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Lithuanian translation for 3.3-stable updated by Marius Žilėnas (#27502, #27765)

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......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
# and Gytis Gurklys
# and Andrius Kriučkovas
# and Gediminas Muižis
# and Marius Žilėnas
# Text direction: Left-to-Right (ltr) or Right-to-Left (rtl)
......@@ -365,7 +366,7 @@ lt:
field_time_entries_visibility: Laiko įrašų matomumas
field_total_estimated_hours: Visas įsivertinas laikas
field_default_version: Numatytoji versija
field_remote_ip: IP address
field_remote_ip: IP adresas
setting_app_title: Programos pavadinimas
setting_app_subtitle: Programos paantraštė
......@@ -1176,19 +1177,19 @@ lt:
description_issue_category_reassign: Pasirinkti darbo kategoriją
description_wiki_subpages_reassign: Pasirinkti naują pagrindinį puslapį
text_repository_identifier_info: 'Leidžiamos tik mažosios raidės (a-z), skaitmenys, brūkšneliai ir pabraukimo simboliai.<br />Kartą išsaugojus pakeitimai negalimi'
label_wiki_page_new: New wiki page
label_relations: Relations
button_filter: Filter
mail_body_password_updated: Your password has been changed.
label_no_preview: No preview available
error_no_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue_in_project: The project doesn't have any trackers
for which you can create an issue
label_tracker_all: All trackers
label_new_project_issue_tab_enabled: Display the "New issue" tab
setting_new_item_menu_tab: Project menu tab for creating new objects
label_new_object_tab_enabled: Display the "+" drop-down
error_no_projects_with_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue: There are no projects with trackers
for which you can create an issue
label_wiki_page_new: Naujas wiki puslapis
label_relations: Ryšiai
button_filter: Filtras
mail_body_password_updated: Slaptažodis pakeistas.
label_no_preview: Peržiūra negalima
error_no_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue_in_project: Projektas neturi jokių pėdsekių,
kuriems galima būtų sukurti darbą
label_tracker_all: Visi pėdsekiai
label_new_project_issue_tab_enabled: Rodyti "Naujo darbo kortelę"
setting_new_item_menu_tab: Projekto meniu ąselė naujų objektų kūrimui
label_new_object_tab_enabled: Rodyti "+" išskleidžiąmąjį sąrašą
error_no_projects_with_tracker_allowed_for_new_issue: Nėra projektų su pėdsekiais,
kuriems galima būtų sukurti darbą
field_textarea_font: Font used for text areas
label_font_default: Default font
label_font_monospace: Monospaced font
......@@ -1199,8 +1200,8 @@ lt:
setting_mail_handler_enable_regex_delimiters: Enable regular expressions
error_move_of_child_not_possible: 'Subtask %{child} could not be moved to the new
project: %{errors}'
error_cannot_reassign_time_entries_to_an_issue_about_to_be_deleted: Spent time cannot
be reassigned to an issue that is about to be deleted
error_cannot_reassign_time_entries_to_an_issue_about_to_be_deleted: Dirbtas laikas negali būti
iš naujo paskirtas darbui, kuris bus ištrintas
setting_timelog_required_fields: Required fields for time logs
label_attribute_of_object: '%{object_name}''s %{name}'
label_user_mail_option_only_assigned: Only for things I watch or I am assigned to
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