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    Remove serialised diff and commit columns · 4ebbfe5d
    Sean McGivern authored
    The st_commits and st_diffs columns on merge_request_diffs historically held the
    YAML-serialised data for a merge request diff, in a variety of formats.
    Since 9.5, these have been migrated in the background to two new tables:
    merge_request_diff_commits and merge_request_diff_files. That has the advantage
    that we can actually query the data (for instance, to find out how many commits
    we've stored), and that it can't be in a variety of formats, but must match the
    new schema.
    This is the final step of that journey, where we drop those columns and remove
    all references to them. This is a breaking change to the importer, because we
    can no longer import diffs created in the old format, and we cannot guarantee
    the export will be in the new format unless it was generated after this commit.
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