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Estonian translation updated by John Wilcox (#10208)

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent cfe4440f
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ et:
separator: "."
separator: ","
delimiter: ""
precision: 3
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ et:
sentence_connector: "ja"
skip_last_comma: vale
skip_last_comma: false
......@@ -996,47 +996,47 @@ et:
enumeration_doc_categories: "Dokumentide kategooriad"
enumeration_activities: "Tegevused (aja jälgimine)"
enumeration_system_activity: "Süsteemi tegevus"
text_issue_conflict_resolution_add_notes: Add my notes and discard my other changes
description_search: Searchfield
field_repository_is_default: Main repository
text_issue_conflict_resolution_overwrite: Apply my changes anyway (previous notes will be kept but some changes may be overwritten)
notice_issue_successful_create: Issue %{id} created.
description_user_mail_notification: Mail notification settings
description_date_range_list: Choose range from list
setting_commit_cross_project_ref: Allow issues of all the other projects to be referenced and fixed
error_scm_annotate_big_text_file: The entry cannot be annotated, as it exceeds the maximum text file size.
text_issue_conflict_resolution_add_notes: "Lisa mu märkmed ning hülga ülejäänud muudatused"
description_search: "Otsimisväli"
field_repository_is_default: "Vaikimisi repositoorium"
text_issue_conflict_resolution_overwrite: "Salvesta selle vaatamata mu muudatused (eelnevad märkmed jäetakse alles aga mõned muudatused kirjutatakse ilmselt üle)"
notice_issue_successful_create: "Kanne nr %{id} loodud."
description_user_mail_notification: "E-posti teavituse seaded"
description_date_range_list: "Vali nimekirjast vahemik"
setting_commit_cross_project_ref: "Luba viidata ja parandada kõikide teiste projektide kandeid"
error_scm_annotate_big_text_file: "Kuna kande suurus ületab maksimaalset tekstifaili suurust, ei saa kahjuks sellele kandele märkmeid lisada."
notice_failed_to_save_time_entries: "Failed to save %{count} time entrie(s) on %{total} selected: %{ids}."
description_date_to: Enter end date
description_date_to: "Sisesta lõppkuupäev"
label_item_position: "%{position} of %{count}"
description_all_columns: All Columns
description_all_columns: "Kõik tulbad"
label_diff: diff
button_edit_section: Edit this section
field_multiple: Multiple values
permission_manage_related_issues: Manage related issues
description_query_sort_criteria_attribute: Sort attribute
description_message_content: Message content
description_wiki_subpages_reassign: Choose new parent page
label_repository_new: New repository
description_available_columns: Available Columns
description_selected_columns: Selected Columns
description_date_range_interval: Choose range by selecting start and end date
description_project_scope: Search scope
description_issue_category_reassign: Choose issue category
notice_issue_update_conflict: The issue has been updated by an other user while you were editing it.
button_export: Export
description_query_sort_criteria_direction: Sort direction
description_notes: Notes
description_filter: Filter
button_edit_section: "Muuda seda osa"
field_multiple: "Mitu väärtust"
permission_manage_related_issues: "Halda seotud kandeid"
description_query_sort_criteria_attribute: "Sorteerimise atribuut"
description_message_content: "Sõnumi sisu"
description_wiki_subpages_reassign: "Vali uus pealeht"
label_repository_new: "Uus repositoorium"
description_available_columns: "Saadavalolevad tulbad"
description_selected_columns: "Valitud tulbad"
description_date_range_interval: "Vali vahemik märkides algus-ja lõppkuupäeva"
description_project_scope: "Otsingu skoop"
description_issue_category_reassign: "Vali kande kategooria"
notice_issue_update_conflict: "Sellal kui sa kannet vaatasid uuendati seda teise kasutaja poolt."
button_export: "Ekspordi"
description_query_sort_criteria_direction: "Sorteerimise suund"
description_notes: "Märkmed"
description_filter: "Filter"
one: 1 issue
other: "%{count} issues"
zero: 0 issues
label_parent_revision: Parent
label_child_revision: Child
description_choose_project: Projects
label_copy_attachments: Copy attachments
description_date_from: Enter start date
text_issue_conflict_resolution_cancel: Discard all my changes and redisplay %{link}
label_export_options: "%{export_format} export options"
label_completed_versions: Completed versions
error_attachment_too_big: This file cannot be uploaded because it exceeds the maximum allowed file size (%{max_size})
one: "1 kanne"
other: "%{count} kannet"
zero: "0 kannet"
label_parent_revision: "Pea"
label_child_revision: "Alam"
description_choose_project: "Projektid"
label_copy_attachments: "Kopeeri manused"
description_date_from: "Vali alguskuupäev"
text_issue_conflict_resolution_cancel: "Hülga kõik mu muudatused ja kuva %{link} uuesti"
label_export_options: "%{export_format} ekspordi valikud"
label_completed_versions: "Lõpetatud versioonid"
error_attachment_too_big: "Seda faili ei saa üles laadida, kuna ületab maksimumsuurust (%{max_size})"
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