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Commit 96561bf9 authored by tmaruyama's avatar tmaruyama

Italian translation for 2.3-stable by Riccardo Rocca (#14196)

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent f0ea5993
......@@ -1001,91 +1001,88 @@ it:
button_export: Esporta
label_export_options: "%{export_format} opzioni per l'export"
error_attachment_too_big: Questo file non può essere caricato in quanto la sua dimensione supera la massima consentita (%{max_size})
notice_failed_to_save_time_entries: "Failed to save %{count} time entrie(s) on %{total} selected: %{ids}."
notice_failed_to_save_time_entries: "Non ho potuto salvare %{count} registrazioni di tempo impiegato su %{total} selezionate: %{ids}."
zero: 0 segnalazione
one: 1 segnalazione
other: "%{count} segnalazioni"
label_repository_new: New repository
field_repository_is_default: Main repository
label_copy_attachments: Copy attachments
label_repository_new: Nuovo repository
field_repository_is_default: Repository principale
label_copy_attachments: Copia allegati
label_item_position: "%{position}/%{count}"
label_completed_versions: Completed versions
text_project_identifier_info: Only lower case letters (a-z), numbers, dashes and underscores are allowed.<br />Once saved, the identifier cannot be changed.
field_multiple: Multiple values
text_project_identifier_info: Consentiti solo lettere minuscole (a-z), numeri, trattini e trattini bassi.<br />Una volta salvato, l'identificatore non può essere modificato.
field_multiple: Valori multipli
setting_commit_cross_project_ref: Allow issues of all the other projects to be referenced and fixed
text_issue_conflict_resolution_add_notes: Add my notes and discard my other changes
text_issue_conflict_resolution_overwrite: Apply my changes anyway (previous notes will be kept but some changes may be overwritten)
notice_issue_update_conflict: The issue has been updated by an other user while you were editing it.
text_issue_conflict_resolution_cancel: Discard all my changes and redisplay %{link}
permission_manage_related_issues: Manage related issues
field_auth_source_ldap_filter: LDAP filter
label_search_for_watchers: Search for watchers to add
notice_account_deleted: Your account has been permanently deleted.
setting_unsubscribe: Allow users to delete their own account
button_delete_my_account: Delete my account
text_account_destroy_confirmation: |-
Are you sure you want to proceed?
Your account will be permanently deleted, with no way to reactivate it.
error_session_expired: Your session has expired. Please login again.
text_session_expiration_settings: "Warning: changing these settings may expire the current sessions including yours."
setting_session_lifetime: Session maximum lifetime
setting_session_timeout: Session inactivity timeout
label_session_expiration: Session expiration
permission_close_project: Close / reopen the project
label_show_closed_projects: View closed projects
button_close: Close
button_reopen: Reopen
project_status_active: active
project_status_closed: closed
project_status_archived: archived
text_project_closed: This project is closed and read-only.
notice_user_successful_create: User %{id} created.
field_core_fields: Standard fields
field_timeout: Timeout (in seconds)
setting_thumbnails_enabled: Display attachment thumbnails
setting_thumbnails_size: Thumbnails size (in pixels)
label_status_transitions: Status transitions
label_fields_permissions: Fields permissions
label_readonly: Read-only
label_required: Required
text_repository_identifier_info: Only lower case letters (a-z), numbers, dashes and underscores are allowed.<br />Once saved, the identifier cannot be changed.
text_issue_conflict_resolution_add_notes: Aggiunge le mie note e non salvare le mie ulteriori modifiche
text_issue_conflict_resolution_overwrite: Applica comunque le mie modifiche (le note precedenti verranno mantenute ma alcuni cambiamenti potrebbero essere sovrascritti)
notice_issue_update_conflict: La segnalazione è stata aggiornata da un altro utente mentre la stavi editando.
text_issue_conflict_resolution_cancel: Cancella ogni modifica e rivisualizza %{link}
permission_manage_related_issues: Gestisci relative segnalazioni
field_auth_source_ldap_filter: Filtro LDAP
label_search_for_watchers: Cerca osservatori da aggiungere
notice_account_deleted: Il tuo account sarà definitivamente rimosso.
setting_unsubscribe: Consentire agli utenti di cancellare il proprio account
button_delete_my_account: Cancella il mio account
text_account_destroy_confirmation: "Sei sicuro di voler procedere?\nIl tuo account sarà definitivamente cancellato, senza alcuna possibilità di ripristino."
error_session_expired: "La tua sessione è scaduta. Effettua nuovamente il login."
text_session_expiration_settings: "Attenzione: la modifica di queste impostazioni può far scadere le sessioni correnti, compresa la tua."
setting_session_lifetime: Massima durata di una sessione
setting_session_timeout: Timeout di inattività di una sessione
label_session_expiration: Scadenza sessione
permission_close_project: Chiusura / riapertura progetto
label_show_closed_projects: Vedi progetti chiusi
button_close: Chiudi
button_reopen: Riapri
project_status_active: attivo
project_status_closed: chiuso
project_status_archived: archiviato
text_project_closed: Questo progetto è chiuso e in sola lettura.
notice_user_successful_create: Creato utente %{id}.
field_core_fields: Campi standard
field_timeout: Timeout (in secondi)
setting_thumbnails_enabled: Mostra miniature degli allegati
setting_thumbnails_size: Dimensioni delle miniature (in pixels)
label_status_transitions: Transizioni di stato
label_fields_permissions: Permessi sui campi
label_readonly: Sola lettura
label_required: Richiesto
text_repository_identifier_info: Consentiti solo lettere minuscole (a-z), numeri, trattini e trattini bassi.<br />Una volta salvato, ll'identificatore non può essere modificato.
field_board_parent: Parent forum
label_attribute_of_project: Project's %{name}
label_attribute_of_author: Author's %{name}
label_attribute_of_assigned_to: Assignee's %{name}
label_attribute_of_assigned_to: Assegnatari %{name}
label_attribute_of_fixed_version: Target version's %{name}
label_copy_subtasks: Copy subtasks
label_copied_to: copied to
label_copied_from: copied from
label_any_issues_in_project: any issues in project
label_any_issues_not_in_project: any issues not in project
field_private_notes: Private notes
permission_view_private_notes: View private notes
permission_set_notes_private: Set notes as private
label_no_issues_in_project: no issues in project
label_copy_subtasks: Copia sottoattività
label_copied_to: copia a
label_copied_from: copia da
label_any_issues_in_project: ogni segnalazione del progetto
label_any_issues_not_in_project: ogni segnalazione non nel progetto
field_private_notes: Note private
permission_view_private_notes: Visualizza note private
permission_set_notes_private: Imposta note come private
label_no_issues_in_project: progetto privo di segnalazioni
label_any: tutti
label_last_n_weeks: last %{count} weeks
setting_cross_project_subtasks: Allow cross-project subtasks
label_last_n_weeks: ultime %{count} settimane
setting_cross_project_subtasks: Consenti sottoattività cross-project
label_cross_project_descendants: Con sottoprogetti
label_cross_project_tree: Con progetto padre
label_cross_project_hierarchy: Con gerarchia progetto
label_cross_project_system: Con tutti i progetti
button_hide: Hide
setting_non_working_week_days: Non-working days
label_in_the_next_days: in the next
label_in_the_past_days: in the past
label_attribute_of_user: User's %{name}
text_turning_multiple_off: If you disable multiple values, multiple values will be
removed in order to preserve only one value per item.
label_attribute_of_issue: Issue's %{name}
permission_add_documents: Add documents
permission_edit_documents: Edit documents
permission_delete_documents: Delete documents
button_hide: Nascondi
setting_non_working_week_days: Giorni non lavorativi
label_in_the_next_days: nei prossimi
label_in_the_past_days: nei passati
label_attribute_of_user: Utente %{name}
text_turning_multiple_off: Disabilitando valori multipli, i valori multipli verranno rimossi, in modo da mantenere un solo valore per item.
label_attribute_of_issue: Segnalazione %{name}
permission_add_documents: Aggiungi documenti
permission_edit_documents: Edita documenti
permission_delete_documents: Cancella documenti
label_gantt_progress_line: Progress line
setting_jsonp_enabled: Enable JSONP support
field_inherit_members: Inherit members
field_closed_on: Closed
setting_jsonp_enabled: Abilita supporto a JSONP
field_inherit_members: Eredita membri
field_closed_on: Chiuso
field_generate_password: Generate password
setting_default_projects_tracker_ids: Default trackers for new projects
setting_default_projects_tracker_ids: Trackers di default per nuovi progetti
label_total_time: Totale
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