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      Preserve gem path so that we use the same gems · 873bc3a6
      Lin Jen-Shin authored
      Without this patch, I would end up with:
      An error occurred in a `before(:suite)` hook.
      Failure/Error: raise "could not connect to gitaly at #{socket.inspect} after #{sleep_time} seconds"
        could not connect to gitaly at "tmp/tests/gitaly/gitaly.socket" after 10 seconds
      Digging into it, it's because `scripts/gitaly-test-spawn` could not
      spawn the process, because it cannot find the installed gems.
      I personally installed all my gems under $HOME, namely with:
      * `gem install rake --user-install` or:
      * `bundle install --path ~/.gem`
      The gems would be installed to `~/.gem/ruby/2.4.0/gems`, where
      the version is Ruby ABI version.
      Now we're changing $HOME, making RubyGems think that the gems
      would be installed to `tmp/tests/ruby/2.4.0/gems` which is
      apparently not the case.
      In order to workaround this, we could preserve $GEM_PATH
      populated by RubyGems, ignoring the default path based on $HOME.
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