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New translation (Latvian, #5446, thanks to Dzintars Bergs), translation updates

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* sk (#5432)
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......@@ -737,9 +737,9 @@ ja:
label_theme: テーマ
label_default: 既定
label_search_titles_only: タイトルのみ
label_user_mail_option_all: "参加しているプロジェクトの全てのチケット"
label_user_mail_option_selected: "選択したプロジェクト..."
label_user_mail_option_none: "ウォッチまたは関係しているチケットのみ"
label_user_mail_option_all: "参加しているプロジェクトの全ての通知"
label_user_mail_option_selected: "選択したプロジェクトの全ての通知..."
label_user_mail_option_none: "ウォッチまたは関係している事柄のみ"
label_user_mail_no_self_notified: 自分自身による変更の通知は不要
label_registration_activation_by_email: メールでアカウントを有効化
label_registration_manual_activation: 手動でアカウントを有効化
......@@ -873,7 +873,7 @@ ja:
text_issue_category_destroy_question: "{{count}}件のチケットがこのカテゴリに割り当てられています。"
text_issue_category_destroy_assignments: カテゴリの割り当てを削除する
text_issue_category_reassign_to: チケットをこのカテゴリに再割り当てする
text_user_mail_option: "未選択のプロジェクトでは、ウォッチまたは関係しているチケット(例: 自分が報告者もしくは担当者であるチケット)のみメールが送信されます。"
text_user_mail_option: "未選択のプロジェクトでは、ウォッチまたは関係している事柄(例: 自分が報告者もしくは担当者であるチケット)のみメールが送信されます。"
text_no_configuration_data: "ロール、トラッカー、チケットのステータス、ワークフローがまだ設定されていません。\nデフォルト設定のロードを強くお勧めします。ロードした後、それを修正することができます。"
text_load_default_configuration: デフォルト設定をロード
text_status_changed_by_changeset: "更新履歴 {{value}} で適用されました。"
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......@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@
one: "over 1 år"
other: "over {{count}} år"
one: "almost 1 year"
other: "almost {{count}} years"
one: "nesten 1 år"
other: "nesten {{count}} år"
precision: 2
......@@ -302,9 +302,9 @@
label_project_new: Nytt prosjekt
label_project_plural: Prosjekter
zero: no projects
one: 1 project
other: "{{count}} projects"
zero: ingen prosjekter
one: 1 prosjekt
other: "{{count}} prosjekter"
label_project_all: Alle prosjekter
label_project_latest: Siste prosjekter
label_issue: Sak
......@@ -410,18 +410,18 @@
label_closed_issues: lukket
label_closed_issues_plural: lukkede
zero: 0 open / {{total}}
one: 1 open / {{total}}
other: "{{count}} open / {{total}}"
zero: 0 åpne / {{total}}
one: 1 åpen / {{total}}
other: "{{count}} åpne / {{total}}"
zero: 0 open
one: 1 open
other: "{{count}} open"
zero: 0 åpne
one: 1 åpen
other: "{{count}} åpne"
zero: 0 closed
one: 1 closed
other: "{{count}} closed"
label_total: Total
zero: 0 lukka
one: 1 lukka
other: "{{count}} lukka"
label_total: Totalt
label_permissions: Godkjenninger
label_current_status: Nåværende status
label_new_statuses_allowed: Tillatte nye statuser
......@@ -444,9 +444,9 @@
label_comment: Kommentar
label_comment_plural: Kommentarer
zero: no comments
one: 1 comment
other: "{{count}} comments"
zero: no kommentarer
one: 1 kommentar
other: "{{count}} kommentarer"
label_comment_add: Legg til kommentar
label_comment_added: Kommentar lagt til
label_comment_delete: Slett kommentar
......@@ -709,70 +709,70 @@
enumeration_issue_priorities: Sakssprioriteringer
enumeration_doc_categories: Dokument-kategorier
enumeration_activities: Aktiviteter (tidssporing)
text_enumeration_category_reassign_to: 'Reassign them to this value:'
text_enumeration_destroy_question: "{{count}} objects are assigned to this value."
label_incoming_emails: Incoming emails
label_generate_key: Generate a key
setting_mail_handler_api_enabled: Enable WS for incoming emails
setting_mail_handler_api_key: API key
text_email_delivery_not_configured: "Email delivery is not configured, and notifications are disabled.\nConfigure your SMTP server in config/email.yml and restart the application to enable them."
field_parent_title: Parent page
label_issue_watchers: Watchers
setting_commit_logs_encoding: Commit messages encoding
button_quote: Quote
setting_sequential_project_identifiers: Generate sequential project identifiers
notice_unable_delete_version: Unable to delete version
label_renamed: renamed
label_copied: copied
setting_plain_text_mail: plain text only (no HTML)
permission_view_files: View files
permission_edit_issues: Edit issues
permission_edit_own_time_entries: Edit own time logs
permission_manage_public_queries: Manage public queries
permission_add_issues: Add issues
permission_log_time: Log spent time
permission_view_changesets: View changesets
permission_view_time_entries: View spent time
permission_manage_versions: Manage versions
permission_manage_wiki: Manage wiki
permission_manage_categories: Manage issue categories
permission_protect_wiki_pages: Protect wiki pages
permission_comment_news: Comment news
permission_delete_messages: Delete messages
permission_select_project_modules: Select project modules
permission_manage_documents: Manage documents
permission_edit_wiki_pages: Edit wiki pages
permission_add_issue_watchers: Add watchers
permission_view_gantt: View gantt chart
permission_move_issues: Move issues
permission_manage_issue_relations: Manage issue relations
permission_delete_wiki_pages: Delete wiki pages
permission_manage_boards: Manage boards
permission_delete_wiki_pages_attachments: Delete attachments
permission_view_wiki_edits: View wiki history
permission_add_messages: Post messages
permission_view_messages: View messages
permission_manage_files: Manage files
permission_edit_issue_notes: Edit notes
permission_manage_news: Manage news
permission_view_calendar: View calendrier
permission_manage_members: Manage members
permission_edit_messages: Edit messages
permission_delete_issues: Delete issues
permission_view_issue_watchers: View watchers list
permission_manage_repository: Manage repository
permission_commit_access: Commit access
permission_browse_repository: Browse repository
permission_view_documents: View documents
permission_edit_project: Edit project
permission_add_issue_notes: Add notes
permission_save_queries: Save queries
permission_view_wiki_pages: View wiki
permission_rename_wiki_pages: Rename wiki pages
permission_edit_time_entries: Edit time logs
permission_edit_own_issue_notes: Edit own notes
setting_gravatar_enabled: Use Gravatar user icons
label_example: Example
text_enumeration_category_reassign_to: 'Endre dem til denne verdien:'
text_enumeration_destroy_question: "{{count}} objekter er endret til denne verdien."
label_incoming_emails: Innkommende e-post
label_generate_key: Generer en nøkkel
setting_mail_handler_api_enabled: Skru på WS for innkommende e-post
setting_mail_handler_api_key: API-nøkkel
text_email_delivery_not_configured: "Levering av e-post er ikke satt opp, og varsler er skrudd av.\nStill inn din SMTP-tjener i config/email.yml og start programmet nytt for å skru det ."
field_parent_title: Foreldreside
label_issue_watchers: Overvåkere
setting_commit_logs_encoding: Tegnkoding for innsendingsmeldinger
button_quote: Sitat
setting_sequential_project_identifiers: Generer sekvensielle prosjekt-IDer
notice_unable_delete_version: Kan ikke slette versjonen
label_renamed: gitt nytt navn
label_copied: kopiert
setting_plain_text_mail: kun ren tekst (ikke HTML)
permission_view_files: Vise filer
permission_edit_issues: Redigere saker
permission_edit_own_time_entries: Redigere egne timelister
permission_manage_public_queries: Behandle delte søk
permission_add_issues: Legge inn saker
permission_log_time: Loggføre timer
permission_view_changesets: Vise endringssett
permission_view_time_entries: Vise brukte timer
permission_manage_versions: Behandle versjoner
permission_manage_wiki: Behandle wiki
permission_manage_categories: Behandle kategorier for saker
permission_protect_wiki_pages: Beskytte wiki-sider
permission_comment_news: Kommentere nyheter
permission_delete_messages: Slette meldinger
permission_select_project_modules: Velge prosjekt-moduler
permission_manage_documents: Behandle dokumenter
permission_edit_wiki_pages: Redigere wiki-sider
permission_add_issue_watchers: Legge til overvåkere
permission_view_gantt: Vise gantt-diagram
permission_move_issues: Flytte saker
permission_manage_issue_relations: Behandle saksrelasjoner
permission_delete_wiki_pages: Slette wiki-sider
permission_manage_boards: Behandle forum
permission_delete_wiki_pages_attachments: Slette vedlegg
permission_view_wiki_edits: Vise wiki-historie
permission_add_messages: Sende meldinger
permission_view_messages: Vise meldinger
permission_manage_files: Behandle filer
permission_edit_issue_notes: Redigere notater
permission_manage_news: Behandle nyheter
permission_view_calendar: Vise kalender
permission_manage_members: Behandle medlemmer
permission_edit_messages: Redigere meldinger
permission_delete_issues: Slette saker
permission_view_issue_watchers: Vise liste over overvåkere
permission_manage_repository: Behandle depot
permission_commit_access: Tilgang til innsending
permission_browse_repository: Bla gjennom depot
permission_view_documents: Vise dokumenter
permission_edit_project: Redigere prosjekt
permission_add_issue_notes: Legge til notater
permission_save_queries: Lagre søk
permission_view_wiki_pages: Vise wiki
permission_rename_wiki_pages: Gi wiki-sider nytt navn
permission_edit_time_entries: Redigere timelister
permission_edit_own_issue_notes: Redigere egne notater
setting_gravatar_enabled: Bruk Gravatar-brukerikoner
label_example: Eksempel
text_repository_usernames_mapping: "Select ou update the Redmine user mapped to each username found in the repository log.\nUsers with the same Redmine and repository username or email are automatically mapped."
permission_edit_own_messages: Edit own messages
permission_delete_own_messages: Delete own messages
......@@ -255,11 +255,11 @@ ru:
default_doc_category_tech: Техническая документация
default_doc_category_user: Документация пользователя
default_issue_status_in_progress: В работе
default_issue_status_closed: Закрыт
default_issue_status_closed: Закрыта
default_issue_status_feedback: Обратная связь
default_issue_status_new: Новый
default_issue_status_new: Новая
default_issue_status_rejected: Отказ
default_issue_status_resolved: Решено
default_issue_status_resolved: Решена
default_priority_high: Высокий
default_priority_immediate: Немедленный
default_priority_low: Низкий
......@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ ru:
field_role: Роль
field_searchable: Доступно для поиска
field_spent_on: Дата
field_start_date: Начало
field_start_date: Начата
field_start_page: Стартовая страница
field_status: Статус
field_subject: Тема
......@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@ ru:
label_auth_source: Режим аутентификации
label_auth_source_new: Новый режим аутентификации
label_auth_source_plural: Режимы аутентификации
label_blocked_by: заблокировано
label_blocked_by: блокируется
label_blocks: блокирует
label_board: Форум
label_board_new: Новый форум
......@@ -503,7 +503,7 @@ ru:
label_filter_add: Добавить фильтр
label_filter_plural: Фильтры
label_float: С плавающей точкой
label_follows: следующий
label_follows: следующая
label_gantt: Диаграмма Ганта
label_general: Общее
label_generate_key: Сгенерировать ключ
......@@ -608,7 +608,7 @@ ru:
label_planning: Планирование
label_please_login: Пожалуйста, войдите.
label_plugins: Модули
label_precedes: предшествует
label_precedes: предыдущая
label_preferences: Предпочтения
label_preview: Предварительный просмотр
label_previous: Предыдущий
......@@ -817,82 +817,82 @@ sk:
mail_body_wiki_content_updated: Wiki stránka '{{page}}' bola aktualizovaná užívateľom {{author}}.
setting_repositories_encodings: Kódovanie repozitára
setting_new_project_user_role_id: Rola dána non-admin užívateľovi, ktorý vytvorí projekt
label_view_all_revisions: View all revisions
label_view_all_revisions: Zobraziť všetkz revízie
label_tag: Tag
label_branch: Branch
error_no_tracker_in_project: No tracker is associated to this project. Please check the Project settings.
error_no_default_issue_status: No default issue status is defined. Please check your configuration (Go to "Administration -> Issue statuses").
text_journal_changed: "{{label}} changed from {{old}} to {{new}}"
text_journal_set_to: "{{label}} set to {{value}}"
text_journal_deleted: "{{label}} deleted ({{old}})"
label_group_plural: Groups
label_group: Group
label_group_new: New group
label_time_entry_plural: Spent time
text_journal_added: "{{label}} {{value}} added"
field_active: Active
enumeration_system_activity: System Activity
permission_delete_issue_watchers: Delete watchers
version_status_closed: closed
version_status_locked: locked
version_status_open: open
error_can_not_reopen_issue_on_closed_version: An issue assigned to a closed version can not be reopened
label_user_anonymous: Anonymous
button_move_and_follow: Move and follow
setting_default_projects_modules: Default enabled modules for new projects
setting_gravatar_default: Default Gravatar image
field_sharing: Sharing
label_version_sharing_hierarchy: With project hierarchy
label_version_sharing_system: With all projects
label_version_sharing_descendants: With subprojects
label_version_sharing_tree: With project tree
label_version_sharing_none: Not shared
error_can_not_archive_project: This project can not be archived
button_duplicate: Duplicate
button_copy_and_follow: Copy and follow
label_copy_source: Source
setting_issue_done_ratio: Calculate the issue done ratio with
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_status: Use the issue status
error_issue_done_ratios_not_updated: Issue done ratios not updated.
error_workflow_copy_target: Please select target tracker(s) and role(s)
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_field: Use the issue field
label_copy_same_as_target: Same as target
label_copy_target: Target
notice_issue_done_ratios_updated: Issue done ratios updated.
error_workflow_copy_source: Please select a source tracker or role
label_update_issue_done_ratios: Update issue done ratios
setting_start_of_week: Start calendars on
permission_view_issues: View Issues
label_display_used_statuses_only: Only display statuses that are used by this tracker
label_revision_id: Revision {{value}}
label_api_access_key: API access key
label_api_access_key_created_on: API access key created {{value}} ago
label_feeds_access_key: RSS access key
notice_api_access_key_reseted: Your API access key was reset.
setting_rest_api_enabled: Enable REST web service
label_missing_api_access_key: Missing an API access key
label_missing_feeds_access_key: Missing a RSS access key
button_show: Show
text_line_separated: Multiple values allowed (one line for each value).
setting_mail_handler_body_delimiters: Truncate emails after one of these lines
permission_add_subprojects: Create subprojects
label_subproject_new: New subproject
label_branch: Vetva
error_no_tracker_in_project: K tomuto projektu nieje priradená žiadna fronta. Prosím skontrolujte nastavenie projektu.
error_no_default_issue_status: Nieje definovaný východzí stav úlohy. Prosím skontrolujte vase nastavenie (Choďte na "Administrácia -> Stavz úloh").
text_journal_changed: "{{label}} zmenené z {{old}} na {{new}}"
text_journal_set_to: "{{label}} nastavené na {{value}}"
text_journal_deleted: "{{label}} zmazané ({{old}})"
label_group_plural: Skupiny
label_group: Skupina
label_group_new: Nová skupina
label_time_entry_plural: Strávený čas
text_journal_added: "{{label}} {{value}} pridané"
field_active: Aktívne
enumeration_system_activity: Aktivita systému
permission_delete_issue_watchers: Odstrániť pozorovateľov
version_status_closed: zavreté
version_status_locked: uzavreté
version_status_open: otvorené
error_can_not_reopen_issue_on_closed_version: Úloha priradená uzavretej verzií nemôže byť znovu-otvorená
label_user_anonymous: Anonym
button_move_and_follow: Presunúť a následovať
setting_default_projects_modules: Prednastavené aktívne moduly pre nové projekty
setting_gravatar_default: Východzí Gravatar obrázok
field_sharing: Zdieľanie
label_version_sharing_hierarchy: S hierarchiou projektu
label_version_sharing_system: So všetkými projektami
label_version_sharing_descendants: S podprojektami
label_version_sharing_tree: S projektovým stromom
label_version_sharing_none: Nezdielané
error_can_not_archive_project: Tento projekt nemôže byť archivovaný
button_duplicate: Duplikovať
button_copy_and_follow: Kopírovať a následovať
label_copy_source: Zdroj
setting_issue_done_ratio: Vyrátať pomer vypracovania úlohy s
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_status: Použiť stav úlohy
error_issue_done_ratios_not_updated: Stav vypracovania úlohy neaktualizovaný.
error_workflow_copy_target: Prosím zvoľte cieľovú frontu(y) a rolu(e)
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_field: Použiť pole úlohy
label_copy_same_as_target: Rovnaké ako cieľ
label_copy_target: Cieľ
notice_issue_done_ratios_updated: Stav vypracovania úlohy aktualizovaný.
error_workflow_copy_source: Prosím zvoľte zdrojovú frontu alebo rolu
label_update_issue_done_ratios: Aktualizácia stavu úloh
setting_start_of_week: Štart pracovného týždňa v
permission_view_issues: Zobraziť úlohy
label_display_used_statuses_only: Zobraziť len stavy, ktoré sú priradené k tejto fronte
label_revision_id: Revízia {{value}}
label_api_access_key: API prístupový kľúč
label_api_access_key_created_on: API prístupový kľúč vytvorený pred {{value}}
label_feeds_access_key: RSS prístupový kľúč
notice_api_access_key_reseted: Váš API prístupový kľúč bol resetovaný.
setting_rest_api_enabled: Zapnúť REST web službu
label_missing_api_access_key: API prístupový kľuč nenájdený
label_missing_feeds_access_key: RSS prístupový kľúč nenájdený
button_show: Zobraziť
text_line_separated: Možnosť viacerých hodnôt (jeden riadok pre každú hodnotu).
setting_mail_handler_body_delimiters: Orezať emaily po následujúcich riadkoch
permission_add_subprojects: Vytváranie podprojektov
label_subproject_new: Nový podprojekt
text_own_membership_delete_confirmation: |-
You are about to remove some or all of your permissions and may no longer be able to edit this project after that.
Are you sure you want to continue?
label_close_versions: Close completed versions
Práve sa pokúšate o odstránenie niektorých alebo všetkých prístupových práv a možno nebudete mať možnost naďalej upravovať tento projekt.
Ste si istý(á), že chcete pokračovat?
label_close_versions: Uzavrieť ukončené verzie
label_board_sticky: Sticky
label_board_locked: Locked
permission_export_wiki_pages: Export wiki pages
label_board_locked: Uzamknuté
permission_export_wiki_pages: Exportovať WiKi stránky
setting_cache_formatted_text: Cache formatted text
permission_manage_project_activities: Manage project activities
error_unable_delete_issue_status: Unable to delete issue status
label_profile: Profile
permission_manage_subtasks: Manage subtasks
field_parent_issue: Parent task
label_subtask_plural: Subtasks
label_project_copy_notifications: Send email notifications during the project copy
error_can_not_delete_custom_field: Unable to delete custom field
error_unable_to_connect: Unable to connect ({{value}})
error_can_not_remove_role: This role is in use and can not be deleted.
error_can_not_delete_tracker: This tracker contains issues and can't be deleted.
permission_manage_project_activities: Nastavovať aktivity projektu
error_unable_delete_issue_status: Nieje možné zmeniť stav úlohy
label_profile: Profil
permission_manage_subtasks: Nastavovať podúlohy
field_parent_issue: Nadradená úloha
label_subtask_plural: Podúlohy
label_project_copy_notifications: Zaslať emailové upozornenie behom kopírovania projektu
error_can_not_delete_custom_field: Nieje možné vymazať užívateľské pole
error_unable_to_connect: Nieje možné vymazať ({{value}})
error_can_not_remove_role: Táto roľa sa používa a nemôže byť vymazaná.
error_can_not_delete_tracker: Táto fronta obsahuje úlohy a nemôže byť vymazaná.
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......@@ -211,12 +211,16 @@ sv:
error_issue_not_found_in_project: 'Ärendet hittades inte eller tillhör det inte detta projekt'
error_no_tracker_in_project: 'Ingen ärendetyp är associerad med projektet. Vänligen kontrollera projektinställningarna.'
error_no_default_issue_status: 'Ingen status är definierad som standard för nya ärenden. Vänligen kontrollera din konfiguration (Gå till "Administration -> Ärendestatus").'
error_can_not_delete_custom_field: Kan inte ta bort användardefinerat fält
error_can_not_delete_tracker: Det finns ärenden av denna typ och den är därför inte möjlig att ta bort.
error_can_not_remove_role: "Denna roll används och den är därför inte möjlig att ta bort."
error_can_not_reopen_issue_on_closed_version: 'Ett ärende tilldelat en stängd version kan inte öppnas nytt'
error_can_not_archive_project: Detta projekt kan inte arkiveras
error_issue_done_ratios_not_updated: "% klart inte uppdaterade."
error_workflow_copy_source: 'Vänligen välj källans ärendetyp eller roll'
error_workflow_copy_target: 'Vänligen välj ärendetyp(er) och roll(er) för mål'
error_unable_delete_issue_status: 'Ärendestatus kunde inte tas bort'
error_unable_to_connect: Kan inte ansluta ({{value}})
warning_attachments_not_saved: "{{count}} fil(er) kunde inte sparas."
......@@ -942,7 +946,3 @@ sv:
enumeration_doc_categories: Dokumentkategorier
enumeration_activities: Aktiviteter (tidsuppföljning)
enumeration_system_activity: Systemaktivitet
error_can_not_delete_custom_field: Unable to delete custom field
error_unable_to_connect: Unable to connect ({{value}})
error_can_not_remove_role: This role is in use and can not be deleted.
error_can_not_delete_tracker: This tracker contains issues and can't be deleted.
// ** I18N
// Calendar LV language
// Translation: Dzintars Bergs,
// Encoding: UTF-8
// Distributed under the same terms as the calendar itself.
// For translators: please use UTF-8 if possible. We strongly believe that
// Unicode is the answer to a real internationalized world. Also please
// include your contact information in the header, as can be seen above.
// full day names
Calendar._DN = new Array
// Please note that the following array of short day names (and the same goes
// for short month names, _SMN) isn't absolutely necessary. We give it here
// for exemplification on how one can customize the short day names, but if
// they are simply the first N letters of the full name you can simply say:
// Calendar._SDN_len = N; // short day name length
// Calendar._SMN_len = N; // short month name length
// If N = 3 then this is not needed either since we assume a value of 3 if not
// present, to be compatible with translation files that were written before
// this feature.
// short day names
Calendar._SDN = new Array
// First day of the week. "0" means display Sunday first, "1" means display
// Monday first, etc.
Calendar._FD = 1;
// full month names
Calendar._MN = new Array
// short month names
Calendar._SMN = new Array
// tooltips
Calendar._TT = {};
Calendar._TT["INFO"] = "Par kalendāru";
Calendar._TT["ABOUT"] =
"DHTML Date/Time Selector\n" +
"(c) 2002-2005 / Author: Mihai Bazon\n" + // don't translate this this ;-)
"For latest version visit:\n" +
"Distributed under GNU LGPL. See for details." +
"\n\n" +
"Date selection:\n" +
"- Use the \xab, \xbb buttons to select year\n" +
"- Use the " + String.fromCharCode(0x2039) + ", " + String.fromCharCode(0x203a) + " buttons to select month\n" +
"- Hold mouse button on any of the above buttons for faster selection.";
Calendar._TT["ABOUT_TIME"] = "\n\n" +
"Time selection:\n" +
"- Click on any of the time parts to increase it\n" +
"- or Shift-click to decrease it\n" +
"- or click and drag for faster selection.";
Calendar._TT["PREV_YEAR"] = "Iepriekšējais gads (pieturēt, lai atvērtu izvēlni)";
Calendar._TT["PREV_MONTH"] = "Iepriekšējais mēnesis (pieturēt, lai atvērtu izvēlni)";
Calendar._TT["GO_TODAY"] = "Iet uz šodienu";
Calendar._TT["NEXT_MONTH"] = "Nākošais mēnesis (pieturēt, lai atvērtu izvēlni)";
Calendar._TT["NEXT_YEAR"] = "Nākošais gads (pieturēt, lai atvērtu izvēlni)";
Calendar._TT["SEL_DATE"] = "Izvēlieties datumu";
Calendar._TT["DRAG_TO_MOVE"] = "Vilkt, lai pārvietotu";
Calendar._TT["PART_TODAY"] = "(šodiena)";
// the following is to inform that "%s" is to be the first day of week
// %s will be replaced with the day name.
Calendar._TT["DAY_FIRST"] = "Rādīt %s pirmo";
// This may be locale-dependent. It specifies the week-end days, as an array
// of comma-separated numbers. The numbers are from 0 to 6: 0 means Sunday, 1
// means Monday, etc.
Calendar._TT["WEEKEND"] = "0,6";
Calendar._TT["CLOSE"] = "Aizvērt";
Calendar._TT["TODAY"] = "Šodiena";
Calendar._TT["TIME_PART"] = "(Shift-)Click vai ievilkt, lai mainītu vērtību";
// date formats
Calendar._TT["DEF_DATE_FORMAT"] = "%d.%m.%Y";
Calendar._TT["TT_DATE_FORMAT"] = " %b, %a %e";
Calendar._TT["WK"] = "wk";
Calendar._TT["TIME"] = "Laiks:";
// translated by Dzintars Bergs (
jsToolBar.strings = {};
jsToolBar.strings['Strong'] = 'Treknraksts';
jsToolBar.strings['Italic'] = 'Slīpraksts';
jsToolBar.strings['Underline'] = 'Pasvītrojums';
jsToolBar.strings['Deleted'] = 'Dzēsts';
jsToolBar.strings['Code'] = 'Iekļauts kods';
jsToolBar.strings['Heading 1'] = 'Virsraksts 1';
jsToolBar.strings['Heading 2'] = 'Virsraksts 2';
jsToolBar.strings['Heading 3'] = 'Virsraksts 3';
jsToolBar.strings['Unordered list'] = 'Nesakārtots saraksts';
jsToolBar.strings['Ordered list'] = 'Sakārtots saraksts';
jsToolBar.strings['Quote'] = 'Citēt';
jsToolBar.strings['Unquote'] = 'Noņemt citātu';
jsToolBar.strings['Preformatted text'] = 'Iepriekš formatēts teksts';
jsToolBar.strings['Wiki link'] = 'Saite uz Wiki lapu';
jsToolBar.strings['Image'] = 'Attēls';
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