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      sidekiq: terminate child processes at shutdown · f0c52df5
      Nick Thomas authored
      Sidekiq jobs frequently spawn long-lived child processes to do work.
      In some circumstances, these can be reparented to init when sidekiq is
      terminated, leading to duplication of work and strange concurrency
      This commit changes sidekiq so that, if run as a process group leader,
      it will forward `INT` and `TERM` signals to the whole process group. If
      the memory killer is active, it will also use the process group when
      resorting to `kill -9` to shut down.
      These changes mean that a naive `kill <pid-of-sidekiq>` will now do the
      right thing, killing any child processes spawned by sidekiq, as long as
      the process supervisor placed it in its own process group.
      If sidekiq isn't a process group leader, this new code is skipped.
    • Drew Blessing's avatar
      Allow raw `tls_options` to be passed in LDAP configuration · f6350fac
      Drew Blessing authored
      We've previously exposed ca_file and ssl_version but there are many
      possible options that can be used inside tls_options. Instead of
      exposing individual ones, simply expose the entire hash so it can
      be passed in and we won't have to add things in the future.
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      Docs: Fix all anchors in Admin docs · fd823485
      Marcel Amirault authored
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      Refactor the upgrading from source docs · 4d101979
      Yorick Peterse authored
      Instead of requiring one separate document for every version (which is
      created by release managers), we now use a single document for both
      Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. This allows developers to add
      guidelines right away, instead of release managers having to determine
      what to add.
      Version specific upgrading instructions are placed in a separate
      section. This prevents instructions from lingering around for many
      versions should a developer forget to remove them. This also ensures
      that all instructions are kept in a single place, instead of being
      spread across different documents.
      A minor downside is that CE and EE guidelines now live in the same
      document, which could cause merge conflicts. Since we are working
      towards a single codebase, this should only be an issue until we merge
      the codebases together; something we expect to do in the coming months.
      This commit also removes all old upgrading instructions, but these can
      still be accessed using Git branch specific URLs (included in the
      updating README).
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      use timeout as it appears in logs · 3a836687
      Ben Bodenmiller authored
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    • Jan Provaznik's avatar
      Add local markdown version · 433bcf9b
      Jan Provaznik authored
      Cached markdown version is composed both from global and local
      markdown version. This allows admins to bump version locally when
      needed (e.g. when external URL is changed).
    • Ben Kochie's avatar
      Update metrics docs · e1ea47bb
      Ben Kochie authored
      Update the list of GitLab metrics to include the missing metric names.
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