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New language en-GB (#5648 thank to Tom Knight for work)

* ja (#5715)
* sv (#5671)

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# Use the strftime parameters for formats.
# When no format has been given, it uses default.
# You can provide other formats here if you like!
default: "%d/%m/%Y"
short: "%d %b"
long: "%d %B, %Y"
day_names: [Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday]
abbr_day_names: [Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat]
# Don't forget the nil at the beginning; there's no such thing as a 0th month
month_names: [~, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December]
abbr_month_names: [~, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec]
# Used in date_select and datime_select.
order: [ :year, :month, :day ]
default: "%d/%m/%Y %I:%M %p"
time: "%I:%M %p"
short: "%d %b %H:%M"
long: "%d %B, %Y %H:%M"
am: "am"
pm: "pm"
half_a_minute: "half a minute"
one: "less than 1 second"
other: "less than {{count}} seconds"
one: "1 second"
other: "{{count}} seconds"
one: "less than a minute"
other: "less than {{count}} minutes"
one: "1 minute"
other: "{{count}} minutes"
one: "about 1 hour"
other: "about {{count}} hours"
one: "1 day"
other: "{{count}} days"
one: "about 1 month"
other: "about {{count}} months"
one: "1 month"
other: "{{count}} months"
one: "about 1 year"
other: "about {{count}} years"
one: "over 1 year"
other: "over {{count}} years"
one: "almost 1 year"
other: "almost {{count}} years"
format: "%u%n"
unit: "£"
delimiter: ""
precision: 1
format: "%n %u"
one: "Byte"
other: "Bytes"
kb: "KB"
mb: "MB"
gb: "GB"
tb: "TB"
# Used in array.to_sentence.
sentence_connector: "and"
skip_last_comma: false
inclusion: "is not included in the list"
exclusion: "is reserved"
invalid: "is invalid"
confirmation: "doesn't match confirmation"
accepted: "must be accepted"
empty: "can't be empty"
blank: "can't be blank"
too_long: "is too long (maximum is {{count}} characters)"
too_short: "is too short (minimum is {{count}} characters)"
wrong_length: "is the wrong length (should be {{count}} characters)"
taken: "has already been taken"
not_a_number: "is not a number"
not_a_date: "is not a valid date"
greater_than: "must be greater than {{count}}"
greater_than_or_equal_to: "must be greater than or equal to {{count}}"
equal_to: "must be equal to {{count}}"
less_than: "must be less than {{count}}"
less_than_or_equal_to: "must be less than or equal to {{count}}"
odd: "must be odd"
even: "must be even"
greater_than_start_date: "must be greater than start date"
not_same_project: "doesn't belong to the same project"
circular_dependency: "This relation would create a circular dependency"
actionview_instancetag_blank_option: Please select
general_text_No: 'No'
general_text_Yes: 'Yes'
general_text_no: 'no'
general_text_yes: 'yes'
general_lang_name: 'English (British)'
general_csv_separator: ','
general_csv_decimal_separator: '.'
general_csv_encoding: ISO-8859-1
general_pdf_encoding: ISO-8859-1
general_first_day_of_week: '1'
notice_account_updated: Account was successfully updated.
notice_account_invalid_creditentials: Invalid user or password
notice_account_password_updated: Password was successfully updated.
notice_account_wrong_password: Wrong password
notice_account_register_done: Account was successfully created. To activate your account, click on the link that was emailed to you.
notice_account_unknown_email: Unknown user.
notice_can_t_change_password: This account uses an external authentication source. Impossible to change the password.
notice_account_lost_email_sent: An email with instructions to choose a new password has been sent to you.
notice_account_activated: Your account has been activated. You can now log in.
notice_successful_create: Successful creation.
notice_successful_update: Successful update.
notice_successful_delete: Successful deletion.
notice_successful_connection: Successful connection.
notice_file_not_found: The page you were trying to access doesn't exist or has been removed.
notice_locking_conflict: Data has been updated by another user.
notice_not_authorized: You are not authorised to access this page.
notice_email_sent: "An email was sent to {{value}}"
notice_email_error: "An error occurred while sending mail ({{value}})"
notice_feeds_access_key_reseted: Your RSS access key was reset.
notice_api_access_key_reseted: Your API access key was reset.
notice_failed_to_save_issues: "Failed to save {{count}} issue(s) on {{total}} selected: {{ids}}."
notice_no_issue_selected: "No issue is selected! Please, check the issues you want to edit."
notice_account_pending: "Your account was created and is now pending administrator approval."
notice_default_data_loaded: Default configuration successfully loaded.
notice_unable_delete_version: Unable to delete version.
notice_issue_done_ratios_updated: Issue done ratios updated.
error_can_t_load_default_data: "Default configuration could not be loaded: {{value}}"
error_scm_not_found: "The entry or revision was not found in the repository."
error_scm_command_failed: "An error occurred when trying to access the repository: {{value}}"
error_scm_annotate: "The entry does not exist or can not be annotated."
error_issue_not_found_in_project: 'The issue was not found or does not belong to this project'
error_no_tracker_in_project: 'No tracker is associated to this project. Please check the Project settings.'
error_no_default_issue_status: 'No default issue status is defined. Please check your configuration (Go to "Administration -> Issue statuses").'
error_can_not_reopen_issue_on_closed_version: 'An issue assigned to a closed version can not be reopened'
error_can_not_archive_project: This project can not be archived
error_issue_done_ratios_not_updated: "Issue done ratios not updated."
error_workflow_copy_source: 'Please select a source tracker or role'
error_workflow_copy_target: 'Please select target tracker(s) and role(s)'
warning_attachments_not_saved: "{{count}} file(s) could not be saved."
mail_subject_lost_password: "Your {{value}} password"
mail_body_lost_password: 'To change your password, click on the following link:'
mail_subject_register: "Your {{value}} account activation"
mail_body_register: 'To activate your account, click on the following link:'
mail_body_account_information_external: "You can use your {{value}} account to log in."
mail_body_account_information: Your account information
mail_subject_account_activation_request: "{{value}} account activation request"
mail_body_account_activation_request: "A new user ({{value}}) has registered. The account is pending your approval:"
mail_subject_reminder: "{{count}} issue(s) due in the next days"
mail_body_reminder: "{{count}} issue(s) that are assigned to you are due in the next {{days}} days:"
mail_subject_wiki_content_added: "'{{page}}' wiki page has been added"
mail_body_wiki_content_added: "The '{{page}}' wiki page has been added by {{author}}."
mail_subject_wiki_content_updated: "'{{page}}' wiki page has been updated"
mail_body_wiki_content_updated: "The '{{page}}' wiki page has been updated by {{author}}."
gui_validation_error: 1 error
gui_validation_error_plural: "{{count}} errors"
field_name: Name
field_description: Description
field_summary: Summary
field_is_required: Required
field_firstname: Firstname
field_lastname: Lastname
field_mail: Email
field_filename: File
field_filesize: Size
field_downloads: Downloads
field_author: Author
field_created_on: Created
field_updated_on: Updated
field_field_format: Format
field_is_for_all: For all projects
field_possible_values: Possible values
field_regexp: Regular expression
field_min_length: Minimum length
field_max_length: Maximum length
field_value: Value
field_category: Category
field_title: Title
field_project: Project
field_issue: Issue
field_status: Status
field_notes: Notes
field_is_closed: Issue closed
field_is_default: Default value
field_tracker: Tracker
field_subject: Subject
field_due_date: Due date
field_assigned_to: Assigned to
field_priority: Priority
field_fixed_version: Target version
field_user: User
field_role: Role
field_homepage: Homepage
field_is_public: Public
field_parent: Subproject of
field_is_in_roadmap: Issues displayed in roadmap
field_login: Login
field_mail_notification: Email notifications
field_admin: Administrator
field_last_login_on: Last connection
field_language: Language
field_effective_date: Date
field_password: Password
field_new_password: New password
field_password_confirmation: Confirmation
field_version: Version
field_type: Type
field_host: Host
field_port: Port
field_account: Account
field_base_dn: Base DN
field_attr_login: Login attribute
field_attr_firstname: Firstname attribute
field_attr_lastname: Lastname attribute
field_attr_mail: Email attribute
field_onthefly: On-the-fly user creation
field_start_date: Start
field_done_ratio: % Done
field_auth_source: Authentication mode
field_hide_mail: Hide my email address
field_comments: Comment
field_url: URL
field_start_page: Start page
field_subproject: Subproject
field_hours: Hours
field_activity: Activity
field_spent_on: Date
field_identifier: Identifier
field_is_filter: Used as a filter
field_issue_to: Related issue
field_delay: Delay
field_assignable: Issues can be assigned to this role
field_redirect_existing_links: Redirect existing links
field_estimated_hours: Estimated time
field_column_names: Columns
field_time_zone: Time zone
field_searchable: Searchable
field_default_value: Default value
field_comments_sorting: Display comments
field_parent_title: Parent page
field_editable: Editable
field_watcher: Watcher
field_identity_url: OpenID URL
field_content: Content
field_group_by: Group results by
field_sharing: Sharing
setting_app_title: Application title
setting_app_subtitle: Application subtitle
setting_welcome_text: Welcome text
setting_default_language: Default language
setting_login_required: Authentication required
setting_self_registration: Self-registration
setting_attachment_max_size: Attachment max. size
setting_issues_export_limit: Issues export limit
setting_mail_from: Emission email address
setting_bcc_recipients: Blind carbon copy recipients (bcc)
setting_plain_text_mail: Plain text mail (no HTML)
setting_host_name: Host name and path
setting_text_formatting: Text formatting
setting_wiki_compression: Wiki history compression
setting_feeds_limit: Feed content limit
setting_default_projects_public: New projects are public by default
setting_autofetch_changesets: Autofetch commits
setting_sys_api_enabled: Enable WS for repository management
setting_commit_ref_keywords: Referencing keywords
setting_commit_fix_keywords: Fixing keywords
setting_autologin: Autologin
setting_date_format: Date format
setting_time_format: Time format
setting_cross_project_issue_relations: Allow cross-project issue relations
setting_issue_list_default_columns: Default columns displayed on the issue list
setting_repositories_encodings: Repositories encodings
setting_commit_logs_encoding: Commit messages encoding
setting_emails_footer: Emails footer
setting_protocol: Protocol
setting_per_page_options: Objects per page options
setting_user_format: Users display format
setting_activity_days_default: Days displayed on project activity
setting_display_subprojects_issues: Display subprojects issues on main projects by default
setting_enabled_scm: Enabled SCM
setting_mail_handler_body_delimiters: "Truncate emails after one of these lines"
setting_mail_handler_api_enabled: Enable WS for incoming emails
setting_mail_handler_api_key: API key
setting_sequential_project_identifiers: Generate sequential project identifiers
setting_gravatar_enabled: Use Gravatar user icons
setting_gravatar_default: Default Gravatar image
setting_diff_max_lines_displayed: Max number of diff lines displayed
setting_file_max_size_displayed: Max size of text files displayed inline
setting_repository_log_display_limit: Maximum number of revisions displayed on file log
setting_openid: Allow OpenID login and registration
setting_password_min_length: Minimum password length
setting_new_project_user_role_id: Role given to a non-admin user who creates a project
setting_default_projects_modules: Default enabled modules for new projects
setting_issue_done_ratio: Calculate the issue done ratio with
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_field: Use the issue field
setting_issue_done_ratio_issue_status: Use the issue status
setting_start_of_week: Start calendars on
setting_rest_api_enabled: Enable REST web service
setting_cache_formatted_text: Cache formatted text
permission_add_project: Create project
permission_add_subprojects: Create subprojects
permission_edit_project: Edit project
permission_select_project_modules: Select project modules
permission_manage_members: Manage members
permission_manage_project_activities: Manage project activities
permission_manage_versions: Manage versions
permission_manage_categories: Manage issue categories
permission_view_issues: View Issues
permission_add_issues: Add issues
permission_edit_issues: Edit issues
permission_manage_issue_relations: Manage issue relations
permission_add_issue_notes: Add notes
permission_edit_issue_notes: Edit notes
permission_edit_own_issue_notes: Edit own notes
permission_move_issues: Move issues
permission_delete_issues: Delete issues
permission_manage_public_queries: Manage public queries
permission_save_queries: Save queries
permission_view_gantt: View gantt chart
permission_view_calendar: View calendar
permission_view_issue_watchers: View watchers list
permission_add_issue_watchers: Add watchers
permission_delete_issue_watchers: Delete watchers
permission_log_time: Log spent time
permission_view_time_entries: View spent time
permission_edit_time_entries: Edit time logs
permission_edit_own_time_entries: Edit own time logs
permission_manage_news: Manage news
permission_comment_news: Comment news
permission_manage_documents: Manage documents
permission_view_documents: View documents
permission_manage_files: Manage files
permission_view_files: View files
permission_manage_wiki: Manage wiki
permission_rename_wiki_pages: Rename wiki pages
permission_delete_wiki_pages: Delete wiki pages
permission_view_wiki_pages: View wiki
permission_view_wiki_edits: View wiki history
permission_edit_wiki_pages: Edit wiki pages
permission_delete_wiki_pages_attachments: Delete attachments
permission_protect_wiki_pages: Protect wiki pages
permission_manage_repository: Manage repository
permission_browse_repository: Browse repository
permission_view_changesets: View changesets
permission_commit_access: Commit access
permission_manage_boards: Manage boards
permission_view_messages: View messages
permission_add_messages: Post messages
permission_edit_messages: Edit messages
permission_edit_own_messages: Edit own messages
permission_delete_messages: Delete messages
permission_delete_own_messages: Delete own messages
permission_export_wiki_pages: Export wiki pages
project_module_issue_tracking: Issue tracking
project_module_time_tracking: Time tracking
project_module_news: News
project_module_documents: Documents
project_module_files: Files
project_module_wiki: Wiki
project_module_repository: Repository
project_module_boards: Boards
label_user: User
label_user_plural: Users
label_user_new: New user
label_user_anonymous: Anonymous
label_project: Project
label_project_new: New project
label_project_plural: Projects
zero: no projects
one: 1 project
other: "{{count}} projects"
label_project_all: All Projects
label_project_latest: Latest projects
label_issue: Issue
label_issue_new: New issue
label_issue_plural: Issues
label_issue_view_all: View all issues
label_issues_by: "Issues by {{value}}"
label_issue_added: Issue added
label_issue_updated: Issue updated
label_document: Document
label_document_new: New document
label_document_plural: Documents
label_document_added: Document added
label_role: Role
label_role_plural: Roles
label_role_new: New role
label_role_and_permissions: Roles and permissions
label_member: Member
label_member_new: New member
label_member_plural: Members
label_tracker: Tracker
label_tracker_plural: Trackers
label_tracker_new: New tracker
label_workflow: Workflow
label_issue_status: Issue status
label_issue_status_plural: Issue statuses
label_issue_status_new: New status
label_issue_category: Issue category
label_issue_category_plural: Issue categories
label_issue_category_new: New category
label_custom_field: Custom field
label_custom_field_plural: Custom fields
label_custom_field_new: New custom field
label_enumerations: Enumerations
label_enumeration_new: New value
label_information: Information
label_information_plural: Information
label_please_login: Please log in
label_register: Register
label_login_with_open_id_option: or login with OpenID
label_password_lost: Lost password
label_home: Home
label_my_page: My page
label_my_account: My account
label_my_projects: My projects
label_administration: Administration
label_login: Sign in
label_logout: Sign out
label_help: Help
label_reported_issues: Reported issues
label_assigned_to_me_issues: Issues assigned to me
label_last_login: Last connection
label_registered_on: Registered on
label_activity: Activity
label_overall_activity: Overall activity
label_user_activity: "{{value}}'s activity"
label_new: New
label_logged_as: Logged in as
label_environment: Environment
label_authentication: Authentication
label_auth_source: Authentication mode
label_auth_source_new: New authentication mode
label_auth_source_plural: Authentication modes
label_subproject_plural: Subprojects
label_subproject_new: New subproject
label_and_its_subprojects: "{{value}} and its subprojects"
label_min_max_length: Min - Max length
label_list: List
label_date: Date
label_integer: Integer
label_float: Float
label_boolean: Boolean
label_string: Text
label_text: Long text
label_attribute: Attribute
label_attribute_plural: Attributes
label_download: "{{count}} Download"
label_download_plural: "{{count}} Downloads"
label_no_data: No data to display
label_change_status: Change status
label_history: History
label_attachment: File
label_attachment_new: New file
label_attachment_delete: Delete file
label_attachment_plural: Files
label_file_added: File added
label_report: Report
label_report_plural: Reports
label_news: News
label_news_new: Add news
label_news_plural: News
label_news_latest: Latest news
label_news_view_all: View all news
label_news_added: News added
label_settings: Settings
label_overview: Overview
label_version: Version
label_version_new: New version
label_version_plural: Versions
label_close_versions: Close completed versions
label_confirmation: Confirmation
label_export_to: 'Also available in:'
label_read: Read...
label_public_projects: Public projects
label_open_issues: open
label_open_issues_plural: open
label_closed_issues: closed
label_closed_issues_plural: closed
zero: 0 open / {{total}}
one: 1 open / {{total}}
other: "{{count}} open / {{total}}"
zero: 0 open
one: 1 open
other: "{{count}} open"
zero: 0 closed
one: 1 closed
other: "{{count}} closed"
label_total: Total
label_permissions: Permissions
label_current_status: Current status
label_new_statuses_allowed: New statuses allowed
label_all: all
label_none: none
label_nobody: nobody
label_next: Next
label_previous: Previous
label_used_by: Used by
label_details: Details
label_add_note: Add a note
label_per_page: Per page
label_calendar: Calendar
label_months_from: months from
label_gantt: Gantt
label_internal: Internal
label_last_changes: "last {{count}} changes"
label_change_view_all: View all changes
label_personalize_page: Personalise this page
label_comment: Comment
label_comment_plural: Comments
zero: no comments
one: 1 comment
other: "{{count}} comments"
label_comment_add: Add a comment
label_comment_added: Comment added
label_comment_delete: Delete comments
label_query: Custom query
label_query_plural: Custom queries
label_query_new: New query
label_filter_add: Add filter
label_filter_plural: Filters
label_equals: is
label_not_equals: is not
label_in_less_than: in less than
label_in_more_than: in more than
label_greater_or_equal: '>='
label_less_or_equal: '<='
label_in: in
label_today: today
label_all_time: all time
label_yesterday: yesterday
label_this_week: this week
label_last_week: last week
label_last_n_days: "last {{count}} days"
label_this_month: this month
label_last_month: last month
label_this_year: this year
label_date_range: Date range
label_less_than_ago: less than days ago
label_more_than_ago: more than days ago
label_ago: days ago
label_contains: contains
label_not_contains: doesn't contain
label_day_plural: days
label_repository: Repository
label_repository_plural: Repositories
label_browse: Browse
label_modification: "{{count}} change"
label_modification_plural: "{{count}} changes"
label_branch: Branch
label_tag: Tag
label_revision: Revision
label_revision_plural: Revisions
label_revision_id: "Revision {{value}}"
label_associated_revisions: Associated revisions
label_added: added
label_modified: modified
label_copied: copied
label_renamed: renamed
label_deleted: deleted
label_latest_revision: Latest revision
label_latest_revision_plural: Latest revisions
label_view_revisions: View revisions
label_view_all_revisions: View all revisions
label_max_size: Maximum size
label_sort_highest: Move to top
label_sort_higher: Move up
label_sort_lower: Move down
label_sort_lowest: Move to bottom
label_roadmap: Roadmap