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CHANGELOG for 3.2.3.

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Copyright (C) 2006-2016 Jean-Philippe Lang
== 2016-06-05 v3.2.3
* Defect #22808: Malformed SQL query with SQLServer when grouping and sorting by fixed version
* Defect #22912: Selecting a new filter on Activities should not reset the date range
* Defect #22932: "Group by" row from issues listing has the colspan attribute bigger with one than the number of columns from the table
* Patch #22427: pt-BR translation for 3.2.stable
* Patch #22761: Korean translation for 3.2-stable
* Patch #22898: !>image.png! generates invalid HTML
* Patch #22911: Error raised when importing issue with Key/Value List custom field
== 2016-05-05 v3.2.2
* Defect #5156: Bulk edit form lacks estimated time field
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