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Italian translation for 1.3-stable updated by Andrea Saccavini (#10258)

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......@@ -978,34 +978,34 @@ it:
label_between: tra
setting_issue_group_assignment: Permetti di assegnare una segnalazione a gruppi
label_diff: diff
text_git_repository_note: Repository is bare and local (e.g. /gitrepo, c:\gitrepo)
description_query_sort_criteria_direction: Sort direction
text_git_repository_note: Il repository è bare e locale (e.g. /gitrepo, c:\gitrepo)
description_query_sort_criteria_direction: Ordinamento
description_project_scope: Search scope
description_filter: Filter
description_user_mail_notification: Mail notification settings
description_date_from: Enter start date
description_message_content: Message content
description_available_columns: Available Columns
description_date_range_interval: Choose range by selecting start and end date
description_issue_category_reassign: Choose issue category
description_search: Searchfield
description_notes: Notes
description_date_range_list: Choose range from list
description_choose_project: Projects
description_date_to: Enter end date
description_query_sort_criteria_attribute: Sort attribute
description_wiki_subpages_reassign: Choose new parent page
description_selected_columns: Selected Columns
label_parent_revision: Parent
label_child_revision: Child
error_scm_annotate_big_text_file: The entry cannot be annotated, as it exceeds the maximum text file size.
setting_default_issue_start_date_to_creation_date: Use current date as start date for new issues
button_edit_section: Edit this section
setting_repositories_encodings: Attachments and repositories encodings
description_all_columns: All Columns
button_export: Export
label_export_options: "%{export_format} export options"
error_attachment_too_big: This file cannot be uploaded because it exceeds the maximum allowed file size (%{max_size})
description_filter: Filtro
description_user_mail_notification: Impostazioni notifica via mail
description_date_from: Inserisci la data d'inizio
description_message_content: Contenuto del messaggio
description_available_columns: Colonne disponibili
description_date_range_interval: Scegli l'intervallo selezionando la data di inizio e di fine
description_issue_category_reassign: Scegli la categoria della segnalazione
description_search: Campo di ricerca
description_notes: Note
description_date_range_list: Schegli l'intervallo dalla lista
description_choose_project: Progetti
description_date_to: Inserisci la data di fine
description_query_sort_criteria_attribute: Attributo di ordinamento
description_wiki_subpages_reassign: Scegli la nuova pagina padre
description_selected_columns: Colonne selezionate
label_parent_revision: Padre
label_child_revision: Figlio
error_scm_annotate_big_text_file: La nota non può essere salvata, supera la dimensiona massima del campo di testo.
setting_default_issue_start_date_to_creation_date: Usa la data corrente come data d'inizio per le nuove segnalazioni
button_edit_section: Modifica questa sezione
setting_repositories_encodings: Codifica degli allegati e dei repository
description_all_columns: Tutte le colonne
button_export: Esporta
label_export_options: "%{export_format} opzioni per l'export"
error_attachment_too_big: Questo file non può essere caricato in quanto la sua dimensione supera la massima consentita (%{max_size})
notice_failed_to_save_time_entries: "Failed to save %{count} time entrie(s) on %{total} selected: %{ids}."
zero: 0 segnalazione
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