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      Remove event caching code · 5371da34
      Yorick Peterse authored
      Flushing the events cache worked by updating a recent number of rows in
      the "events" table. This has the result that on PostgreSQL a lot of dead
      tuples are produced on a regular basis. This in turn means that
      PostgreSQL will spend considerable amounts of time vacuuming this table.
      This in turn can lead to an increase of database load.
      For GitLab.com we measured the impact of not using events caching and
      found no measurable increase in response timings. Meanwhile not flushing
      the events cache lead to the "events" table having no more dead tuples
      as now rows are only inserted into this table.
      As a result of this we are hereby removing events caching as it does not
      appear to help and only increases database load.
      For more information see the following comment:
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