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      Add indexes and change SQL for expired artifacts to deal with artifacts migration efficiently · 271e7a32
      Greg Stark authored
      Artifacts are in the middle of being migrated from ci_builds to
      ci_job_artifacts. The expiration date is currently visible in both of
      these tables and the test for whether an expired artifact is present
      for a job is complex as it requires checking both the of the tables.
      Add two new indexes, one on ci_builds.artifacts_expire_at and one on
      ci_job_artifacts.expire_at to enable finding expired artifacts
      And until the migration is finished, replace the SQL for finding
      expired and non-expired artifacts with a hand-crafted UNION ALL based
      query instead of using OR. This overcomes a database optimizer
      limitation that prevents it from using these indexes.
      When the migration is finished the next version should remove this
      query and replace it with a much simpler query on just
      ci_job_artifacts. See
      https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/42561 for followup.