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      Enable CacheMarkdownField for the remaining models · 99205515
      Nick Thomas authored
      This commit alters views for the following models to use the markdown cache if
      * AbuseReport
      * Appearance
      * ApplicationSetting
      * BroadcastMessage
      * Group
      * Issue
      * Label
      * MergeRequest
      * Milestone
      * Project
      At the same time, calls to `escape_once` have been moved into the `single_line`
      Banzai pipeline, so they can't be missed out by accident and the work is done
      at save, rather than render, time.
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    • Gokmen Goksel's avatar
      Support integration with Koding (online IDE) · a927a9bf
      Gokmen Goksel authored
      Koding: #index: landing page for Koding integration
      If enabled it will provide a link to open remote Koding instance url
      for now we are also providing the sneak preview video for how
      integration works in detail.
      Repository: check whether .koding.yml file exists on repository
      Projects: landing page: show Run in IDE (Koding) button if repo has stack file
      Projects: MR: show Run in IDE Koding button if repo has stack file on active branch
      ProjectHelpers: add_koding_stack: stack generator for provided project
      With this helper we will auto-generate the required stack template
      for a given project. For the feature we can request this base template
      from the running Koding instance on integration.
      Currently this will provide users to create a t2.nano instance on aws
      and it'll automatically configures the instance for basic requirements.
      Projects: empty state and landing page provide shortcuts to create stack
      projects_helper: use branch on checkout and provide an entry point
      This ${var.koding_queryString_branch} will be replaced with the branch
      provided in query string which will allow us to use same stack template
      for different branches of the same repository.
      ref: https://github.com/koding/koding/pull/8597/commits/b8c0e43c4c24bf132670aa8a3cfb0d634acfd09b
      projects_helper: provide sha info in query string to use existing vms
      With this change we'll be able to query existing vms on Koding side
      based on the commit id that they've created.
      ref: https://github.com/koding/koding/pull/8597/commits/1d630fadf31963fa6ccd3bed92e526761a30a343
      Integration: Docs: Koding documentation added
      Disable /koding route if integration is disabled
      Use application settings to enable Koding
      Projects_helper: better indentation with strip_heredoc usage
      Projects_helper: return koding_url as is if there is no project provided
      current_settings: set koding_enabled: false by default
      Koding_Controller: to render not_found once integration is disabled
      Dashboard_specs: update spec for Koding enabled case
      Projects_Helper: make repo dynamic
      ref: https://github.com/koding/koding/pull/8597/commits/4d615242f45aaea4c4986be84ecc612b0bb1514c
      Updated documentation to have right format
    • Annabel Dunstone's avatar
      Add boards controller to issue nav item · 3a32c396
      Annabel Dunstone authored
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    • Robert Speicher's avatar
      Redirect to external issue tracker from `/issues` · a70431f8
      Robert Speicher authored
      Prior, in order to display the correct link to "Issues" in the project
      navigation, we were performing a check against the project to see if it
      used an external issue tracker, and if so, we used that URL. This was
      Now, we simply _always_ link to `namespace_project_issues_path`, and
      then in the controller we redirect to the external tracker if it's
      This also removes the need for the url_for_issue helper. Bonus! 🎉
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    • Timothy Andrew's avatar
      `WikiPage` should have a slug even when not persisted. · 42a00f74
      Timothy Andrew authored
      1. So we can build the markdown preview URL for it.
      2. We can't skip the slug in this case, because the slug is used to
      construct relative markdown URLs.
      3. Add rspec feature tests to cover creating wiki pages with
         spaces/hyphens in the name.
      4. Add rspec feature tests for markdown preview URL rewriting, which was
         only covered by unit tests up to this point.
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