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  # Text direction: Left-to-Right (ltr) or Right-to-Left (rtl)
  direction: ltr
      # Use the strftime parameters for formats.
      # When no format has been given, it uses default.
      # You can provide other formats here if you like!
      default: "%d/%m/%Y"
      short: "%d %b"
      long: "%d %B, %Y"

13 14
    day_names: [недела, понеделник, вторник, среда, четврток, петок, сабота]
    abbr_day_names: [нед, пон, вто, сре, чет, пет, саб]
15 16

    # Don't forget the nil at the beginning; there's no such thing as a 0th month
17 18
    month_names: [~, јануари, февруари, март, април, мај, јуни, јули, август, септември, октомври, ноември, декември]
    abbr_month_names: [~, јан, фев, мар, апр, мај, јун, јул, авг, сеп, окт, ное, дек]
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
    # Used in date_select and datime_select.
      - :day
      - :month
      - :year

      default: "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M"
      time: "%H:%M"
      short: "%d %b %H:%M"
      long: "%d %B, %Y %H:%M"
    am: "предпладне"
    pm: "попладне"

      half_a_minute: "пола минута"
38 39
        one:   "помалку од 1 секунда"
        other: "помалку од %{count} секунди"
41 42
        one:   "1 секунда"
        other: "%{count} секунди"
43 44 45 46 47 48 49
        one:   "помалку од 1 минута"
        other: "помалку од %{count} минути"
        one:   "1 минута"
        other: "%{count} минути"
50 51
        one:   "околу 1 час"
        other: "околу %{count} часа"
53 54
        one:   "1 час"
        other: "%{count} часа"
55 56 57 58
        one:   "1 ден"
        other: "%{count} дена"
59 60
        one:   "околу 1 месец"
        other: "околу %{count} месеци"
62 63
        one:   "1 месец"
        other: "%{count} месеци"
64 65 66 67 68 69 70
        one:   "околу 1 година"
        other: "околу %{count} години"
        one:   "преку 1 година"
        other: "преку %{count} години"
71 72
        one:   "скоро 1 година"
        other: "скоро %{count} години"
73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82

    # Default format for numbers
      separator: "."
      delimiter: ""
      precision: 3
        delimiter: ""
        precision: 3
84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108
        format: "%n %u"
            one: "Byte"
            other: "Bytes"
          kb: "KB"
          mb: "MB"
          gb: "GB"
          tb: "TB"

# Used in array.to_sentence.
      sentence_connector: "и"
      skip_last_comma: false

          one:    "1 error prohibited this %{model} from being saved"
          other:  "%{count} errors prohibited this %{model} from being saved"
        inclusion: "не е вклучено во листата"
110 111
        exclusion: "е резервирано"
        invalid: "е невалидно"
        confirmation: "не се совпаѓа со потврдата"
113 114 115
        accepted: "мора да е прифатено"
        empty: "неможе да е празно"
        blank: "неможе да е празно"
        too_long: "е предолго (макс. %{count} знаци)"
117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129
        too_short: "е прекратко (мин. %{count} знаци)"
        wrong_length: "е погрешна должина (треба да е  %{count} знаци)"
        taken: "е веќе зафатено"
        not_a_number: "не е број"
        not_a_date: "не е валидна дата"
        greater_than: "мора да е поголемо од %{count}"
        greater_than_or_equal_to: "мора да е поголемо или еднакво на %{count}"
        equal_to: "мора да е еднакво на %{count}"
        less_than: "мора да е помало од %{count}"
        less_than_or_equal_to: "мора да е помало или еднакво на %{count}"
        odd: "мора да е непарно"
        even: "мора да е парно"
        greater_than_start_date: "мора да е поголема од почетната дата"
130 131 132
        not_same_project: "не припаѓа на истиот проект"
        circular_dependency: "Оваа врска ќе креира кружна зависност"
        cant_link_an_issue_with_a_descendant: "Задача неможе да се поврзе со една од нејзините подзадачи"
        earlier_than_minimum_start_date: "cannot be earlier than %{date} because of preceding issues"
        not_a_regexp: "is not a valid regular expression"
        open_issue_with_closed_parent: "An open issue cannot be attached to a closed parent task"
136 137 138

  actionview_instancetag_blank_option: Изберете

  general_text_No: 'Не'
140 141 142
  general_text_Yes: 'Да'
  general_text_no: 'не'
  general_text_yes: 'да'
  general_lang_name: 'Macedonian (Македонски)'
144 145 146
  general_csv_separator: ','
  general_csv_decimal_separator: '.'
  general_csv_encoding: UTF-8
  general_pdf_fontname: freesans
  general_pdf_monospaced_fontname: freemono
149 150
  general_first_day_of_week: '1'

151 152 153
  notice_account_updated: Профилот е успешно ажуриран.
  notice_account_invalid_credentials: Неточен корисник или лозинка
  notice_account_password_updated: Лозинката е успешно ажурирана.
  notice_account_wrong_password: Погрешна лозинка
155 156
  notice_account_register_done: Профилот е успешно креиран. За активација, клкнете на врската што ви е пратена по е-пошта.
  notice_account_unknown_email: Непознат корисник.
157 158 159
  notice_can_t_change_password: This account uses an external authentication source. Impossible to change the password.
  notice_account_lost_email_sent: An email with instructions to choose a new password has been sent to you.
  notice_account_activated: Your account has been activated. You can now log in.
160 161 162 163
  notice_successful_create: Успешно креирање.
  notice_successful_update: Успешно ажурирање.
  notice_successful_delete: Успешно бришење.
  notice_successful_connection: Успешна конекција.
164 165 166 167
  notice_file_not_found: The page you were trying to access doesn't exist or has been removed.
  notice_locking_conflict: Data has been updated by another user.
  notice_not_authorized: You are not authorized to access this page.
  notice_email_sent: "Е-порака е пратена на %{value}"
168 169 170
  notice_email_error: "Се случи грешка при праќање на е-пораката (%{value})"
  notice_feeds_access_key_reseted: Вашиот Atom клуч за пристап е reset.
  notice_api_access_key_reseted: Вашиот API клуч за пристап е reset.
171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187
  notice_failed_to_save_issues: "Failed to save %{count} issue(s) on %{total} selected: %{ids}."
  notice_failed_to_save_members: "Failed to save member(s): %{errors}."
  notice_no_issue_selected: "No issue is selected! Please, check the issues you want to edit."
  notice_account_pending: "Your account was created and is now pending administrator approval."
  notice_default_data_loaded: Default configuration successfully loaded.
  notice_unable_delete_version: Unable to delete version.
  notice_unable_delete_time_entry: Unable to delete time log entry.
  notice_issue_done_ratios_updated: Issue done ratios updated.

  error_can_t_load_default_data: "Default configuration could not be loaded: %{value}"
  error_scm_not_found: "The entry or revision was not found in the repository."
  error_scm_command_failed: "An error occurred when trying to access the repository: %{value}"
  error_scm_annotate: "The entry does not exist or can not be annotated."
  error_issue_not_found_in_project: 'The issue was not found or does not belong to this project'
  error_no_tracker_in_project: 'No tracker is associated to this project. Please check the Project settings.'
  error_no_default_issue_status: 'No default issue status is defined. Please check your configuration (Go to "Administration -> Issue statuses").'
  error_can_not_delete_custom_field: Unable to delete custom field
  error_can_not_delete_tracker: "This tracker contains issues and cannot be deleted."
189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205
  error_can_not_remove_role: "This role is in use and can not be deleted."
  error_can_not_reopen_issue_on_closed_version: 'An issue assigned to a closed version can not be reopened'
  error_can_not_archive_project: This project can not be archived
  error_issue_done_ratios_not_updated: "Issue done ratios not updated."
  error_workflow_copy_source: 'Please select a source tracker or role'
  error_workflow_copy_target: 'Please select target tracker(s) and role(s)'
  error_unable_delete_issue_status: 'Unable to delete issue status'
  error_unable_to_connect: "Unable to connect (%{value})"
  warning_attachments_not_saved: "%{count} file(s) could not be saved."

  mail_subject_lost_password: "Вашата %{value} лозинка"
  mail_body_lost_password: 'To change your password, click on the following link:'
  mail_subject_register: "Your %{value} account activation"
  mail_body_register: 'To activate your account, click on the following link:'
  mail_body_account_information_external: "You can use your %{value} account to log in."
  mail_body_account_information: Your account information
  mail_subject_account_activation_request: "%{value} account activation request"
  mail_body_account_activation_request: "Нов корисник (%{value}) е регистриран. The account is pending your approval:"
207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215
  mail_subject_reminder: "%{count} issue(s) due in the next %{days} days"
  mail_body_reminder: "%{count} issue(s) that are assigned to you are due in the next %{days} days:"
  mail_subject_wiki_content_added: "'%{id}' wiki page has been added"
  mail_body_wiki_content_added: "The '%{id}' wiki page has been added by %{author}."
  mail_subject_wiki_content_updated: "'%{id}' wiki page has been updated"
  mail_body_wiki_content_updated: "The '%{id}' wiki page has been updated by %{author}."

  field_name: Име
216 217
  field_description: Опис
  field_summary: Краток опис
218 219 220 221 222 223 224
  field_is_required: Задолжително
  field_firstname: Име
  field_lastname: Презиме
  field_mail: Е-пошта
  field_filename: Датотека
  field_filesize: Големина
  field_downloads: Превземања
  field_author: Автор
  field_created_on: Креиран
  field_updated_on: Ажурирано
  field_field_format: Формат
229 230
  field_is_for_all: За сите проекти
  field_possible_values: Можни вредности
231 232
  field_regexp: Regular expression
  field_min_length: Минимална должина
233 234
  field_max_length: Максимална должина
  field_value: Вредност
  field_category: Категорија
  field_title: Наслов
237 238
  field_project: Проект
  field_issue: Задача
  field_status: Статус
240 241 242 243
  field_notes: Белешки
  field_is_closed: Задачата е затворена
  field_is_default: Default value
  field_tracker: Tracker
  field_subject: Наслов
245 246 247 248
  field_due_date: Краен рок
  field_assigned_to: Доделена на
  field_priority: Приоритет
  field_fixed_version: Target version
  field_user: Корисник
250 251
  field_principal: Principal
  field_role: Улога
  field_homepage: Веб страна
253 254 255
  field_is_public: Јавен
  field_parent: Подпроект на
  field_is_in_roadmap: Issues displayed in roadmap
256 257 258 259
  field_login: Корисник
  field_mail_notification: Известувања по e-пошта
  field_admin: Администратор
  field_last_login_on: Последна најава
260 261 262
  field_language: Јазик
  field_effective_date: Дата
  field_password: Лозинка
  field_new_password: Нова лозинка
264 265 266
  field_password_confirmation: Потврда
  field_version: Верзија
  field_type: Тип
  field_host: Хост
268 269 270 271 272 273 274
  field_port: Порт
  field_account: Account
  field_base_dn: Base DN
  field_attr_login: Login attribute
  field_attr_firstname: Firstname attribute
  field_attr_lastname: Lastname attribute
  field_attr_mail: Email attribute
  field_onthefly: Моментално (On-the-fly) креирање на корисници
276 277 278
  field_start_date: Почеток
  field_done_ratio: "% Завршено"
  field_auth_source: Режим на автентикација
  field_hide_mail: Криј ја мојата адреса на е-пошта
280 281
  field_comments: Коментар
  field_url: URL
  field_start_page: Почетна страна
  field_subproject: Подпроект
284 285
  field_hours: Часови
  field_activity: Активност
286 287
  field_spent_on: Дата
  field_identifier: Идентификатор
  field_is_filter: Користи како филтер
289 290
  field_issue_to: Поврзана задача
  field_delay: Доцнење
291 292
  field_assignable: На оваа улога може да се доделуваат задачи
  field_redirect_existing_links: Пренасочи ги постоечките врски
293 294 295
  field_estimated_hours: Проценето време
  field_column_names: Колони
  field_time_entries: Бележи време
296 297
  field_time_zone: Временска зона
  field_searchable: Може да се пребарува
298 299 300
  field_default_value: Default value
  field_comments_sorting: Прикажувај коментари
  field_parent_title: Parent page
  field_editable: Може да се уредува
302 303 304
  field_watcher: Watcher
  field_identity_url: OpenID URL
  field_content: Содржина
  field_group_by: Групирај ги резултатите според
306 307 308
  field_sharing: Споделување
  field_parent_issue: Parent task

309 310
  setting_app_title: Наслов на апликацијата
  setting_welcome_text: Текст за добредојде
311 312
  setting_default_language: Default јазик
  setting_login_required: Задолжителна автентикација
313 314
  setting_self_registration: Само-регистрација
  setting_attachment_max_size: Макс. големина на прилог
315 316 317
  setting_issues_export_limit: Issues export limit
  setting_mail_from: Emission email address
  setting_bcc_recipients: Blind carbon copy recipients (bcc)
318 319 320 321
  setting_plain_text_mail: Текстуални е-пораки (без HTML)
  setting_host_name: Име на хост и патека
  setting_text_formatting: Форматирање на текст
  setting_wiki_compression: Компресија на историјата на вики
  setting_feeds_limit: Feed content limit
  setting_default_projects_public: Новите проекти се иницијално јавни
324 325 326 327
  setting_autofetch_changesets: Autofetch commits
  setting_sys_api_enabled: Enable WS for repository management
  setting_commit_ref_keywords: Referencing keywords
  setting_commit_fix_keywords: Fixing keywords
  setting_autologin: Автоматска најава
329 330 331 332 333 334
  setting_date_format: Формат на дата
  setting_time_format: Формат на време
  setting_cross_project_issue_relations: Дозволи релации на задачи меѓу проекти
  setting_issue_list_default_columns: Default columns displayed on the issue list
  setting_protocol: Протокол
  setting_per_page_options: Objects per page options
335 336
  setting_user_format: Приказ на корисниците
  setting_activity_days_default: Денови прикажана во активноста на проектот
337 338 339 340 341
  setting_display_subprojects_issues: Прикажи ги задачите на подпроектите во главните проекти
  setting_enabled_scm: Овозможи SCM
  setting_mail_handler_body_delimiters: "Truncate emails after one of these lines"
  setting_mail_handler_api_enabled: Enable WS for incoming emails
  setting_mail_handler_api_key: API клуч
342 343
  setting_sequential_project_identifiers: Генерирај последователни идентификатори на проекти
  setting_gravatar_enabled: Користи Gravatar кориснички икони
344 345 346 347
  setting_gravatar_default: Default Gravatar image
  setting_diff_max_lines_displayed: Max number of diff lines displayed
  setting_file_max_size_displayed: Max size of text files displayed inline
  setting_repository_log_display_limit: Maximum number of revisions displayed on file log
  setting_openid: Дозволи OpenID најава и регистрација
  setting_password_min_length: Мин. должина на лозинка
  setting_new_project_user_role_id: Улога доделена на неадминистраторски корисник кој креира проект
351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372
  setting_default_projects_modules: Default enabled modules for new projects
  setting_issue_done_ratio: Calculate the issue done ratio with
  setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_field: Use the issue field
  setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_status: Use the issue status
  setting_start_of_week: Start calendars on
  setting_rest_api_enabled: Enable REST web service
  setting_cache_formatted_text: Cache formatted text

  permission_add_project: Креирај проекти
  permission_add_subprojects: Креирај подпроекти
  permission_edit_project: Уреди проект
  permission_select_project_modules: Изберете модули за проект
  permission_manage_members: Manage members
  permission_manage_project_activities: Manage project activities
  permission_manage_versions: Manage versions
  permission_manage_categories: Manage issue categories
  permission_view_issues: Прегледај задачи
  permission_add_issues: Додавај задачи
  permission_edit_issues: Уредувај задачи
  permission_manage_issue_relations: Manage issue relations
  permission_add_issue_notes: Додавај белешки
  permission_edit_issue_notes: Уредувај белешки
  permission_edit_own_issue_notes: Уредувај сопствени белешки
374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384
  permission_delete_issues: Бриши задачи
  permission_manage_public_queries: Manage public queries
  permission_save_queries: Save queries
  permission_view_gantt: View gantt chart
  permission_view_calendar: View calendar
  permission_view_issue_watchers: View watchers list
  permission_add_issue_watchers: Add watchers
  permission_delete_issue_watchers: Delete watchers
  permission_log_time: Бележи потрошено време
  permission_view_time_entries: Прегледај потрошено време
  permission_edit_time_entries: Уредувај белешки за потрошено време
  permission_edit_own_time_entries: Уредувај сопствени белешки за потрошено време
  permission_manage_news: Manage news
  permission_comment_news: Коментирај на вести
388 389 390 391
  permission_view_documents: Прегледувај документи
  permission_manage_files: Manage files
  permission_view_files: Прегледувај датотеки
  permission_manage_wiki: Manage wiki
392 393
  permission_rename_wiki_pages: Преименувај вики страници
  permission_delete_wiki_pages: Бриши вики страници
  permission_view_wiki_pages: Прегледувај вики
395 396
  permission_view_wiki_edits: Прегледувај вики историја
  permission_edit_wiki_pages: Уредувај вики страници
  permission_delete_wiki_pages_attachments: Бриши прилози
  permission_protect_wiki_pages: Заштитувај вики страници
399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406
  permission_manage_repository: Manage repository
  permission_browse_repository: Browse repository
  permission_view_changesets: View changesets
  permission_commit_access: Commit access
  permission_manage_boards: Manage boards
  permission_view_messages: View messages
  permission_add_messages: Post messages
  permission_edit_messages: Уредувај пораки
  permission_edit_own_messages: Уредувај сопствени пораки
  permission_delete_messages: Бриши пораки
  permission_delete_own_messages: Бриши сопствени пораки
410 411 412 413 414
  permission_export_wiki_pages: Export wiki pages
  permission_manage_subtasks: Manage subtasks

  project_module_issue_tracking: Следење на задачи
  project_module_time_tracking: Следење на време
  project_module_news: Вести
416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423
  project_module_documents: Документи
  project_module_files: Датотеки
  project_module_wiki: Вики
  project_module_repository: Repository
  project_module_boards: Форуми
  project_module_calendar: Календар
  project_module_gantt: Gantt

424 425 426 427
  label_user: Корисник
  label_user_plural: Корисници
  label_user_new: Нов корисник
  label_user_anonymous: Анонимен
  label_project: Проект
  label_project_new: Нов проект
430 431 432 433 434 435
  label_project_plural: Проекти
    zero:  нема проекти
    one:   1 проект
    other: "%{count} проекти"
  label_project_all: Сите проекти
  label_project_latest: Последните проекти
  label_issue: Задача
  label_issue_new: Нова задача
  label_issue_plural: Задачи
  label_issue_view_all: Прегледај ги сите задачи
441 442 443 444
  label_issues_by: "Задачи по %{value}"
  label_issue_added: Задачата е додадена
  label_issue_updated: Задачата е ажурирана
  label_document: Документ
  label_document_new: Нов документ
446 447 448 449
  label_document_plural: Документи
  label_document_added: Документот е додаден
  label_role: Улога
  label_role_plural: Улоги
450 451
  label_role_new: Нова улога
  label_role_and_permissions: Улоги и овластувања
  label_member: Член
  label_member_new: Нов член
454 455 456 457 458
  label_member_plural: Членови
  label_tracker: Tracker
  label_tracker_plural: Trackers
  label_tracker_new: New tracker
  label_workflow: Workflow
459 460 461
  label_issue_status: Статус на задача
  label_issue_status_plural: Статуси на задачи
  label_issue_status_new: Нов статус
462 463
  label_issue_category: Категорија на задача
  label_issue_category_plural: Категории на задачи
  label_issue_category_new: Нова категорија
465 466
  label_custom_field: Прилагодено поле
  label_custom_field_plural: Прилагодени полиња
  label_custom_field_new: Ново прилагодено поле
  label_enumerations: Enumerations
  label_enumeration_new: Нова вредност
470 471
  label_information: Информација
  label_information_plural: Информации
472 473 474
  label_please_login: Најави се
  label_register: Регистрирај се
  label_login_with_open_id_option: или најави се со OpenID
475 476
  label_password_lost: Изгубена лозинка
  label_home: Почетна
  label_my_page: Мојата страна
478 479
  label_my_account: Мојот профил
  label_my_projects: Мои проекти
480 481 482
  label_administration: Администрација
  label_login: Најави се
  label_logout: Одјави се
483 484 485
  label_help: Помош
  label_reported_issues: Пријавени задачи
  label_assigned_to_me_issues: Задачи доделени на мене
486 487 488 489 490 491 492
  label_last_login: Последна најава
  label_registered_on: Регистриран на
  label_activity: Активност
  label_overall_activity: Севкупна активност
  label_user_activity: "Активност на %{value}"
  label_new: Нова
  label_logged_as: Најавени сте како
  label_environment: Опкружување
  label_authentication: Автентикација
  label_auth_source: Режим на автентикација
  label_auth_source_new: Нов режим на автентикација
497 498
  label_auth_source_plural: Режими на автентикација
  label_subproject_plural: Подпроекти
  label_subproject_new: Нов подпроект
  label_and_its_subprojects: "%{value} и неговите подпроекти"
501 502
  label_min_max_length: Мин. - Макс. должина
  label_list: Листа
503 504 505 506
  label_date: Дата
  label_integer: Integer
  label_float: Float
  label_boolean: Boolean
507 508 509 510 511 512 513
  label_string: Текст
  label_text: Долг текст
  label_attribute: Атрибут
  label_attribute_plural: Атрибути
  label_no_data: Нема податоци за прикажување
  label_change_status: Промени статус
  label_history: Историја
  label_attachment: Датотека
  label_attachment_new: Нова датотека
516 517 518 519 520
  label_attachment_delete: Избриши датотека
  label_attachment_plural: Датотеки
  label_file_added: Датотеката е додадена
  label_report: Извештај
  label_report_plural: Извештаи
521 522 523 524 525 526
  label_news: Новост
  label_news_new: Додади новост
  label_news_plural: Новости
  label_news_latest: Последни новости
  label_news_view_all: Прегледај ги сите новости
  label_news_added: Новостта е додадена
527 528 529
  label_settings: Settings
  label_overview: Преглед
  label_version: Верзија
  label_version_new: Нова верзија
531 532 533
  label_version_plural: Верзии
  label_close_versions: Затвори ги завршените врзии
  label_confirmation: Потврда
  label_export_to: 'Достапно и во:'
535 536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549
  label_read: Прочитај...
  label_public_projects: Јавни проекти
  label_open_issues: отворена
  label_open_issues_plural: отворени
  label_closed_issues: затворена
  label_closed_issues_plural: затворени
    zero:  0 отворени
    one:   1 отворена
    other: "%{count} отворени"
    zero:  0 затворени
    one:   1 затворена
    other: "%{count} затворени"
  label_total: Вкупно
550 551 552 553
  label_permissions: Овластувања
  label_current_status: Моментален статус
  label_new_statuses_allowed: Дозволени нови статуси
  label_all: сите
554 555 556 557
  label_none: ниеден
  label_nobody: никој
  label_next: Следно
  label_previous: Претходно
  label_used_by: Користено од
559 560 561
  label_details: Детали
  label_add_note: Додади белешка
  label_calendar: Календар
  label_months_from: месеци од
563 564
  label_gantt: Gantt
  label_internal: Internal
565 566
  label_last_changes: "последни %{count} промени"
  label_change_view_all: Прегледај ги сите промени
567 568 569 570 571 572 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580 581 582 583 584 585 586 587
  label_comment: Коментар
  label_comment_plural: Коментари
    zero: нема коментари
    one: 1 коментар
    other: "%{count} коментари"
  label_comment_add: Додади коментар
  label_comment_added: Коментарот е додаден
  label_comment_delete: Избриши коментари
  label_query: Custom query
  label_query_plural: Custom queries
  label_query_new: New query
  label_filter_add: Додади филтер
  label_filter_plural: Филтри
  label_equals: е
  label_not_equals: не е
  label_in_less_than: за помалку од
  label_in_more_than: за повеќе од
  label_greater_or_equal: '>='
  label_less_or_equal: '<='
  label_in: во
  label_today: денес
589 590 591
  label_yesterday: вчера
  label_this_week: оваа недела
  label_last_week: минатата недела
592 593 594
  label_last_n_days: "последните %{count} дена"
  label_this_month: овој месец
  label_last_month: минатиот месец
595 596 597 598 599
  label_this_year: оваа година
  label_date_range: Date range
  label_less_than_ago: пред помалку од денови
  label_more_than_ago: пред повеќе од денови
  label_ago: пред денови
600 601
  label_contains: содржи
  label_not_contains: не содржи
602 603 604
  label_day_plural: денови
  label_repository: Складиште
  label_repository_plural: Складишта
  label_browse: Прелистувај
606 607 608 609 610 611 612 613 614 615 616
  label_branch: Гранка
  label_tag: Tag
  label_revision: Ревизија
  label_revision_plural: Ревизии
  label_revision_id: "Ревизија %{value}"
  label_associated_revisions: Associated revisions
  label_added: added
  label_modified: modified
  label_copied: copied
  label_renamed: renamed
  label_deleted: deleted
617 618
  label_latest_revision: Последна ревизија
  label_latest_revision_plural: Последни ревизии
  label_view_revisions: Прегледај ги ревизиите
620 621 622 623 624 625
  label_view_all_revisions: Прегледај ги сите ревизии
  label_max_size: Макс. големина
  label_sort_highest: Премести најгоре
  label_sort_higher: Премести нагоре
  label_sort_lower: Премести надоле
  label_sort_lowest: Премести најдоле
626 627
  label_roadmap: Roadmap
  label_roadmap_due_in: "Due in %{value}"
628 629
  label_roadmap_overdue: "Касни %{value}"
  label_roadmap_no_issues: Нема задачи за оваа верзија
630 631 632 633 634 635
  label_search: Барај
  label_result_plural: Резултати
  label_all_words: Сите зборови
  label_wiki: Вики
  label_wiki_edit: Вики уредување
  label_wiki_edit_plural: Вики уредувања
636 637 638 639
  label_wiki_page: Вики страница
  label_wiki_page_plural: Вики страници
  label_index_by_title: Индекс по наслов
  label_index_by_date: Индекс по дата
640 641 642
  label_current_version: Current version
  label_preview: Preview
  label_feed_plural: Feeds
  label_changes_details: Детали за сите промени
644 645 646
  label_issue_tracking: Следење на задачи
  label_spent_time: Потрошено време
  label_overall_spent_time: Вкупно потрошено време
647 648
  label_f_hour: "%{value} час"
  label_f_hour_plural: "%{value} часа"
649 650
  label_time_tracking: Следење на време
  label_change_plural: Промени
  label_statistics: Статистики
652 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 660 661 662 663
  label_commits_per_month: Commits per month
  label_commits_per_author: Commits per author
  label_view_diff: View differences
  label_diff_inline: inline
  label_diff_side_by_side: side by side
  label_options: Опции
  label_copy_workflow_from: Copy workflow from
  label_permissions_report: Permissions report
  label_watched_issues: Watched issues
  label_related_issues: Поврзани задачи
  label_applied_status: Applied status
  label_loading: Loading...
  label_relation_new: Нова релација
665 666 667 668 669 670 671
  label_relation_delete: Избриши релација
  label_relates_to: related to
  label_duplicates: дупликати
  label_duplicated_by: duplicated by
  label_blocks: blocks
  label_blocked_by: блокирано од
  label_precedes: претходи
672 673
  label_follows: следи
  label_stay_logged_in: Останете најавени
674 675
  label_disabled: disabled
  label_show_completed_versions: Show completed versions
  label_me: јас
  label_board: Форум
  label_board_new: Нов форум
679 680 681 682 683
  label_board_plural: Форуми
  label_board_locked: Заклучен
  label_board_sticky: Sticky
  label_topic_plural: Теми
  label_message_plural: Пораки
684 685
  label_message_last: Последна порака
  label_message_new: Нова порака
686 687
  label_message_posted: Поракате е додадена
  label_reply_plural: Одговори
  label_send_information: Испрати ги информациите за профилот на корисникот
  label_year: Година
690 691
  label_month: Месец
  label_week: Недела
692 693
  label_date_from: Од
  label_date_to: До
694 695 696 697 698 699
  label_language_based: Според јазикот на корисникот
  label_sort_by: "Подреди според %{value}"
  label_send_test_email: Испрати тест е-порака
  label_feeds_access_key: Atom клуч за пристап
  label_missing_feeds_access_key: Недостика Atom клуч за пристап
  label_feeds_access_key_created_on: "Atom клучот за пристап креиран пред %{value}"
700 701
  label_module_plural: Модули
  label_added_time_by: "Додадено од %{author} пред %{age}"
702 703 704
  label_updated_time_by: "Ажурирано од %{author} пред %{age}"
  label_updated_time: "Ажурирано пред %{value}"
  label_jump_to_a_project: Префрли се на проект...
705 706
  label_file_plural: Датотеки
  label_changeset_plural: Changesets
  label_default_columns: Основни колони
708 709 710 711
  label_no_change_option: (Без промена)
  label_bulk_edit_selected_issues: Групно уредување на задачи
  label_theme: Тема
  label_default: Default
712 713 714 715
  label_search_titles_only: Пребарувај само наслови
  label_user_mail_option_all: "За било кој настан во сите мои проекти"
  label_user_mail_option_selected: "За било кој настан само во избраните проекти..."
  label_user_mail_no_self_notified: "Не ме известувај за промените што јас ги правам"
716 717
  label_registration_activation_by_email: активација на профил преку е-пошта
  label_registration_manual_activation: мануелна активација на профил
718 719
  label_registration_automatic_activation: автоматска активација на профил
  label_display_per_page: "По страна: %{value}"
720 721 722 723 724 725 726
  label_age: Age
  label_change_properties: Change properties
  label_general: Општо
  label_scm: SCM
  label_plugins: Додатоци
  label_ldap_authentication: LDAP автентикација
  label_downloads_abbr: Превземања
  label_optional_description: Опис (незадолжително)
728 729 730 731 732 733 734 735 736 737
  label_add_another_file: Додади уште една датотека
  label_preferences: Preferences
  label_chronological_order: Во хронолошки ред
  label_reverse_chronological_order: In reverse chronological order
  label_incoming_emails: Дојдовни е-пораки
  label_generate_key: Генерирај клуч
  label_issue_watchers: Watchers
  label_example: Пример
  label_display: Прикажи
  label_sort: Подреди
  label_ascending: Растечки
739 740
  label_descending: Опаѓачки
  label_date_from_to: Од %{start} до %{end}
741 742
  label_wiki_content_added: Вики страница додадена
  label_wiki_content_updated: Вики страница ажурирана
743 744
  label_group: Група
  label_group_plural: Групи
  label_group_new: Нова група
  label_time_entry_plural: Потрошено време
747 748
  label_version_sharing_none: Не споделено
  label_version_sharing_descendants: Со сите подпроекти
749 750
  label_version_sharing_hierarchy: Со хиерархијата на проектот
  label_version_sharing_tree: Со дрвото на проектот
  label_version_sharing_system: Со сите проекти
752 753
  label_update_issue_done_ratios: Update issue done ratios
  label_copy_source: Извор
754 755
  label_copy_target: Дестинација
  label_copy_same_as_target: Исто како дестинацијата
  label_display_used_statuses_only: Only display statuses that are used by this tracker
757 758 759
  label_api_access_key: API клуч за пристап
  label_missing_api_access_key: Недостига API клуч за пристап
  label_api_access_key_created_on: "API клучот за пристап е креиран пред %{value}"
760 761
  label_profile: Профил
  label_subtask_plural: Подзадачи
  label_project_copy_notifications: Праќај известувања по е-пошта при копирање на проект

764 765
  button_login: Најави се
  button_submit: Испрати
  button_save: Зачувај
767 768
  button_check_all: Штиклирај ги сите
  button_uncheck_all: Одштиклирај ги сите
769 770 771
  button_delete: Избриши
  button_create: Креирај
  button_create_and_continue: Креирај и продолжи
  button_test: Тест
773 774 775 776 777 778 779 780 781 782
  button_edit: Уреди
  button_add: Додади
  button_change: Промени
  button_apply: Примени
  button_clear: Избриши
  button_lock: Заклучи
  button_unlock: Отклучи
  button_download: Превземи
  button_list: List
  button_view: Прегледај
783 784
  button_move: Премести
  button_move_and_follow: Премести и следи
785 786
  button_back: Back
  button_cancel: Откажи
  button_activate: Активирај
788 789 790 791
  button_sort: Подреди
  button_log_time: Бележи време
  button_rollback: Rollback to this version
  button_watch: Следи
  button_unwatch: Не следи
  button_reply: Одговори
  button_archive: Архивирај
795 796 797 798 799
  button_unarchive: Одархивирај
  button_reset: Reset
  button_rename: Преименувај
  button_change_password: Промени лозинка
  button_copy: Копирај
  button_copy_and_follow: Копирај и следи
  button_annotate: Annotate
  button_update: Ажурирај
803 804 805 806 807 808
  button_configure: Конфигурирај
  button_quote: Цитирај
  button_duplicate: Копирај
  button_show: Show

  status_active: активни
  status_registered: регистрирани
810 811 812 813 814 815 816 817
  status_locked: заклучени

  version_status_open: отворени
  version_status_locked: заклучени
  version_status_closed: затворени

  field_active: Active

  text_select_mail_notifications: Изберете за кои настани да се праќаат известувања по е-пошта да се праќаат.
819 820
  text_regexp_info: eg. ^[A-Z0-9]+$
  text_min_max_length_info: 0 значи без ограничување
821 822
  text_project_destroy_confirmation: Дали сте сигурни дека сакате да го избришете проектот и сите поврзани податоци?
  text_subprojects_destroy_warning: "Неговите подпроекти: %{value} исто така ќе бидат избришани."
  text_workflow_edit: Select a role and a tracker to edit the workflow
  text_are_you_sure: Дали сте сигурни?
825 826 827 828 829 830 831
  text_journal_changed: "%{label} променето од %{old} во %{new}"
  text_journal_set_to: "%{label} set to %{value}"
  text_journal_deleted: "%{label} избришан (%{old})"
  text_journal_added: "%{label} %{value} додаден"
  text_tip_issue_begin_day: задачи што почнуваат овој ден
  text_tip_issue_end_day: задачи што завршуваат овој ден
  text_tip_issue_begin_end_day: задачи што почнуваат и завршуваат овој ден
  text_caracters_maximum: "%{count} знаци максимум."
833 834 835
  text_caracters_minimum: "Мора да е најмалку %{count} знаци долго."
  text_length_between: "Должина помеѓу %{min} и %{max} знаци."
  text_tracker_no_workflow: No workflow defined for this tracker
836 837 838
  text_unallowed_characters: Недозволени знаци
  text_comma_separated: Дозволени се повеќе вредности (разделени со запирка).
  text_line_separated: Дозволени се повеќе вредности (една линија за секоја вредност).
839 840 841
  text_issues_ref_in_commit_messages: Referencing and fixing issues in commit messages
  text_issue_added: "Задачата %{id} е пријавена од %{author}."
  text_issue_updated: "Задачата %{id} е ажурирана од %{author}."
842 843
  text_wiki_destroy_confirmation: Дали сте сигурни дека сакате да го избришете ова вики и целата негова содржина?
  text_issue_category_destroy_question: "Некои задачи (%{count}) се доделени на оваа категорија. Што сакате да правите?"
844 845 846 847 848 849
  text_issue_category_destroy_assignments: Remove category assignments
  text_issue_category_reassign_to: Додели ги задачите на оваа категорија
  text_user_mail_option: "For unselected projects, you will only receive notifications about things you watch or you're involved in (eg. issues you're the author or assignee)."
  text_no_configuration_data: "Roles, trackers, issue statuses and workflow have not been configured yet.\nIt is highly recommended to load the default configuration. You will be able to modify it once loaded."
  text_load_default_configuration: Load the default configuration
  text_status_changed_by_changeset: "Applied in changeset %{value}."
  text_issues_destroy_confirmation: 'Дали сте сигурни дека сакате да ги избришете избраните задачи?'
851 852
  text_select_project_modules: 'Изберете модули за овој проект:'
  text_default_administrator_account_changed: Default administrator account changed
853 854
  text_file_repository_writable: Во папката за прилози може да се запишува
  text_plugin_assets_writable: Во папката за додатоци може да се запишува
855 856 857
  text_rmagick_available: RMagick available (незадолжително)
  text_destroy_time_entries_question: "%{hours} hours were reported on the issues you are about to delete. What do you want to do ?"
  text_destroy_time_entries: Delete reported hours
  text_assign_time_entries_to_project: Додели ги пријавените часови на проектот
859 860 861 862
  text_reassign_time_entries: 'Reassign reported hours to this issue:'
  text_user_wrote: "%{value} напиша:"
  text_enumeration_destroy_question: "%{count} objects are assigned to this value."
  text_enumeration_category_reassign_to: 'Reassign them to this value:'
  text_email_delivery_not_configured: "Доставата по е-пошта не е конфигурирана, и известувањата се оневозможени.\nКонфигурирајте го Вашиот  SMTP сервер во config/configuration.yml и рестартирајте ја апликацијата."
864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878
  text_repository_usernames_mapping: "Select or update the Redmine user mapped to each username found in the repository log.\nUsers with the same Redmine and repository username or email are automatically mapped."
  text_diff_truncated: '... This diff was truncated because it exceeds the maximum size that can be displayed.'
  text_custom_field_possible_values_info: 'One line for each value'
  text_wiki_page_destroy_question: "This page has %{descendants} child page(s) and descendant(s). What do you want to do?"
  text_wiki_page_nullify_children: "Keep child pages as root pages"
  text_wiki_page_destroy_children: "Delete child pages and all their descendants"
  text_wiki_page_reassign_children: "Reassign child pages to this parent page"
  text_own_membership_delete_confirmation: "You are about to remove some or all of your permissions and may no longer be able to edit this project after that.\nAre you sure you want to continue?"
  text_zoom_in: Zoom in
  text_zoom_out: Zoom out

  default_role_manager: Менаџер
  default_role_developer: Developer
  default_role_reporter: Reporter
  default_tracker_bug: Грешка
  default_tracker_feature: Функционалност
  default_tracker_support: Поддршка
881 882
  default_issue_status_new: Нова
  default_issue_status_in_progress: Во прогрес
883 884 885 886
  default_issue_status_resolved: Разрешена
  default_issue_status_feedback: Feedback
  default_issue_status_closed: Затворена
  default_issue_status_rejected: Одбиена
  default_doc_category_user: Корисничка документација
  default_doc_category_tech: Техничка документација
889 890 891
  default_priority_low: Низок
  default_priority_normal: Нормален
  default_priority_high: Висок
892 893 894 895 896 897 898
  default_priority_urgent: Итно
  default_priority_immediate: Веднаш
  default_activity_design: Дизајн
  default_activity_development: Развој

  enumeration_issue_priorities: Приоритети на задача
  enumeration_doc_categories: Категории на документ
899 900
  enumeration_activities: Активности (следење на време)
  enumeration_system_activity: Системска активност
901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 918 919 920 921 922 923 924 925 926 927 928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 939 940 941 942 943 944 945 946 947 948 949 950 951

  button_edit_associated_wikipage: "Edit associated Wiki page: %{page_title}"
  field_text: Text field
  setting_default_notification_option: Default notification option
  label_user_mail_option_only_my_events: Only for things I watch or I'm involved in
  label_user_mail_option_none: No events
  field_member_of_group: Assignee's group
  field_assigned_to_role: Assignee's role
  notice_not_authorized_archived_project: The project you're trying to access has been archived.
  label_principal_search: "Search for user or group:"
  label_user_search: "Search for user:"
  field_visible: Visible
  setting_commit_logtime_activity_id: Activity for logged time
  text_time_logged_by_changeset: Applied in changeset %{value}.
  setting_commit_logtime_enabled: Enable time logging
  notice_gantt_chart_truncated: The chart was truncated because it exceeds the maximum number of items that can be displayed (%{max})
  setting_gantt_items_limit: Maximum number of items displayed on the gantt chart
  field_warn_on_leaving_unsaved: Warn me when leaving a page with unsaved text
  text_warn_on_leaving_unsaved: The current page contains unsaved text that will be lost if you leave this page.
  label_my_queries: My custom queries
  text_journal_changed_no_detail: "%{label} updated"
  label_news_comment_added: Comment added to a news
  button_expand_all: Expand all
  button_collapse_all: Collapse all
  label_additional_workflow_transitions_for_assignee: Additional transitions allowed when the user is the assignee
  label_additional_workflow_transitions_for_author: Additional transitions allowed when the user is the author
  label_bulk_edit_selected_time_entries: Bulk edit selected time entries
  text_time_entries_destroy_confirmation: Are you sure you want to delete the selected time entr(y/ies)?
  label_role_anonymous: Anonymous
  label_role_non_member: Non member
  label_issue_note_added: Note added
  label_issue_status_updated: Status updated
  label_issue_priority_updated: Priority updated
  label_issues_visibility_own: Issues created by or assigned to the user
  field_issues_visibility: Issues visibility
  label_issues_visibility_all: All issues
  permission_set_own_issues_private: Set own issues public or private
  field_is_private: Private
  permission_set_issues_private: Set issues public or private
  label_issues_visibility_public: All non private issues
  text_issues_destroy_descendants_confirmation: This will also delete %{count} subtask(s).
  field_commit_logs_encoding: Commit messages encoding
  field_scm_path_encoding: Path encoding
  text_scm_path_encoding_note: "Default: UTF-8"
  field_path_to_repository: Path to repository
  field_root_directory: Root directory
  field_cvs_module: Module
  field_cvsroot: CVSROOT
  text_mercurial_repository_note: Local repository (e.g. /hgrepo, c:\hgrepo)
  text_scm_command: Command
  text_scm_command_version: Version
  label_git_report_last_commit: Report last commit for files and directories
  notice_issue_successful_create: Issue %{id} created.
  label_between: between
  setting_issue_group_assignment: Allow issue assignment to groups
  label_diff: diff
  text_git_repository_note: Repository is bare and local (e.g. /gitrepo, c:\gitrepo)
tmaruyama's avatar
tmaruyama committed
958 959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969
  description_query_sort_criteria_direction: Sort direction
  description_project_scope: Search scope
  description_filter: Filter
  description_user_mail_notification: Mail notification settings
  description_message_content: Message content
  description_available_columns: Available Columns
  description_issue_category_reassign: Choose issue category
  description_search: Searchfield
  description_notes: Notes
  description_choose_project: Projects
  description_query_sort_criteria_attribute: Sort attribute
  description_wiki_subpages_reassign: Choose new parent page
  description_selected_columns: Selected Columns
971 972
  label_parent_revision: Parent
  label_child_revision: Child
  error_scm_annotate_big_text_file: The entry cannot be annotated, as it exceeds the maximum text file size.
  setting_default_issue_start_date_to_creation_date: Use current date as start date for new issues
  button_edit_section: Edit this section
  setting_repositories_encodings: Attachments and repositories encodings
977 978 979
  description_all_columns: All Columns
  button_export: Export
  label_export_options: "%{export_format} export options"
  error_attachment_too_big: This file cannot be uploaded because it exceeds the maximum allowed file size (%{max_size})
  notice_failed_to_save_time_entries: "Failed to save %{count} time entrie(s) on %{total} selected: %{ids}."
982 983 984 985
    zero:  0 Задача
    one:   1 Задача
    other: "%{count} Задачи"
  label_repository_new: New repository
  field_repository_is_default: Main repository
  label_copy_attachments: Copy attachments
  label_item_position: "%{position}/%{count}"
  label_completed_versions: Completed versions
  text_project_identifier_info: Only lower case letters (a-z), numbers, dashes and underscores are allowed.<br />Once saved, the identifier cannot be changed.
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  field_multiple: Multiple values
  setting_commit_cross_project_ref: Allow issues of all the other projects to be referenced and fixed
994 995 996 997
  text_issue_conflict_resolution_add_notes: Add my notes and discard my other changes
  text_issue_conflict_resolution_overwrite: Apply my changes anyway (previous notes will be kept but some changes may be overwritten)
  notice_issue_update_conflict: The issue has been updated by an other user while you were editing it.
  text_issue_conflict_resolution_cancel: Discard all my changes and redisplay %{link}
  permission_manage_related_issues: Manage related issues
  field_auth_source_ldap_filter: LDAP filter
  label_search_for_watchers: Search for watchers to add
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  notice_account_deleted: Your account has been permanently deleted.
  setting_unsubscribe: Allow users to delete their own account
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1003 1004 1005 1006
  button_delete_my_account: Delete my account
  text_account_destroy_confirmation: |-
    Are you sure you want to proceed?
    Your account will be permanently deleted, with no way to reactivate it.
1007 1008 1009 1010 1011
  error_session_expired: Your session has expired. Please login again.
  text_session_expiration_settings: "Warning: changing these settings may expire the current sessions including yours."
  setting_session_lifetime: Session maximum lifetime
  setting_session_timeout: Session inactivity timeout
  label_session_expiration: Session expiration
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019
  permission_close_project: Close / reopen the project
  label_show_closed_projects: View closed projects
  button_close: Close
  button_reopen: Reopen
  project_status_active: active
  project_status_closed: closed
  project_status_archived: archived
  text_project_closed: This project is closed and read-only.
  notice_user_successful_create: User %{id} created.
  field_core_fields: Standard fields
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  field_timeout: Timeout (in seconds)
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1023 1024
  setting_thumbnails_enabled: Display attachment thumbnails
  setting_thumbnails_size: Thumbnails size (in pixels)
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1025 1026 1027 1028
  label_status_transitions: Status transitions
  label_fields_permissions: Fields permissions
  label_readonly: Read-only
  label_required: Required
  text_repository_identifier_info: Only lower case letters (a-z), numbers, dashes and underscores are allowed.<br />Once saved, the identifier cannot be changed.
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  field_board_parent: Parent forum
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1031 1032 1033 1034
  label_attribute_of_project: Project's %{name}
  label_attribute_of_author: Author's %{name}
  label_attribute_of_assigned_to: Assignee's %{name}
  label_attribute_of_fixed_version: Target version's %{name}
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  label_copy_subtasks: Copy subtasks
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1036 1037
  label_copied_to: copied to
  label_copied_from: copied from
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1038 1039
  label_any_issues_in_project: any issues in project
  label_any_issues_not_in_project: any issues not in project
tmaruyama's avatar
tmaruyama committed
1040 1041 1042
  field_private_notes: Private notes
  permission_view_private_notes: View private notes
  permission_set_notes_private: Set notes as private
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  label_no_issues_in_project: no issues in project
  label_any: сите
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  label_last_n_weeks: last %{count} weeks
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  setting_cross_project_subtasks: Allow cross-project subtasks
  label_cross_project_descendants: Со сите подпроекти
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1048 1049
  label_cross_project_tree: Со дрвото на проектот
  label_cross_project_hierarchy: Со хиерархијата на проектот
  label_cross_project_system: Со сите проекти
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  button_hide: Hide
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  setting_non_working_week_days: Non-working days
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1053 1054
  label_in_the_next_days: in the next
  label_in_the_past_days: in the past
  label_attribute_of_user: User's %{name}
  text_turning_multiple_off: If you disable multiple values, multiple values will be
    removed in order to preserve only one value per item.
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  label_attribute_of_issue: Issue's %{name}
1059 1060 1061
  permission_add_documents: Add documents
  permission_edit_documents: Edit documents
  permission_delete_documents: Delete documents
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  label_gantt_progress_line: Progress line
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  setting_jsonp_enabled: Enable JSONP support
  field_inherit_members: Inherit members
  field_closed_on: Closed
  field_generate_password: Generate password
  setting_default_projects_tracker_ids: Default trackers for new projects
  label_total_time: Вкупно
1069 1070
  text_scm_config: You can configure your SCM commands in config/configuration.yml. Please restart the application after editing it.
  text_scm_command_not_available: SCM command is not available. Please check settings on the administration panel.
1071 1072
  setting_emails_footer: Email footer
  setting_emails_header: Email header
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1073 1074 1075
  notice_account_not_activated_yet: You haven't activated your account yet. If you want
    to receive a new activation email, please <a href="%{url}">click this link</a>.
  notice_account_locked: Your account is locked.
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1076 1077 1078 1079
  label_hidden: Hidden
  label_visibility_private: to me only
  label_visibility_roles: to these roles only
  label_visibility_public: to any users
  field_must_change_passwd: Must change password at next logon
1081 1082
  notice_new_password_must_be_different: The new password must be different from the
    current password
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  setting_mail_handler_excluded_filenames: Exclude attachments by name
  text_convert_available: ImageMagick convert available (optional)
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1085 1086 1087 1088
  label_link: Link
  label_only: only
  label_drop_down_list: drop-down list
  label_checkboxes: checkboxes
  label_link_values_to: Link values to URL
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1090 1091 1092 1093
  setting_force_default_language_for_anonymous: Force default language for anonymous
  setting_force_default_language_for_loggedin: Force default language for logged-in
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1094 1095
  label_custom_field_select_type: Select the type of object to which the custom field
    is to be attached
  label_issue_assigned_to_updated: Assignee updated
1097 1098
  label_check_for_updates: Check for updates
  label_latest_compatible_version: Latest compatible version
  label_unknown_plugin: Unknown plugin
  label_radio_buttons: radio buttons
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1101 1102
  label_group_anonymous: Anonymous users
  label_group_non_member: Non member users
  label_add_projects: Add projects
  field_default_status: Default status
  text_subversion_repository_note: 'Examples: file:///, http://, https://, svn://, svn+[tunnelscheme]://'
1106 1107 1108
  field_users_visibility: Users visibility
  label_users_visibility_all: All active users
  label_users_visibility_members_of_visible_projects: Members of visible projects
  label_edit_attachments: Edit attached files
1110 1111 1112
  setting_link_copied_issue: Link issues on copy
  label_link_copied_issue: Link copied issue
  label_ask: Ask
1113 1114 1115
  label_search_attachments_yes: Search attachment filenames and descriptions
  label_search_attachments_no: Do not search attachments
  label_search_attachments_only: Search attachments only
marutosijp's avatar
marutosijp committed
  label_search_open_issues_only: Open issues only
1117 1118 1119 1120 1121 1122
  field_address: Е-пошта
  setting_max_additional_emails: Maximum number of additional email addresses
  label_email_address_plural: Emails
  label_email_address_add: Add email address
  label_enable_notifications: Enable notifications
  label_disable_notifications: Disable notifications
  setting_search_results_per_page: Search results per page
  label_blank_value: blank
  permission_copy_issues: Copy issues
1126 1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132
  error_password_expired: Your password has expired or the administrator requires you
    to change it.
  field_time_entries_visibility: Time logs visibility
  setting_password_max_age: Require password change after
  label_parent_task_attributes: Parent tasks attributes
  label_parent_task_attributes_derived: Calculated from subtasks
  label_parent_task_attributes_independent: Independent of subtasks
1133 1134
  label_time_entries_visibility_all: All time entries
  label_time_entries_visibility_own: Time entries created by the user
1135 1136 1137
  label_member_management: Member management
  label_member_management_all_roles: All roles
  label_member_management_selected_roles_only: Only these roles
  label_password_required: Confirm your password to continue
  label_total_spent_time: Вкупно потрошено време
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1140 1141
  notice_import_finished: "%{count} items have been imported"
  notice_import_finished_with_errors: "%{count} out of %{total} items could not be imported"
1142 1143 1144 1145 1146 1147 1148 1149 1150 1151
  error_invalid_file_encoding: The file is not a valid %{encoding} encoded file
  error_invalid_csv_file_or_settings: The file is not a CSV file or does not match the
    settings below
  error_can_not_read_import_file: An error occurred while reading the file to import
  permission_import_issues: Import issues
  label_import_issues: Import issues
  label_select_file_to_import: Select the file to import
  label_fields_separator: Field separator
  label_fields_wrapper: Field wrapper
  label_encoding: Encoding
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  label_comma_char: Comma
  label_semi_colon_char: Semicolon
1154 1155 1156 1157 1158 1159
  label_quote_char: Quote
  label_double_quote_char: Double quote
  label_fields_mapping: Fields mapping
  label_file_content_preview: File content preview
  label_create_missing_values: Create missing values
  button_import: Import
  field_total_estimated_hours: Total estimated time
  label_api: API
  label_total_plural: Totals
  label_assigned_issues: Assigned issues
  label_field_format_enumeration: Key/value list
  label_f_hour_short: '%{value} h'
  field_default_version: Default version
1167 1168 1169
  error_attachment_extension_not_allowed: Attachment extension %{extension} is not allowed
  setting_attachment_extensions_allowed: Allowed extensions
  setting_attachment_extensions_denied: Disallowed extensions
1170 1171
  label_any_open_issues: any open issues
  label_no_open_issues: no open issues
  label_default_values_for_new_users: Default values for new users
  error_ldap_bind_credentials: Invalid LDAP Account/Password
1174 1175
  setting_sys_api_key: API клуч
  setting_lost_password: Изгубена лозинка
marutosijp's avatar
marutosijp committed
1176 1177 1178 1179 1180 1181 1182 1183 1184 1185 1186
  mail_subject_security_notification: Security notification
  mail_body_security_notification_change: ! '%{field} was changed.'
  mail_body_security_notification_change_to: ! '%{field} was changed to %{value}.'
  mail_body_security_notification_add: ! '%{field} %{value} was added.'
  mail_body_security_notification_remove: ! '%{field} %{value} was removed.'
  mail_body_security_notification_notify_enabled: Email address %{value} now receives
  mail_body_security_notification_notify_disabled: Email address %{value} no longer
    receives notifications.
  mail_body_settings_updated: ! 'The following settings were changed:'
  field_remote_ip: IP address
  label_wiki_page_new: New wiki page
  label_relations: Relations
  button_filter: Filter
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1190 1191
  mail_body_password_updated: Your password has been changed.
  label_no_preview: No preview available
marutosijp's avatar
marutosijp committed
1192 1193 1194
  error_no_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue_in_project: The project doesn't have any trackers
    for which you can create an issue
  label_tracker_all: All trackers
  label_new_project_issue_tab_enabled: Display the "New issue" tab
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1196 1197
  setting_new_item_menu_tab: Project menu tab for creating new objects
  label_new_object_tab_enabled: Display the "+" drop-down
1198 1199
  error_no_projects_with_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue: There are no projects with trackers
    for which you can create an issue
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1200 1201 1202 1203
  field_textarea_font: Font used for text areas
  label_font_default: Default font
  label_font_monospace: Monospaced font
  label_font_proportional: Proportional font
  setting_timespan_format: Time span format
  label_table_of_contents: Table of contents
  setting_commit_logs_formatting: Apply text formatting to commit messages
  setting_mail_handler_enable_regex: Enable regular expressions
1208 1209
  error_move_of_child_not_possible: 'Subtask %{child} could not be moved to the new
    project: %{errors}'
1210 1211
  error_cannot_reassign_time_entries_to_an_issue_about_to_be_deleted: Spent time cannot
    be reassigned to an issue that is about to be deleted
  setting_timelog_required_fields: Required fields for time logs
  label_attribute_of_object: '%{object_name}''s %{name}'
1214 1215
  label_user_mail_option_only_assigned: Only for things I watch or I am assigned to
  label_user_mail_option_only_owner: Only for things I watch or I am the owner of
1216 1217
  warning_fields_cleared_on_bulk_edit: Changes will result in the automatic deletion
    of values from one or more fields on the selected objects
1218 1219
  field_updated_by: Updated by
  field_last_updated_by: Last updated by
marutosijp's avatar
marutosijp committed
  field_full_width_layout: Full width layout
  label_last_notes: Last notes
  field_digest: Checksum
marutosijp's avatar
marutosijp committed
  field_default_assigned_to: Default assignee
  setting_show_custom_fields_on_registration: Show custom fields on registration
  permission_view_news: View news
marutosijp's avatar
marutosijp committed
1226 1227
  label_no_preview_alternative_html: No preview available. %{link} the file instead.
  label_no_preview_download: Download
  setting_close_duplicate_issues: Close duplicate issues automatically
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1229 1230 1231 1232 1233
  error_exceeds_maximum_hours_per_day: Cannot log more than %{max_hours} hours on the
    same day (%{logged_hours} hours have already been logged)
  setting_time_entry_list_defaults: Timelog list defaults
  setting_timelog_accept_0_hours: Accept time logs with 0 hours
  setting_timelog_max_hours_per_day: Maximum hours that can be logged per day and user
  label_x_revisions: "%{count} revisions"
1235 1236
  error_can_not_delete_auth_source: This authentication mode is in use and cannot be
  button_actions: Actions
1238 1239
  mail_body_lost_password_validity: Please be aware that you may change the password
    only once using this link.
maeda's avatar
maeda committed
1240 1241 1242 1243 1244 1245 1246 1247 1248
  text_login_required_html: When not requiring authentication, public projects and their
    contents are openly available on the network. You can <a href="%{anonymous_role_path}">edit
    the applicable permissions</a>.
  label_login_required_yes: 'Yes'
  label_login_required_no: No, allow anonymous access to public projects
  text_project_is_public_non_member: Public projects and their contents are available
    to all logged-in users.
  text_project_is_public_anonymous: Public projects and their contents are openly available
    on the network.
maeda's avatar
maeda committed
  label_version_and_files: Versions (%{count}) and Files
1250 1251 1252 1253 1254
  label_ldap: LDAP
  label_ldaps_verify_none: LDAPS (without certificate check)
  label_ldaps_verify_peer: LDAPS
  label_ldaps_warning: It is recommended to use an encrypted LDAPS connection with certificate
    check to prevent any manipulation during the authentication process.
  label_nothing_to_preview: Nothing to preview
maeda's avatar
maeda committed
  error_token_expired: This password recovery link has expired, please try again.
maeda's avatar
maeda committed
1257 1258
  error_spent_on_future_date: Cannot log time on a future date
  setting_timelog_accept_future_dates: Accept time logs on future dates
  label_delete_link_to_subtask: Избриши релација
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
  error_not_allowed_to_log_time_for_other_users: You are not allowed to log time
jplang's avatar
jplang committed
1261 1262
    for other users
  permission_log_time_for_other_users: Log spent time for other users