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      Added Sherlock, a custom profiling tool for GitLab · dec3e4ce
      Yorick Peterse authored
      Sherlock will be a new GitLab specific tool for measuring the
      performance of Rails requests (and SideKiq jobs at some point). Some of
      the things that are currently tracked:
      * SQL queries along with their timings, backtraces and query plans
        (using "EXPLAIN ANALYZE" for PostgreSQL and regular "EXPLAIN" for
      * Timings of application files (including views) on a per line basis
      * Some meta data such as the request method, path, total duration, etc
      More tracking (e.g. Rugged or gitlab-shell timings) might be added in
      the future.
      Sherlock will replace any existing tools we have used so far (e.g.
      active_record_query_trace and rack-mini-profiler), hence the
      corresponding Gems have been removed from the Gemfile.
      Sherlock can be enabled by starting Rails as following:
          ENABLE_SHERLOCK=1 bundle exec rails s
      Recorded transactions can be found at `/sherlock/transactions`.