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Translation updates and new Mongolian language (#5237)

* da (#5197)
* pt-BR (#5205 and #5210)
* zh (#5227)

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parent edd55d8a
......@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@ da:
one: "mere end et år"
other: "mere end {{count}} år"
one: "almost 1 year"
other: "almost {{count}} years"
one: "næsten 1 år"
other: "næsten {{count}} år"
......@@ -315,9 +315,9 @@ da:
label_project_new: Nyt projekt
label_project_plural: Projekter
zero: no projects
one: 1 project
other: "{{count}} projects"
zero: Ingen projekter
one: 1 projekt
other: "{{count}} projekter"
label_project_all: Alle projekter
label_project_latest: Seneste projekter
label_issue: Sag
......@@ -689,7 +689,7 @@ da:
default_tracker_feature: Feature
default_tracker_support: Support
default_issue_status_new: Ny
default_issue_status_in_progress: In Progress
default_issue_status_in_progress: Igangværende
default_issue_status_resolved: Løst
default_issue_status_feedback: Feedback
default_issue_status_closed: Lukket
......@@ -850,66 +850,67 @@ da:
label_group: Grupper
label_group_new: Ny gruppe
label_time_entry_plural: Anvendt tid
text_journal_added: "{{label}} {{value}} added"
field_active: Active
enumeration_system_activity: System Activity
permission_delete_issue_watchers: Delete watchers
version_status_closed: closed
version_status_locked: locked
version_status_open: open
error_can_not_reopen_issue_on_closed_version: An issue assigned to a closed version can not be reopened
label_user_anonymous: Anonymous
button_move_and_follow: Move and follow
setting_default_projects_modules: Default enabled modules for new projects
setting_gravatar_default: Default Gravatar image
field_sharing: Sharing
label_version_sharing_hierarchy: With project hierarchy
label_version_sharing_system: With all projects
label_version_sharing_descendants: With subprojects
label_version_sharing_tree: With project tree
label_version_sharing_none: Not shared
error_can_not_archive_project: This project can not be archived
button_duplicate: Duplicate
button_copy_and_follow: Copy and follow
label_copy_source: Source
setting_issue_done_ratio: Calculate the issue done ratio with
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_status: Use the issue status
error_issue_done_ratios_not_updated: Issue done ratios not updated.
error_workflow_copy_target: Please select target tracker(s) and role(s)
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_field: Use the issue field
label_copy_same_as_target: Same as target
label_copy_target: Target
notice_issue_done_ratios_updated: Issue done ratios updated.
error_workflow_copy_source: Please select a source tracker or role
label_update_issue_done_ratios: Update issue done ratios
setting_start_of_week: Start calendars on
permission_view_issues: View Issues
label_display_used_statuses_only: Only display statuses that are used by this tracker
text_journal_added: "{{label}} {{value}} tilføjet"
field_active: Aktiv
enumeration_system_activity: System Aktivitet
permission_delete_issue_watchers: Slet overvågere
version_status_closed: lukket
version_status_locked: låst
version_status_open: åben
error_can_not_reopen_issue_on_closed_version: En sag tildelt en lukket version, kan ikke genåbnes
label_user_anonymous: Anonym
button_move_and_follow: Flyt og overvåg
setting_default_projects_modules: Standard moduler, aktiveret for nye projekter
setting_gravatar_default: Standard Gravatar billede
field_sharing: Delning
label_version_sharing_hierarchy: Med projekt hierarki
label_version_sharing_system: Med alle projekter
label_version_sharing_descendants: Med under projekter
label_version_sharing_tree: Med projekt træ
label_version_sharing_none: Ikke delt
error_can_not_archive_project: Dette projekt kan ikke arkiveres
button_duplicate: Kopier
button_copy_and_follow: Kopier og overvåg
label_copy_source: Kilde
setting_issue_done_ratio: Beregn sagsløsning ratio
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_status: Benyt sags status
error_issue_done_ratios_not_updated: Sagsløsnings ratio, ikke opdateret.
error_workflow_copy_target: Vælg venligst mål tracker og rolle(r)
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_field: Benyt sags felt
label_copy_same_as_target: Samme som mål
label_copy_target: Mål
notice_issue_done_ratios_updated: Sagsløsnings ratio opdateret.
error_workflow_copy_source: Vælg venligst en kilde tracker eller rolle
label_update_issue_done_ratios: Opdater sagsløsnings ratio
setting_start_of_week: Start kalendre på
permission_view_issues: Vis sager
label_display_used_statuses_only: Vis kun statuser der er benyttet af denne tracker
label_revision_id: Revision {{value}}
label_api_access_key: API access key
label_api_access_key_created_on: API access key created {{value}} ago
label_feeds_access_key: RSS access key
notice_api_access_key_reseted: Your API access key was reset.
setting_rest_api_enabled: Enable REST web service
label_missing_api_access_key: Missing an API access key
label_missing_feeds_access_key: Missing a RSS access key
button_show: Show
text_line_separated: Multiple values allowed (one line for each value).
setting_mail_handler_body_delimiters: Truncate emails after one of these lines
permission_add_subprojects: Create subprojects
label_subproject_new: New subproject
label_api_access_key: API nøgle
label_api_access_key_created_on: API nøgle genereret {{value}} siden
label_feeds_access_key: RSS nøgle
notice_api_access_key_reseted: Din API nøgle er nulstillet.
setting_rest_api_enabled: Aktiver REST web service
label_missing_api_access_key: Mangler en API nøgle
label_missing_feeds_access_key: Mangler en RSS nøgle
button_show: Vis
text_line_separated: Flere væredier tilladt (en linje for hver værdi).
setting_mail_handler_body_delimiters: Trunker emails efter en af disse linjer
permission_add_subprojects: Lav underprojekter
label_subproject_new: Nyt underprojekt
text_own_membership_delete_confirmation: |-
You are about to remove some or all of your permissions and may no longer be able to edit this project after that.
Are you sure you want to continue?
label_close_versions: Close completed versions
Du er ved at fjerne en eller flere af dine rettigheder, og kan muligvis ikke redigere projektet bagefter.
Er du sikker på du ønsker at fortsætte?
label_close_versions: Luk færdige versioner
label_board_sticky: Sticky
label_board_locked: Locked
permission_export_wiki_pages: Export wiki pages
setting_cache_formatted_text: Cache formatted text
permission_manage_project_activities: Manage project activities
error_unable_delete_issue_status: Unable to delete issue status
label_profile: Profile
permission_manage_subtasks: Manage subtasks
field_parent_issue: Parent task
label_subtask_plural: Subtasks
label_project_copy_notifications: Send email notifications during the project copy
label_board_locked: Låst
permission_export_wiki_pages: Eksporter wiki sider
setting_cache_formatted_text: Cache formatteret tekst
permission_manage_project_activities: Administrer projekt aktiviteter
error_unable_delete_issue_status: Det var ikke muligt at slette sags status
label_profile: Profil
permission_manage_subtasks: Administrer under opgaver
field_parent_issue: Hoved opgave
label_subtask_plural: Under opgaver
label_project_copy_notifications: Send email notifikationer, mens projektet kopieres
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......@@ -906,7 +906,7 @@ pt-BR:
permission_add_subprojects: Criar subprojetos
label_subproject_new: Novo subprojeto
text_own_membership_delete_confirmation: |-
Você está para remover algumas de suas próprias permissões e pode não mais estar apto a editar este projeto após esta operação.
Você está para excluir algumas de suas próprias permissões e pode não mais estar apto a editar este projeto após esta operação.
Você tem certeza que deseja continuar?
label_close_versions: Fechar versões concluídas
label_board_sticky: Marcado
......@@ -915,9 +915,9 @@ pt-BR:
permission_export_wiki_pages: Exportar páginas wiki
setting_cache_formatted_text: Realizar cache de texto formatado
permission_manage_project_activities: Gerenciar atividades do projeto
error_unable_delete_issue_status: Impossível excluir estado da tarefa
error_unable_delete_issue_status: Impossível excluir situação da tarefa
label_profile: Perfil
permission_manage_subtasks: Manage subtasks
field_parent_issue: Parent task
label_subtask_plural: Subtasks
label_project_copy_notifications: Send email notifications during the project copy
permission_manage_subtasks: Gerenciar subtarefas
field_parent_issue: Tarefa pai
label_subtask_plural: Subtarefas
label_project_copy_notifications: Enviar notificações por e-mail ao copiar projeto
......@@ -660,7 +660,7 @@ zh:
label_diff_inline: 直列
label_diff_side_by_side: 并排
label_options: 选项
label_copy_workflow_from: 从以下项复制工作流程
label_copy_workflow_from: 从以下项复制工作流程
label_permissions_report: 权限报表
label_watched_issues: 跟踪的问题
label_related_issues: 相关的问题
// ** I18N
// Calendar EN language
// Author: Mihai Bazon, <>
// Encoding: any
// Distributed under the same terms as the calendar itself.
// For translators: please use UTF-8 if possible. We strongly believe that
// Unicode is the answer to a real internationalized world. Also please
// include your contact information in the header, as can be seen above.
// full day names
Calendar._DN = new Array
// Please note that the following array of short day names (and the same goes
// for short month names, _SMN) isn't absolutely necessary. We give it here
// for exemplification on how one can customize the short day names, but if
// they are simply the first N letters of the full name you can simply say:
// Calendar._SDN_len = N; // short day name length
// Calendar._SMN_len = N; // short month name length
// If N = 3 then this is not needed either since we assume a value of 3 if not
// present, to be compatible with translation files that were written before
// this feature.
// short day names
Calendar._SDN = new Array
// First day of the week. "0" means display Sunday first, "1" means display
// Monday first, etc.
Calendar._FD = 0;
// full month names
Calendar._MN = new Array
("1-р сар",
"2-р сар",
"3-р сар",
"4-р сар",
"5-р сар",
"6-р сар",
"7-р сар",
"8-р сар",
"9-р сар",
"10-р сар",
"11-р сар",
"12-р сар");
// short month names
Calendar._SMN = new Array
("1-р сар",
"2-р сар",
"3-р сар",
"4-р сар",
"5-р сар",
"6-р сар",
"7-р сар",
"8-р сар",
"9-р сар",
"10-р сар",
"11-р сар",
"12-р сар");
// tooltips
Calendar._TT = {};
Calendar._TT["INFO"] = "Календарын тухай";
Calendar._TT["ABOUT"] =
"DHTML Date/Time Selector\n" +
"(c) 2002-2005 / Author: Mihai Bazon\n" + // don't translate this this ;-)
"For latest version visit:\n" +
"Distributed under GNU LGPL. See for details." +
"\n\n" +
"Date selection:\n" +
"- Use the \xab, \xbb buttons to select year\n" +
"- Use the " + String.fromCharCode(0x2039) + ", " + String.fromCharCode(0x203a) + " buttons to select month\n" +
"- Hold mouse button on any of the above buttons for faster selection.";
Calendar._TT["ABOUT_TIME"] = "\n\n" +
"Time selection:\n" +
"- Click on any of the time parts to increase it\n" +
"- or Shift-click to decrease it\n" +
"- or click and drag for faster selection.";
Calendar._TT["PREV_YEAR"] = "Өмнөх. жил";
Calendar._TT["PREV_MONTH"] = "Өмнөх. сар";
Calendar._TT["GO_TODAY"] = "Өнөөдрийг сонго";
Calendar._TT["NEXT_MONTH"] = "Дараа сар";
Calendar._TT["NEXT_YEAR"] = "Дараа жил";
Calendar._TT["SEL_DATE"] = "Өдөр сонгох";
Calendar._TT["DRAG_TO_MOVE"] = "Хөдөлгөх бол чир";
Calendar._TT["PART_TODAY"] = " (өнөөдөр)";
// the following is to inform that "%s" is to be the first day of week
// %s will be replaced with the day name.
Calendar._TT["DAY_FIRST"] = "%s -г эхэлж гарга";
// This may be locale-dependent. It specifies the week-end days, as an array
// of comma-separated numbers. The numbers are from 0 to 6: 0 means Sunday, 1
// means Monday, etc.
Calendar._TT["WEEKEND"] = "0,6";
Calendar._TT["CLOSE"] = "Хаах";
Calendar._TT["TODAY"] = "Өнөөдөр";
Calendar._TT["TIME_PART"] = "(Shift-)Click эсвэл чирж утгийг өөрчил";
// date formats
Calendar._TT["DEF_DATE_FORMAT"] = "%Y-%m-%d";
Calendar._TT["TT_DATE_FORMAT"] = "%a, %b %e";
Calendar._TT["WK"] = "7 хоног";
Calendar._TT["TIME"] = "Цаг:";
jsToolBar.strings = {};
jsToolBar.strings['Strong'] = 'Бүдүүн';
jsToolBar.strings['Italic'] = 'Налуу';
jsToolBar.strings['Underline'] = 'Доогуур зураас';
jsToolBar.strings['Deleted'] = 'Устгагдсан';
jsToolBar.strings['Code'] = 'Програмын код';
jsToolBar.strings['Heading 1'] = 'Гарчиг 1';
jsToolBar.strings['Heading 2'] = 'Гарчиг 2';
jsToolBar.strings['Heading 3'] = 'Гарчиг 3';
jsToolBar.strings['Unordered list'] = 'Эрэмбэгүй жагсаалт';
jsToolBar.strings['Ordered list'] = 'Эрэмбэтэй жагсаалт';
jsToolBar.strings['Quote'] = 'Ишлэл';
jsToolBar.strings['Unquote'] = 'Ишлэлийг устгах';
jsToolBar.strings['Preformatted text'] = 'Өмнө нь хэлбэржсэн текст';
jsToolBar.strings['Wiki link'] = 'Вики хуудас руу холбох';
jsToolBar.strings['Image'] = 'Зураг';
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