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    [ci skip] Merge branch 'master' into 42568-pipeline-empty-state · 35dd0b6d
    Filipa Lacerda authored
    * master: (293 commits)
      Revert changelog entry for removed feature
      Revert "Allow CI/CD Jobs being grouped on version strings"
      Resolve "Protected branches count is wrong when a wildcard includes several protected branches"
      Use standard codequality job
      Resolve "Allow the configuration of a project's merge method via the API"
      [Rails5] Rename `sort` methods to `sort_by_attribute`
      Add better LDAP connection handling
      Updated components to PascalCase
      Handle invalid params when trying update_username
      Move network related app settings to expandable blocks
      [Rails5] Update Gemfile.rails5.lock [ci skip]
      Update Security Products examples documentation
      Backport Gitlab::Git::Checksum to CE
      Add changelog
      Refactor discussions/notes code
      Remove unnecessary section looking in admin settings qa
      Explicitly use page context for qa/factory/settings/hashed_storage.rb
      Use gitlab_environment because we need:
      Allow feature gate removal through the API
      Use shard name in Git::GitlabProjects instead of shard path
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