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Czech translation for 2.3-stable updated by Karel Pičman (#13391)

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent 618b9afd
...@@ -1078,15 +1078,15 @@ cs: ...@@ -1078,15 +1078,15 @@ cs:
setting_non_working_week_days: Dny pracovního volna/klidu setting_non_working_week_days: Dny pracovního volna/klidu
label_in_the_next_days: v přístích label_in_the_next_days: v přístích
label_in_the_past_days: v minulých label_in_the_past_days: v minulých
label_attribute_of_user: User's %{name} label_attribute_of_user: "%{name} uživatel(e/ky)"
text_turning_multiple_off: If you disable multiple values, multiple values will be text_turning_multiple_off: Jestliže zakážete více hodnot,
removed in order to preserve only one value per item. hodnoty budou smazány za účelem rezervace pouze jedné hodnoty na položku.
label_attribute_of_issue: Issue's %{name} label_attribute_of_issue: "%{name} úkolu"
permission_add_documents: Add documents permission_add_documents: Přidat dokument
permission_edit_documents: Edit documents permission_edit_documents: Upravit dokuments
permission_delete_documents: Delete documents permission_delete_documents: Smazet dokuments
label_gantt_progress_line: Progress line label_gantt_progress_line: Vývojová čára
setting_jsonp_enabled: Enable JSONP support setting_jsonp_enabled: Povolit podporu JSONP
field_inherit_members: Inherit members field_inherit_members: Zdědit členy
field_closed_on: Closed field_closed_on: Uzavřeno
field_generate_password: Generate password field_generate_password: Generate password
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