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      Upgraded to Rails 2.3.4 (#3597) · 28dc95b3
      edavis10 authored
      * Ran the Rails upgrade
      * Upgraded to Rails Engines 2.3.2
      * Added a plugin to let Engines override application views.
      * Converted tests to use the new classes:
      ** ActionController::TestCase for functional
      ** ActiveSupport::TestCase for units
      * Converted ActiveRecord::Error message to a string.
      * ActiveRecord grouping returns an ordered hash which doesn't have #sort!
      * Updated the I18n storage_units format.
      * Added some default initializers from a fresh rails app
      * Changed the order of check_box_tags and hidden_field_tags.  The hidden tag
        needs to appear first in Rails 2.3, otherwise it will override any value in
        the check_box_tag.
      * Removed the custom handler for when the cookie store is tampered with.
        Rails 2.3 removed the TamperedWithCookie exception and instead Rails will not
        load the data from it when it's been tampered with (e.g. no user login).
      * Fixed mail layouts, 2.3 has problems with implicit multipart emails that
        use layouts.  Also removed some custom Redmine mailer code.
      * Fixed a bug that occurred in tests where the "required" span tag would be
        added to the :field_status translation.  This resulted in an email string of:
          <li>Status<span class="required"> *</span><span class="required"> *</span>
        Instead of:
          <li>Status: New</li>
      git-svn-id: https://svn.redmine.org/redmine/trunk@2887 e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
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      Added branch and tag support to the git repository viewer. (#1406) · 2884346f
      edavis10 authored
      Many thanks to Adam Soltys and everyone else who tested this patch.
      * Updated git test repository so it has a branch with some differences from the master branch
      * Moved redmine diff class into a module so as not to clash with diff-lcs gem which is required by grit
      * Find changesets from all branches, not just master
      * Got revision browsing working
      * Got file actions working properly
      * Allow browsing by short form of commit identifier
      * Added a method to retrieve repository branches
      * Allow browsing by branch names as well as commit numbers
      * Handle the case where a git repository has no master branch
      * Expand revision box and handle finding revisions by first 8 characters
      * Added branches dropdown to repository show page
      * Combined repository browse and show into a single action.  Moved branch/revision navigation into a partial.
      * Renamed partial navigation -> breadcrumbs
      * Made it so latest revisions list uses branch and path context
      * Preserve current path when changing branch or revision
      * Perform slightly more graceful error handling in the case of invalid repository URLs
      * Allow branch names to contain periods
      * Allow dashes in branch names
      * Sort branches by name
      * Adding tags dropdown
      * Need to disable both branches and tags dropdowns before submitting revision form
      * Support underscores in revision (branch/tag) names
      * Making file history sensitive to current branch/tag/revision, adding common navigation to changes page
      * Updated translation files to include labels for 'branch', 'tag', and 'view all revisions'
      * Reenable fields after submit so they don't look disabled and don't stay disabled on browser back button
      * Instead of dashes just use empty string for default dropdown value
      * Individual entry views now sport the upgraded revision navigation
      * Don't display dropdowns with no entries
      * Consider all revisions when doing initial load
      * Fixed bug grabbing changesets.  Thanks to Bernhard Furtmueller for catching.
      * Always check the entire log to find new revisions, rather than trying to go forward from the latest known one
      * Added some cleverness to avoid selecting the whole changesets table any time someone views the repository root
      * File copies and renames being detected properly
      * Return gracefully if no revisions are found in the git log
      * Applied patch from Babar Le Lapin to improve Windows compatibility
      git-svn-id: https://svn.redmine.org/redmine/trunk@2840 e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
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