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0.4.0 release

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parent 739f1c98
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ $RDM_TEXTILE_DISABLED = true unless ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper.method_defin
# application name
RDM_APP_NAME = "redMine"
# application version
ActiveRecord::Errors.default_error_messages = {
:inclusion => "activerecord_error_inclusion",
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Jean-Philippe Lang
== xx/xx/2006 v0.4.0
== 01/02/2006 v0.4.0
* simple SVN browser added (just needs svn binaries in PATH)
* comments can now be added on news
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
* A database (see compatibility below)
* RedCloth (for textile formatting)
* RedCloth (to enable textile formatting)
Supported databases:
* MySQL (tested with MySQL 5)
......@@ -22,12 +22,6 @@ Supported databases:
* SQLite (tested with SQLite 3)
== Upgrade
Due to major database changes, there is no migration support from beta 0.2.0.
Next releases (0.3.0+) will be provided with upgrade support.
== Installation
1. Uncompress program archive:
......@@ -64,10 +58,14 @@ Next releases (0.3.0+) will be provided with upgrade support.
== Configuration
A sample configuration file is provided: "config/config_custom.example.rb"
Rename it to config_custom.rb and edit parameters.
Rename it to config_custom.rb and set your parameters.
Don't forget to restart the application after any change.
In config/environment.rb, you can set parameters for your SMTP server:
config.action_mailer.server_settings: SMTP server configuration
config.action_mailer.perform_deliveries: set to false to disable mail delivering
== Upgrading
== redMine upgrade procedure
redMine - project management software
Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Jean-Philippe Lang
== From 0.3.0
1. Uncompress program archive in a new directory:
tar zxvf <filename>
3. Copy your database (database.yml) and configuration settings (config_custom.rb)
into the new config directory
4. Migrate your database:
rake migrate RAILS_ENV="production"
== From 0.2.x and previous
Due to major database changes since 0.2.x, there is no migration support
from 0.2.x and previous versions.
......@@ -239,16 +239,16 @@ label_confirmation: Bestätigung
label_export_to: Export zu
label_read: Lesen...
label_public_projects: Öffentliche Projekte
label_open_issues: Geöffnet
label_open_issues_plural: Geöffnet
label_closed_issues: Geschlossen
label_closed_issues_plural: Geschlossen
label_open_issues: geöffnet
label_open_issues_plural: geöffnet
label_closed_issues: geschlossen
label_closed_issues_plural: geschlossen
label_total: Gesamtzahl
label_permissions: Berechtigungen
label_current_status: Gegenwärtiger Status
label_new_statuses_allowed: Neue Status gewährten
label_all: Alle
label_none: Kein
label_all: alle
label_none: kein
label_next: Weiter
label_previous: Zurück
label_used_by: Benutzt von
......@@ -239,16 +239,16 @@ label_confirmation: Confirmation
label_export_to: Export to
label_read: Read...
label_public_projects: Public projects
label_open_issues: Open
label_open_issues_plural: Open
label_closed_issues: Closed
label_closed_issues_plural: Closed
label_open_issues: open
label_open_issues_plural: open
label_closed_issues: closed
label_closed_issues_plural: closed
label_total: Total
label_permissions: Permissions
label_current_status: Current status
label_new_statuses_allowed: New statuses allowed
label_all: All
label_none: None
label_all: all
label_none: none
label_next: Next
label_previous: Previous
label_used_by: Used by
......@@ -239,16 +239,16 @@ label_confirmation: Confirmación
label_export_to: Exportar a
label_read: Leer...
label_public_projects: Proyectos publicos
label_open_issues: Abierta
label_open_issues_plural: Abiertas
label_closed_issues: Cerrada
label_closed_issues_plural: Cerradas
label_open_issues: abierta
label_open_issues_plural: abiertas
label_closed_issues: cerrada
label_closed_issues_plural: cerradas
label_total: Total
label_permissions: Permisos
label_current_status: Estado actual
label_new_statuses_allowed: Nuevos estatutos autorizados
label_all: Todos
label_none: Ninguno
label_all: todos
label_none: ninguno
label_next: Próximo
label_previous: Precedente
label_used_by: Utilizado por
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