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Doc and version changes for 0.6.1 release.

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......@@ -5,6 +5,65 @@ Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Jean-Philippe Lang
== 2007-12-10 v0.6.1
* Rails 2.0 compatibility
* Custom fields can now be displayed as columns on the issue list
* Added version details view (accessible from the roadmap)
* Roadmap: more accurate completion percentage calculation (done ratio of open issues is now taken into account)
* Added per-project tracker selection. Trackers can be selected on project settings
* Anonymous users can now be allowed to create, edit, comment issues, comment news and post messages in the forums
* Forums: messages can now be edited/deleted (explicit permissions need to be given)
* Forums: topics can be locked so that no reply can be added
* Forums: topics can be marked as sticky so that they always appear at the top of the list
* Forums: attachments can now be added to replies
* Added time zone support
* Added a setting to choose the account activation strategy (available in application settings)
* Added 'Classic' theme (inspired from the v0.51 design)
* Added an alternate theme which provides issue list colorization based on issues priority
* Added Bazaar SCM adapter
* Added Annotate/Blame view in the repository browser (except for Darcs SCM)
* Diff style (inline or side by side) automatically saved as a user preference
* Added issues status changes on the activity view (by Cyril Mougel)
* Added forums topics on the activity view (disabled by default)
* Added an option on 'My account' for users who don’t want to be notified of changes that they make
* Trac importer now supports mysql and postgresql databases
* Trac importer improvements (by Mat Trudel)
* 'fixed version' field can now be displayed on the issue list
* Added a couple of new formats for the 'date format' setting
* Added Traditional Chinese translation (by Shortie Lo)
* Added Russian translation (iGor kMeta)
* Project name format limitation removed (name can now contain any character)
* Project identifier maximum length changed from 12 to 20
* Changed the maximum length of LDAP account to 255 characters
* Removed the 12 characters limit on passwords
* Added wiki macros support
* Performance improvement on workflow setup screen
* More detailed html title on several views
* Custom fields can now be reordered
* Search engine: search can be restricted to an exact phrase by using quotation marks
* Added custom fields marked as 'For all projects' to the csv export of the cross project issue list
* Email notifications are now sent as Blind carbon copy by default
* Fixed: all members (including non active) should be deleted when deleting a project
* Fixed: Error on wiki syntax link (accessible from wiki/edit)
* Fixed: 'quick jump to a revision' form on the revisions list
* Fixed: error on admin/info if there's more than 1 plugin installed
* Fixed: svn or ldap password can be found in clear text in the html source in editing mode
* Fixed: 'Assigned to' drop down list is not sorted
* Fixed: 'View all issues' link doesn't work on issues/show
* Fixed: error on account/register when validation fails
* Fixed: Error when displaying the issue list if a float custom field is marked as 'used as filter'
* Fixed: Mercurial adapter breaks on missing :files entry in changeset hash (James Britt)
* Fixed: Wrong feed URLs on the home page
* Fixed: Update of time entry fails when the issue has been moved to an other project
* Fixed: Error when moving an issue without changing its tracker (Postgresql)
* Fixed: Changes not recorded when using :pserver string (CVS adapter)
* Fixed: admin should be able to move issues to any project
* Fixed: adding an attachment is not possible when changing the status of an issue
* Fixed: No mime-types in documents/files downloading
* Fixed: error when sorting the messages if there’s only one board for the project
* Fixed: 'me' doesn't appear in the drop down filters on a project issue list.
== 2007-11-04 v0.6.0
* Permission model refactoring.
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
== Requirements
* Ruby on Rails 1.2.2 or higher (this release won't work with Rails 2.0)
* Ruby on Rails 1.2.5 or 2.0.1
* A database (see compatibility below)
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
6. Copy the RAILS_ROOT/files directory content into your new installation
Note 1: Rails 1.2.2 or higher is required for version 0.4.2 and later.
This release won't work with Rails 2.0
Note 2: when upgrading your code with svn update, don't forget to clear
the application cache (RAILS_ROOT/tmp/cache) before restarting.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ module Redmine
module VERSION #:nodoc:
TINY = 0
TINY = 1
def self.revision
revision = nil
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