to non-capitalized language names to
    prevent any formatting confusion.
    Contributed by Mischa The Evil.
    git-svn-id: https://svn.redmine.org/redmine/trunk@14489 e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
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