Commit 2c1dccd7 authored by marutosijp's avatar marutosijp

Latvian translation updated by Jānis Elmeris (#18182)

git-svn-id: e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
parent a67a8148
......@@ -894,7 +894,7 @@ lv:
error_can_not_remove_role: This role is in use and can not be deleted.
field_parent_issue: Parent task
error_unable_delete_issue_status: Unable to delete issue status
label_subtask_plural: Subtasks
label_subtask_plural: Apakšuzdevumi
error_can_not_delete_tracker: This tracker contains issues and can't be deleted.
label_project_copy_notifications: Send email notifications during the project copy
field_principal: Principal
......@@ -909,11 +909,11 @@ lv:
project_module_calendar: Calendar
button_edit_associated_wikipage: "Edit associated Wiki page: %{page_title}"
field_text: Text field
label_user_mail_option_only_owner: Only for things I am the owner of
label_user_mail_option_only_owner: Tikai par uzdevumiem, ko esmu izveidojis
setting_default_notification_option: Default notification option
label_user_mail_option_only_my_events: Only for things I watch or I'm involved in
label_user_mail_option_only_assigned: Only for things I am assigned to
label_user_mail_option_none: No events
label_user_mail_option_only_my_events: Tikai par uzdevumiem, kurus novēroju vai kuros esmu iesaistījies
label_user_mail_option_only_assigned: Tikai par uzdevumiem, kas ir piešķirti man
label_user_mail_option_none: Ne par ko
field_member_of_group: Assignee's group
field_assigned_to_role: Assignee's role
notice_not_authorized_archived_project: The project you're trying to access has been archived.
......@@ -927,11 +927,11 @@ lv:
setting_gantt_items_limit: Maximum number of items displayed on the gantt chart
field_warn_on_leaving_unsaved: Warn me when leaving a page with unsaved text
text_warn_on_leaving_unsaved: The current page contains unsaved text that will be lost if you leave this page.
label_my_queries: My custom queries
label_my_queries: Mani uzdevumu filtri
text_journal_changed_no_detail: "%{label} updated"
label_news_comment_added: Comment added to a news
button_expand_all: Expand all
button_collapse_all: Collapse all
button_expand_all: Izvērst visu
button_collapse_all: Savērst visu
label_additional_workflow_transitions_for_assignee: Additional transitions allowed when the user is the assignee
label_additional_workflow_transitions_for_author: Additional transitions allowed when the user is the author
label_bulk_edit_selected_time_entries: Bulk edit selected time entries
......@@ -942,17 +942,17 @@ lv:
label_issue_status_updated: Status updated
label_issue_priority_updated: Priority updated
label_issues_visibility_own: Issues created by or assigned to the user
field_issues_visibility: Issues visibility
label_issues_visibility_all: All issues
field_issues_visibility: Uzdevumu redzamība
label_issues_visibility_all: Visi uzdevumi
permission_set_own_issues_private: Set own issues public or private
field_is_private: Private
permission_set_issues_private: Set issues public or private
label_issues_visibility_public: All non private issues
text_issues_destroy_descendants_confirmation: This will also delete %{count} subtask(s).
field_commit_logs_encoding: Nodošanas ziņojumu kodējums
field_scm_path_encoding: Path encoding
text_scm_path_encoding_note: "Default: UTF-8"
field_path_to_repository: Path to repository
field_scm_path_encoding: Ceļa kodējums
text_scm_path_encoding_note: "Noklusējuma: UTF-8"
field_path_to_repository: Repozitorija ceļš
field_root_directory: Root directory
field_cvs_module: Module
field_cvsroot: CVSROOT
......@@ -1025,7 +1025,7 @@ lv:
label_session_expiration: Session expiration
permission_close_project: Close / reopen the project
label_show_closed_projects: View closed projects
button_close: Close
button_close: Aizvērt
button_reopen: Reopen
project_status_active: active
project_status_closed: closed
......@@ -1046,9 +1046,9 @@ lv:
label_attribute_of_author: Author's %{name}
label_attribute_of_assigned_to: Assignee's %{name}
label_attribute_of_fixed_version: Target version's %{name}
label_copy_subtasks: Copy subtasks
label_copied_to: copied to
label_copied_from: copied from
label_copy_subtasks: Kopēt apakšuzdevumus
label_copied_to: Kopēts uz
label_copied_from: Kopēts no
label_any_issues_in_project: any issues in project
label_any_issues_not_in_project: any issues not in project
field_private_notes: Private notes
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