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code layout cleanup AccountController#open_id_authenticate

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parent d0cffd0d
......@@ -177,21 +177,21 @@ class AccountController < ApplicationController
def open_id_authenticate(openid_url)
back_url = signin_url(:autologin => params[:autologin])
authenticate_with_open_id(openid_url, :required => [:nickname, :fullname, :email], :return_to => back_url, :method => :post) do |result, identity_url, registration|
openid_url, :required => [:nickname, :fullname, :email],
:return_to => back_url, :method => :post
) do |result, identity_url, registration|
if result.successful?
user = User.find_or_initialize_by_identity_url(identity_url)
if user.new_record?
# Self-registration off
(redirect_to(home_url); return) unless Setting.self_registration?
# Create on the fly
user.login = registration['nickname'] unless registration['nickname'].nil?
user.mail = registration['email'] unless registration['email'].nil?
user.firstname, user.lastname = registration['fullname'].split(' ') unless registration['fullname'].nil?
case Setting.self_registration
when '1'
register_by_email_activation(user) do
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