1. 26 Nov, 2018 4 commits
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      Use have_link over have_content for GPG feature · 87d1e865
      Robert Speicher authored
      It's more semantically accurate for what we're verifying.
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      Simplify "changes to verified" GPG feature specs · ee172686
      Robert Speicher authored
      Previously, we wasted time creating a maintainer and signing them in,
      then loaded the entire commit list just to verify the GPG status of a
      single commit.
      Now, we rely on the project being public so no user needs to be
      authenticated, and load just the page for the commit we care about.
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      Remove magic SHAs from GPG badge feature spec · 8afd0381
      Robert Speicher authored
      We're trying to give the arbitrary SHAs required by each spec a
      meaningful name.
      This also adds an explicit `ref` definition to each spec so we're not
      dealing with a mystery guest.
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      Speed up "show GPG badge" feature specs · 9250de6a
      Robert Speicher authored
      Previously, this group of specs would create a new user, add them as a
      maintainer, sign them in, load the project's commit list, click a
      specific GPG key badge, and then verify the content in the popover.
      Now, we make the project public in order to skip the user setup and
      login, and load a specific commit page because it loads faster than the
      commit list while still showing the GPG badge.
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