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    • Zeger-Jan van de Weg's avatar
      Rename the Repository table to PoolRepository · fff77541
      Zeger-Jan van de Weg authored
      To separate the different kinds of repositories we have at GitLab this
      table will be renamed to pool_repositories. A project can, for now at
      least, be member of none, or one of these. The table will get additional
      columns in a later merge request where more logic is implemented for the
      Further included is a small refactor of logic around hashing ids for the
      disk_path, mainly to ensure a previous implementation is reusable.
      The disk_path for the pool_repositories table no longer has a NOT NULL
      constraint, but given the hashing of the ID requires the DB to assign
      the record an ID, an after_create hook is used to update the value.
      A related MR is:
      https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/merge_requests/23143, adding
      tables for 'normal' repositories and wiki_repositories.
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    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Remove low selective indexes · 90df7321
      Shinya Maeda authored
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      User can keep their commit email private · c239452b
      Tiago Botelho authored
      The private commit email is automatically generated in the format:
      GitLab instance admins are able to change the HOSTNAME portion,
      that defaults to Gitlab's hostname, to whatever they prefer.
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      Enhance performance of counting local Uploads · 1c481b7a
      Toon Claes authored
      Add an index to the `store` column on `uploads`. This makes counting
      local uploads faster.
      Also, there is no longer need to check for objects with `store = NULL`.
      See https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/merge_requests/18557
      ### Query plans
      FROM "uploads"
      WHERE ("uploads"."store" = ? OR "uploads"."store" IS NULL)
      #### Without index
      gitlabhq_production=# EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT uploads.* FROM uploads WHERE (uploads.store = 1 OR uploads.store IS NULL);
                                                        QUERY PLAN
       Seq Scan on uploads  (cost=0.00..601729.54 rows=578 width=272) (actual time=6.170..2308.256 rows=545 loops=1)
         Filter: ((store = 1) OR (store IS NULL))
         Rows Removed by Filter: 4411957
       Planning time: 38.652 ms
       Execution time: 2308.454 ms
      (5 rows)
      #### Add index
      gitlabhq_production=# create index uploads_tmp1 on uploads (store);
      #### With index
      gitlabhq_production=# EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT uploads.* FROM uploads WHERE (uploads.store = 1 OR uploads.store IS NULL);
                                                                QUERY PLAN
       Bitmap Heap Scan on uploads  (cost=11.46..1238.88 rows=574 width=272) (actual time=0.155..0.577 rows=545 loops=1)
         Recheck Cond: ((store = 1) OR (store IS NULL))
         Heap Blocks: exact=217
         ->  BitmapOr  (cost=11.46..11.46 rows=574 width=0) (actual time=0.116..0.116 rows=0 loops=1)
               ->  Bitmap Index Scan on uploads_tmp1  (cost=0.00..8.74 rows=574 width=0) (actual time=0.095..0.095 rows=545 loops=1)
                     Index Cond: (store = 1)
               ->  Bitmap Index Scan on uploads_tmp1  (cost=0.00..2.44 rows=1 width=0) (actual time=0.020..0.020 rows=0 loops=1)
                     Index Cond: (store IS NULL)
       Planning time: 0.274 ms
       Execution time: 0.637 ms
      (10 rows)
      Closes https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ee/issues/6070
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      Add index on created_at with status · 66d43c84
      Shinya Maeda authored
    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Bring back created indexes · 97ac2d72
      Shinya Maeda authored
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    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Rever add action follow up 1 · 16fc61d6
      Shinya Maeda authored
    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Revert add action column changes · 9c811566
      Shinya Maeda authored
    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Align index name to others · 4eeb51dc
      Shinya Maeda authored
    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Optimize database index for id and iid · 94a8d27e
      Shinya Maeda authored