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Updates 0.8.1 CHANGELOG.

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== Redmine changelog
Redmine - project management software
Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Jean-Philippe Lang
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Jean-Philippe Lang
== v0.8.1
== 2009-02-15 v0.8.1
* Select watchers on new issue form
* Issue description is no longer a required field
* Files module: ability to add files without version
* Jump to the current tab when using the project quick-jump combo
* Display a warning if some attachments were not saved
* Import custom fields values from emails on issue creation
* Show view/annotate/download links on entry and annotate views
* Admin Info Screen: Display if plugin assets directory is writable
* Adds a 'Create and continue' button on the new issue form
* IMAP: add options to move received emails
* Do not show Category field when categories are not defined
* Lower the project identifier limit to a minimum of two characters
* Add "closed" html class to closed entries in issue list
* Fixed: broken redirect URL on login failure
* Fixed: Deleted files are shown when using Darcs
* Fixed: Darcs adapter works on Win32 only
* Fixed: syntax highlight doesn't appear in new ticket preview
* Fixed: email notification for changes I make still occurs when running Repository.fetch_changesets
* Fixed: no error is raised when entering invalid hours on the issue update form
* Fixed: Details time log report CSV export doesn't honour date format from settings
* Fixed: invalid css classes on issue details
* Fixed: Trac importer creates duplicate custom values
* Fixed: inline attached image should not match partial filename
== 2008-12-30 v0.8.0
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