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== xx/xx/2006 v0.4.2
* settings are now stored in the database (config_custom.rb no more used) and editable through the application in: Admin -> Settings
* Rails 1.2 is now required
* settings are now stored in the database and editable through the application in: Admin -> Settings (config_custom.rb is no longer used)
* mail notifications added when a document, a file or an attachment is added
* tooltips added on Gantt chart and calender to view the details of the issues
* added missing fields to csv export: priority, start date, due date, done ratio
* all icons replaced (new icons are based on GPL icon set: "KDE Crystal Diamond 2.5" -by paolino- and "kNeu! Alpha v0.1" -by Pablo Fabregat-)
* added back "fixed version" field on issue screen and in filters
* project settings screen split in 4 tabs
* fixed: subprojects count is always 0 on projects list
* fixed: setting an issue status as default status leads to an sql error with SQLite
* fixed: unable to delete an issue status even if it's not used yet
* fixed: filters ignored when exporting a predefined query to csv/pdf
== 01/03/2006 v0.4.1
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
== Requirements
* Ruby on Rails 1.1
* Ruby on Rails 1.2
* Iconv
* A database (see compatibility below)
......@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Jean-Philippe Lang
== From 0.3.0 and above
Note that Rails 1.2 is required for version 0.4.2 and later
== Upgrading from 0.3.0 and above
1. Uncompress program archive in a new directory:
tar zxvf <filename>
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