1. 08 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      Provide a performance bar link to the Jaeger UI · 48bcd524
      Andrew Newdigate authored
      Jaeger is a distributed tracing tool. This change adds a "Tracing" link
      to the performance bar to directly link to a current request in Jaeger.
      This is useful for two reasons: 1 - it provides affordance to developers
      that the distributed tracing tool is available, so that it can quickly
      be discovered. 2 - it allows developers to quickly find a specific trace
      without having to manually navigate to a second user-interface.
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      Enable even more frozen string in lib/**/*.rb · c8755543
      gfyoung authored
      Enables frozen string for the following files:
      * lib/generators/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitaly/**/*.rb
      * lib/google_api/**/*.rb
      * lib/haml_lint/**/*.rb
      * lib/json_web_token/**/*.rb
      * lib/mattermost/**/*.rb
      * lib/microsoft_teams/**/*.rb
      * lib/object_storage/**/*.rb
      * lib/omni_auth/**/*.rb
      * lib/peek/**/*.rb
      * lib/rouge/**/*.rb
      * lib/rspec_flaky/**/*.rb
      * lib/system_check/**/*.rb
      Partially addresses #47424.
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      Show Ajax requests in performance bar · a200619d
      Sean McGivern authored
      But first, rewrite the performance bar in Vue:
      1. Remove the peek-host gem and replace it with existing code. This also allows
         us to include the host in the JSON response, rather than in the page HTML.
      2. Leave the line profiler parts as here-be-dragons: nicer would be a separate
         endpoint for these, so we could use them on Ajax requests too.
      3. The performance bar is too fiddly to rewrite right now, so apply the same
         logic to that.
      Then, add features! All requests made through Axios are able to be tracked. To
      keep a lid on memory usage, only the first two requests for a given URL are
      tracked, though. Each request that's tracked has the same data as the initial
      page load, with the exception of the performance bar and the line profiler, as
      explained above.
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