Commit 4519630f authored by maeda's avatar maeda

Traditional Chinese translation update (#30789).

Patch by ChunChang Lo.

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent 71151754
......@@ -1312,10 +1312,9 @@
label_ldaps_verify_peer: LDAPS
label_ldaps_warning: 建議使用包含 SSL 憑證檢查的加密 LADPS 協定,以防止驗證過程被竄改操縱。
label_nothing_to_preview: 沒有可供預覽的項目
error_token_expired: This password recovery link has expired, please try again.
error_spent_on_future_date: Cannot log time on a future date
setting_timelog_accept_future_dates: Accept time logs on future dates
label_delete_link_to_subtask: 刪除關聯
error_not_allowed_to_log_time_for_other_users: You are not allowed to log time
for other users
permission_log_time_for_other_users: Log spent time for other users
error_token_expired: 此密碼復原連結已經過期, 請再試一次.
error_spent_on_future_date: 無法輸入未來日期的工時紀錄
setting_timelog_accept_future_dates: 接受輸入未來日期的工時紀錄
label_delete_link_to_subtask: 刪除連結至子任務的關聯
error_not_allowed_to_log_time_for_other_users: 您未被允許可替他人輸入工時紀錄
permission_log_time_for_other_users: 輸入他人的工時紀錄
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