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Commit 8aab50af authored by jplang's avatar jplang

Renamed #changes association to #ticket_changes.

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent 62e9e333
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ namespace :redmine do
set_inheritance_column :none
# ticket changes: only migrate status changes and comments
has_many :changes, :class_name => "TracTicketChange", :foreign_key => :ticket
has_many :ticket_changes, :class_name => "TracTicketChange", :foreign_key => :ticket
has_many :customs, :class_name => "TracTicketCustom", :foreign_key => :ticket
def attachments
......@@ -487,7 +487,7 @@ namespace :redmine do
# Comments and status/resolution changes
ticket.changes.group_by(&:time).each do |time, changeset|
ticket.ticket_changes.group_by(&:time).each do |time, changeset|
status_change = {|change| change.field == 'status'}.first
resolution_change = {|change| change.field == 'resolution'}.first
comment_change = {|change| change.field == 'comment'}.first
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